THE DECEITFULNESS OF SIN


                                 Phil Scovell

                           Copyright (C) 2003/2007

                             All rights Reserved


          These  examples and stories, although fictional, are very real to
     most Christians.  Yes, I said to most Christians.  Few, unfortunately,
     feel they  have the  freedom to share  such emotional  intimacies with
     other Believers.   I know the emotional pain and  torment described in
     these  fictional  stories  is  very  real,  however,  because  I  have
     experienced  just about  all of them.   I  have also prayed  with many
     people who  have experienced  the emotions I  have described  in these
     stories.  Even the demonic voices described  are real and I have heard
     such myself  many times in the past due to my own woundedness.  I have
     heard them encourage suicide as a way  out.  I have heard them call my
     name so loudly, it would startle me awake from a  sound sleep.  I have
     heard  them create  noises while  I  would be  drifting off  to sleep,
     creating an unholy circular pattern,  and making it impossible to stay
     asleep.   I have  heard them  whispering ungodly  things to me  during
     church.    I  have  suffered  their  accusations  of  being  inferior,
     hopeless, worthless, dirty,  sinful, a failure, and  totally unworthy.
     Few Christians, however, would ever admit they hear voices saying such
     things to  them.  Why?   Because people  who hear voices  are mentally
     ill.  Right?  Let's address that issue.

          First of all,  who told you that  such things were the  cause, or
     the result of, mental illness?  Your pastor, your Christian counselor,
     your Christian friend, or perhaps even your own Christian doctor?   If
     you don't  mind answering this next question, where do you think these
     people got this  bit of information?   Did they perhaps learn  it from
     some place  or somebody they consider  important?  Is the  Bible their
     bases for this conclusion?  If so, show me chapter and verse.

          How about  this next question.   Can demons really  impress their
     thoughts and feelings  upon truly born again  Christians?  If  you are
     uncertain to the  answer, let me clarify  by asking another.   Can the
     true Lord Jesus Christ impress His thoughts and feelings upon ours?  I
     bet you would  say the answer  is, yes.   Explain to me  then what  is
     going on when the Accuser of the brethren makes his accusations?

          Let  me warn  you of  something.   You won't  find these  matters
     brought  up in Sunday  school classes  in order  that ministry  can be
     employed.  You  won't find this  preached from the  pulpit.  You  most
     likely  won't hear a radio broadcast on such topics unless, of course,
     it  is approached from  a Christian psychological  viewpoint; complete
     with pharmaceuticals solutions.   You won't  even find most  Christian
     counselors with the  vaguest idea of how to  handle demonic influence,
     demonic  manipulation, and demonic  manifestation in a  person's life,
     not to mention any demonic manifestation within the counseling session
     itself.   Why?   Because we  have fallen for  the lie  that   all such
     behavior should be turned over to the "professionals,"  that is, those
     in medicine and those in psychiatric fields.   Why should we turn them
     over to  the  professionals?   Because  the  types of  people  I  have
     described in my  stories are obviously crazy  and in  need  of medical
     treatment?  Right?   Wrong.  Not wrong as far as   medication might be
     useful in treatment but wrong  because the descriptions I have written
     about are spiritually based and not  medically based.  Does this mean,
     therefore, people as  I have described in  my stories can actually  be
     ministered to by  another Christian and find a measure of relief?  No.
     By that I mean, no, they will not find a measure of  relief, they will
     find total relief.  Furthermore,  they will be totally healed, totally
     set  free, and totally delivered so they  can walk in maintenance free
     victory.  That means the demonic voices will go away, too.

          I just  heard a large  spiritual hiccup from some  Christians who
     are in  total disagreement with  everything I just  said.  That's  ok.
     They can refer all  such hurting people to the professionals.   As for
     me, I'm just  a simple intercessor who takes time to pray with hurting
     people  who  cannot  figure  out  why  they  are  hurting.    I  do no
     psychological counseling; I just pray with them.   Do I teach them the
     Word of God?   Of course.   Do I lead them  to Christ if they  are not
     born again?  Sure.   Do I minister to them if what  they are facing is
     not lie based thinking?  Absolutely.  So what's the problem?  why does
     it make you uncomfortable that I believe these issues can be healed by
     God through intercessory prayer?  Where in Scripture does it say there
     are times God  is unable to help  certain types of people  and thus we
     must  turn  them  over to  the  "professionals"  for  help.   Are  you
     suggesting,  therefore, that God has problems with some cases, doesn't
     know how to deal with some issues, or that  He perhaps agrees all such
     people are mentally ill  and those types of people He  finds incapable
     of healing?  Let's talk about these real life issues that  most people
     face at one time or another in their Christian life.

     chemical IMBALANCE

          Let's  touch on  what  most  medical  and  psychiatric  diagnosis
     conclude as being a chemical imbalance.  First, is there such a thing?
     Of course.  Can it  be the cause of mental or emotional  illnesses and
     disorders?  Yes.  Can prescriptions help?   Yes.  In fact, some people
     experience a  great deal  of relief when  the correct  medications are
     prescribed.  Interestingly enough, people who have been diagnosed with
     a  chemical imbalance,  also  have  lie  based  thinking  which  needs
     addressing and  there are  no medications for  dealing with  lie based
     thinking.  What is lie based thinking?  Let me answer that question by
     telling you a true story.

                              End Of Chapter 11

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