THE DECEITFULNESS OF SIN


                                 Phil Scovell

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                             All rights Reserved

                        CHAPTER 14  RENEWING THE MIND

                                 Romans  12:1-2

     I beseech  you therefore,  brethren, by the  mercies of  God, that  ye
     present  your bodies a  living sacrifice,  holy, acceptable  unto God,
     which is your reasonable service.  And be not conformed to this world:
     but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind,  that ye may prove
     what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

          The word for  "transformed" is the Greek  word from which  we get
     the English word  "metamorphosis."  It means a complete  and total and
     maintenance free transformation or change.

          When  a caterpillar spins  a cocoon, and  later emerges, it  is a
     butterfly.  It no longer has to struggle to maintain its new life as a
     butterfly.  It doesn't have to memorize a special butterfly creed.  It
     doesn't have  to attend a  weekly support  group for butterflies.   It
     never has to confess that it used to be a caterpillar but now is a for
     real genuine bona  fide butterfly with  wings and the license  to fly.
     Furthermore, it  never has to prove it can fly to be accepted by other
     butterflies.  It  never has to confess  it is a  recovering butterfly.
     Why?  Because its transformation makes it possible to be a maintenance
     free, naturally existing, butterfly.

          The same  is true, or should  be, for every  born again Believer.
     It should  be  as easy  as walking  and  breathing.   It  should be  a
     maintenance free  victory Christian life.   If it isn't, some  part of
     the mind needs to be renewed because your spirit is  as saved as it is
     ever going to be.  You cannot, in other words, get any more saved than
     you are right now.  So what's the problem?

                               Ephesians   4:22-25

     That ye put off concerning the former conversation the  old man, which
     is  corrupt according to  the deceitful lusts;  And be renewed  in the
     spirit of your mind;  And that ye put on the new  man, which after God
     is created in righteousness and true holiness.  Wherefore putting away
     lying, speak every man truth with his neighbor: for we are members one
     of another.

          I would recommend you go back and read that passage several times
     until  it sinks in.  Since we are  talking about lie based thinking, I
     can, in no way, explain the renewing of the mind any clearer.

                              Philippians   3:14-15

     I press  toward the mark for the  prize of the high calling  of God in
     Christ Jesus.    Let us  therefore, as  many as  be  perfect, be  thus
     minded: and  if in any thing ye be  otherwise minded, God shall reveal
     even this unto you.

          "Let us  therefore, as many as be perfect?"   Who is that talking
     about?  "be  thus minded?"   About what?  "And  if in any thing  ye be
     otherwise minded,  God shall  reveal even this  unto you?"   Otherwise
     minded?  Wait just a minute.  I  thought it was all done at the cross.
     Now, here's old Paul, talking about something  to do with the mind and
     God changing it,  if need be,  so how could  that be?   the answer  is
     simple.  The mind  is not born again.   James 1:21 literally tells  us
     that the  mind is "saved," spiritually disciplined,  by the implanting
     of  God's holy  Word.   Furthermore,  our bodies  are  not born  again
     either.  Some  day, body, soul, and  spirit, will be glorified  and we
     will be like  Him for we shall  see Him as He  is, (1 John 3:2).   For
     now, however, we must renew our minds.


          One way is  what I described in  the Chapter which is  called "My
     Daughter  Is Gone."   For me, this has  proven to be  the best way and
     believe me  when I  say I  have tried everything.   Things  eventually
     developed to the point I  was having sleepless nights, hearing voices,
     and experiencing horrible anxiety and panic  attacks.  The Lord led me
     to a  man who does nothing but pray  in his sessions with his clients.
     He is a  licensed therapist but in  our very first session,  he calmly
     informed me he  had discovered, in his practice,  that psychology was,
     at best, a band aid, for  the woundedness people experienced in  their
     lives.  When I learned this tool was a form of intercessory  prayer, I
     realized it was of  God.  My prayer partner and I spent several prayer
     sessions together and I was healed in a number of places; some I never
     would have dreamed could be areas which would give place to the devil.

          An amazing thing occurred.  During  the weeks we spent in prayer,
     I suddenly realized one day that the voices were gone.  Interestingly,
     they never came back.

          Soon the Lord began healing  me on my own as I  prayed and sought
     His  guidance.   Eventually,  one day,  He revealed  His  truth to  me
     concerning His  will for my  life and my intercessory  prayer ministry
     expanded to this form of prayer.   I have now prayed with many  people
     from different parts of the world and have had the privilege of seeing
     miraculous  things happen  in the lives  of God's people  as He healed
     their woundedness.  Does  God work in other ways?  Of course.  Does He
     work in this way?  Without a doubt.


          Many   Christians,  especially   if   they  are   Pentecostal  or
     Charismatic, are familiar with something called "deliverance."  People
     who are gifted in  this area of ministry are able  to identify demonic
     activity in a Christians life and cast the demon, or demons out.  Does
     it work?   Are  there such  gifted people?   Of  course and the  Bible
     clearly confirms we, as the Lord's disciples, have this authority over
     demons.   Often,  however, there  is one  major aspect  of deliverance
     which is disastrously overlooked.
          If a person being tormented and harassed  by a demon is not taken
     to the original  source of the  demonic access to their  life, casting
     out the demon will allow him to return.   Why?  Because he still has a
     place or room or  license in which to operate in the  confines of that
     person's life.  Deliverance ministers need, therefore, to first assist
     the person in  locating the original memory  event and then they  must
     allow  the Lord to reveal His  truth about that situation.  Otherwise,
     casting out demons  will be a waste of  spiritual and physical energy.
     It will  also cause  undue spiritual and  emotional suffering  for the
     Christian  when the demonic  activity resumes (See  Matthew 12:43-45).
     They may  also discover,  after employing  this  form of  intercessory
     prayer, deliverance is no longer needed in a person's life.

                              End Of Chapter 14

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