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Learning How To Pray Naturally


Without Ever Moving Your Lips For


The Renewing Of The Mind Through Prayer



By Phil Scovell







            Let me parenthetically state from the outset, that some of what I teach, and personally practice in my life and ministry, on Building the Temple of God, is similar in nature to another likeminded ministry.  In fact, I began learning the basics from this ministry, to which I refer, many years ago.  This, in no way means, on the other hand, that I fully agree with all they now teach. If time is taken to listen to the complete teaching I offer on Building the Temple of God, those familiar with the other ministry, will easily note the similarities, and especially the differences.  I still recommend this other ministry for those who wish to further their study of Biblical mind renewal and innerhealing.  Furthermore, I was certified in their basic training and two advanced training levels which were available in 2003 and have all three certificates of completion.  Since, however, they now function through trademarks and copyrights, as well as restrictive methodologies and techniques, policy changes not withstanding, I have disassociated from their ministry, for the most part, but still recommend much of what they teach and practice concerning inner healing and the
Biblical principle of the renewing of the mind.


            When last I checked their website, they still display a short paragraph of my personal testimony, related to blind people embracing the renewing of the mind through prayer, but I am not a member of their organization and for three main reasons:


1.  I pray with people mostly over the telephone worldwide.  They insist this cannot be done using their techniques.

2.  They also believe this form of prayer cannot be conducted unless it is done in-house, that is, in an office.

3.  Unfortunately, as is so commonly the case with many rapid growth ministries, they have morphed into a mega ministry.  When this occurs, the main ministry begins to narrow in scope.  Such ministries then pick and choose to whom they will minister through restrictive guidelines and requirements, thus, minimizing the outreach to only those who fit their ministry criteria.  I, on the other hand, am unable to put a price on prayer.  I do nothing in my ministry other than pray and disciple based upon principled found only within the pages of God's written Word.  If you have any other questions relating to this disclaimer, feel free to let me know.


End of disclaimer












1 Corinthians 3:16


Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?





Defined:  A sequence of letters which spell a word to assist in remembering a longer message.




Building the TEMPLE of God



T  Trigger Point.

E  Emotional Focus.

M  Memory Event.

P  Probe For The Lie.

L  Listen For The Truth.

E  Evaluate The Process.



Note.  Please refer to the expanded teachings for more details.  You will find it on my website in both audio and text formats.  The same is true for this document as well.  The following information is largely for those who have already experienced a prayer session and read, or listened to, "Building The Temple Of God," which is my teaching on innerhealing.



Brief Overview



T  Trigger Point.


Definition.  Anything which produces a negative emotional feeling or thought which comes out of the 5 senses.


Examples:  Shame, guilt, fear, panic, anxiety, confusion, apprehension, unease etc.


Note.  It can be something physically felts, emotionally experienced, or a mental awareness which occurs.



E  Emotional Focus.


Definition.  Recognition of the presenting negative emotion at the time of the trigger.


Note.  Focus on that emotion regardless of what it is.



M  Memory Event.


Definition.  Begin to search within that emotion by mentally feeling around inside your thoughts.  In other words, think about the negative emotions you feel at that moment.  Let the Holy Spirit take you back to, if possible, the original source, (I.E. Initial occurrence of the negative emotion.  Regardless of the memory, how old it may be, or even if it is recent, focus on that memory picture by simply being aware of your feelings.



P  Probe for the Lie.


Definition.  Looking for the source of an original lie which has caused you to feel the presenting negative emotion.


Note.  Pray and ask the Lord Jesus Christ to expand the memory event so you can see all He sees in the memory picture.  Again, this will be a negative emotion behind which the lie is hiding.



L  Listen For The Truth.


Definition.  The word or feelings or thoughts or awareness which you sense is true that comes only from the Lord Jesus Christ.  A good working knowledge of the Scriptures helps confirm this reality without being deceived.


Note.  Once the lie is exposed by the Holy Spirit, ask the Lord Jesus to reveal His truth relating to that woundedness at the very spot in that memory.  Listen/feel for His voice/Word in your thoughts.



E  Evaluate The Process.


Definition.  Simply review any, and all, memories for any additional discomfort, uneasiness, or emotional pain.


Note.  Expect resistance.  Lying spirits never play fair.  To them, it is an evil game of deceitfulness which leads to, at the worst, destruction, and at the very least, spiritual unbalance in your relationship with the Lord.



General Comments


After a few positive experiences of inner healing, this method becomes automatic, that is, you won't need to mentally step through the acrostic, (I.E. TEMPLE).  I have been renewed in my mind using this prayer technique literally thousands of times and sometimes the healing process is as brief, or quick, as 1 or 2 seconds.  Additionally, it all comes through your thoughts, with the assistance of the Holy Spirit, so it will work any time, any place, and during any circumstances.






Illustration:  Man facing anger caused by a work related event.

Details:  He is called into his boss's office for a report he turned into the department head, instead of first showing the report to his immediate boss.  Although his idea was accepted and saved his company hundreds of thousands of dollars, his boss reprimands him for not coming to him first.


Results:  Instant anger but he has been taught, that is, raised to display anger is sin.  Therefore, he holds in the anger he feels.

Note.  Anger isn't the problem.

Remedies:  Golfing, shooting baskets, fishing, jogging and running, driving and motorcycle riding, wood working, TV watching, church activities, etc.  (Band-Aids at best).

Expansion:  Over eating, sex, smoking, drinking, drugs, etc.

Adverse Reactions:  Headache, stomach problems, back aches, poor sleep, other physical maladies, etc.

Followup event:  Several weeks later, talking to his wife about it, she says, "If you were any kind of a man at all, you would have stood up to your boss."

Results:  Trigger point!  Same anger; but magnified.

Solution:  How to pray to break down this reaction and feeling to find the truth so it doesn't happen again.



Targeted Prayer


T  Trigger point


            The Trigger Point, or cause, of the current negative emotional response isn't always necessary to identify.  It may, on the other hand, offer a reference point, or causation.  A beginning point upon which we can target the place of initial thought, that is, the present circumstances.



E  Emotional Focus


            The presenting negative emotion will be apparent.  Just ask yourself, "How do I feel."  That negative emotional reference point will be where you begin hunting for the truth about your reaction.



M  Memory Event


            Going to the actual memory from there soon becomes automatic and effortless.  If you have trouble, ask the Lord, "Show me the negative emotion and reveal the original source/memory event, that is, the first time it occurred."  Then let your mind drift backward through memories which automatically come to mind.  Examine each memory carefully, prayerfully, and thoughtfully before moving to another memory.  The Holy Spirit will guide you to the correct memory event which the Lord wants to heal by exposing the lie which normally is hidden.  Just focus on the memory and the negative emotion that is present.


Question:  How will I know it is the correct memory?

            A.  The Holy Spirit confirms it.

            B.  You will "feel" it in your mind and emotions.



P  Probing For The Lie


            Probing for the Lie is the examination of the presenting memory which comes to mind.  You will recognize it because it doesn't feel right due to guilt, fear, shame, confusion, or any other negative emotion.  At this point, if you are unable to see, or sense, the lie in the memory picture, ask the Holy Spirit to expand the memory picture and give you the ability to see the whole picture as Jesus sees it.  Then ask to see the lie that He sees.  There may be more than one emotional feeling identified.  If this happens, try and single out the one that feels the strongest.  That most likely will be the one concealing the lie.  As previously stated, you'll know the lie based upon the negative feeling generated from the memory event itself as it is revealed to you by the Holy Spirit.  Once identified, the lie becomes permanently powerless against you after hearing the Lord's voice in your thoughts.



L  Listening For The Truth


            Listening for the truth comes after the lie is discovered.  Once you are assured of the lie, its nature, and any other information you've received from the Holy Spirit, just ask the Lord to show you His truth.

Note.  It will be His Word/voice you hear in your thoughts, that is, exchanging His thoughts for yours, which will set you free.


Note.  You may notice, at this point, that you are not necessarily hearing words but feeling them, that is, are becoming aware of His eternal knowledge.  It will be in the thoughts of your mind.  I call this "God Awareness."


Note.  It will not be understood, or spiritually seen, by logic or how much theology you think you know.



E  Evaluation Of The Process


            Evaluating The Process is simply going back over what you have seen, felt and heard in your thoughts.  Probe each memory event you visited and checked to see if all feels peaceful.  In other words, are the memories you examined now free from pain and woundedness?  If not, pray through those memories again and take another look around the memory contents.


Final Note.


            It isn't always possible to pray through painful events of the past alone.  Having a prayer partner is often necessary.  (See Matthew 18:19) and Ephesians 5:22).





Illustration:  Returning to man facing anger caused by a work related event.


TEMPLE Application


T  Trigger Point = Boss's reprimand.

E  Emotional Focus = instant anger.

M  Memory Event = Childhood experience--

Illustration:  Small 4 year old boy falls, skins his knee.  His father tells him that real men don't cry and to stop it and act like a man.  Boy thinks, "I'll never be a man like my dad."  (Confusion).

P  Probe For The Lie = Confusion; not a real man.

L  Listen For The Truth = "I was with you.  You are like me now."

Question:  Is Jesus a man?

E  Evaluating The Process = review first 5 points.

Question:  Do you see it?


Important Question:  How do I know it is the Lord's voice/thoughts in my mind?

Answer:  Experience through innerhealing moments.

Question:  What about demons?

Answer:  Discussed in detail another presentation.








Note.  Both these personal testimonies are found under the titles posted below on my website.  Use the online search engine on my website to locate them.


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