THE DECEITFULNESS OF SIN


                                 Phil Scovell

                           Copyright (C) 2003/2007

                              All rights Reserved

                       CHAPTER 15  TRAPPED BY DEMONS

          When I was 14  years of age, I committed a  sin which effected me
     for my  entire adult  life.   I  knew I  was  forgiven but  the  guilt
     followed me  mentally and  emotionally in my  Christian walk  with the
     Lord.  It even made me do things I did not want to do.  I carried this
     guilt through every phase of ministry the Lord led me, I awakened with
     it, slept with  it, ate with it,  and was even  reminded of it  during
     times of worship in  church.  I hated  myself for what I had  done and
     yet  I knew God had forgiven me.  Some  will say I was just 14 and was
     spiritually  immature.   Perhaps, but what  I did  was still sin.   It
     created  enormous  spiritual  pain    which  existed  perpetually  and
     translated out into every area of my entire life.  The horrible memory
     pictures of what I had done  flashed into my memory hundreds of  times
     over the  years.  If I was no longer  guilty because I was forgiven by
     God,  why did it  keep returning?   I confessed it as  sin hundreds of
     times, if not thousands, throughout my life.  I even went to the other
     person  who  was involved,  confessed  my  sin,  and asked  for  their
     forgiveness.   They quickly forgave me and  they have never brought it
     up again.   Yet I still  wasn't free.   Yes, the  guilt diminished  in
     intensity at  times over  the years because  I buried it  heavily with
     lots  of Scripture, church  activities, and Christian  faithfulness of
     every sort.  It even became spiritually  tolerable the older I became.
     Yet when I went  to that memory at any given time,  the pain was still
     strongly there and the guilt was powerful.   It also popped up without
     warning and when it did, it was almost like a sharp physical pain.

          When I was first introduced to the type of intercessory prayer to
     which I have been referring in this booklet, the  Lord took me to this
     painful,  festering,  malignant, despicable,  spiritual  excruciating,
     disgraceful, hideous, malevolent,  destructive, perpetual debilitating
     memory.  It was the last  place I wanted to go in my  life.  Something
     miraculous happened, however, when the Lord  took me there.  One thing
     I have learned is  that whatever memory I go  to in my life, the  Lord
     Jesus is already  there waiting for me.  In this  case, once I arrived
     in  the memory, the  Lord took me  to other related  memories and then
     took me back to the original.  How did all this occur?  Through simple
     normal basic prayer.   It  wasn't anything mystical;  it was just  God
     taking me to memories that were corrupted with spiritual woundedness.

          In this particular memory, the  Lord showed me two very important
     things.  First, he showed me I was demonically trapped by  this event.
     Deep down inside, I  had always felt I would never  amount to anything
     spiritually, or be able to really fulfill the will of God for my life,
     due to this sin.   The Lord revealed this was a demonic  lie and I was
     instantly set free.   I was still  confused, however, and so  I prayed
     and asked the Lord why  I had committed this sin  even when I knew  it
     was  wrong.   The  Lord  simply  said,  because you  were  demonically
     deceived.  The spell or curse or hex  or whatever you want to call it,
     was instantly  broken.  Why?   Because I  heard the truth of  the Lord
     Jesus Christ.   "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make
     you free,"  (John 8:32).   Yes,  I know  this is  in reference  to the
     Gospel  and who  Jesus really  is but the  principle is  applicable to
     everything Jesus speaks;  "the truth shall make  you free."   The word
     used  in this  passage for  "free"  literally means  to be  completely
     delivered.  Isn't  that interesting?   Isn't that  what we are  really
     looking for in our walk with the Lord?

          Additionally, it  says in John 8:36.  "If the Son therefore shall
     make you free, ye shall be free indeed."  The  word for "free" in this
     passage is  slightly different than the  word for "free" used  in John
     8:32 and literally means "no longer to be a slave."  The word "indeed"
     means "in reality" or "in point of fact."  In other words, it is done.
     I was wonderfully  and eternally set free  by the Lord Jesus  and that
     memory event no  longer has any effect on  me.  How do I  know?  I can
     return, at any time, to that memory and there is no pain and no guilt.
     In  short, I have been forgiven and set  free and so can you.  I trust
     now you can see how your guilt and doubts and worries and concerns and
     shame and bitterness can be  eliminated permanently and the voices can
     be silenced.   It is time for you to stop suffering and to fulfill the
     will of God He has for your life.  He has made a way.

                              End Of Chapter 15

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