The Authority Of Words Is Jesus Christ

                       Does What We Say Really Matter?

                               By Phil Scovell

          Question.  "How important are spoken words?"

          Recently our newest  member of the Scovell family  tree was born.
     After nearly two month of being  off work, it was time for  his mother
     to  return to her employment.  Junior, he is named after his father so
     I call him  Junior, or  June, wasn't  all that interested  in his  mom
     going back  to work  and especially  since he  was  being breast  fed.
     Fortunately, her  job isn't  far from home  and each  day his  dad was
     going to take  him to where  she worked and she  would have her  lunch
     break to nurse him  and spend time with  him.  Junior was, to  say the
     least, less  than pleased  with staying with  his grandma  and grandpa
     without  the facility, sort of speak,  to nurse.  In  short, he had no
     interest in  taking a  bottle at  all even  if  it was  truly his  own
     mother's milk in the bottle.

          In prenatal classes my daughter in law and son were  attending at
     the hospital,  a nurse  teaching the class  made the  statement, "Some
     babies  will never take a  bottle once they have been  breast fed."  I
     learned very quickly, in my intercessory prayer sessions  with people,
     that such  words often do have a  direct effect on the  mother and her
     unborn baby.

          Shortly after  Junior  was born,  I was  watching an  educational
     channel on the  cable television concerning  birth.  Using  ultrasound
     and other highly  sophisticated electronic devices, such  as miniature
     cameras used for in utero prenatal surgical   procedures, the two hour
     program  documented  conception,  fetal development  and  growth,  and
     almost day  by  day.   They  also  literally video  taped  the  actual
     birthing of the child.

          I was especially  interested with the third  trimester of growth.
     According  to what I  witnessed in  this scientific  presentation, the
     third trimester is  when a baby's higher brain  functionality and mind
     processing  capabilities  begins  to develop  expediently.    The baby
     begins recognizing familiar sounds, becomes aware of its existence and
     explores  its  internal world,  and  will even  demonstrate  reflex by
     recoiling from  loud external noises  or sudden blows to  the mother's
     abdomen.  They have even proved the unborn feel physical  pain through
     other medical tests doctors have conducted.

          About this  time, if you are thinking, what  happens if a baby is
     born two or three months prematurely, you would be on the right track.
     The answer is that the baby is now forced to learn and grow externally
     from the protection of its mother's womb.  This poses a very important
     question.   Does this  mean a  baby can  hear what  is spoken  or felt
     externally,  that  is,  prior  to   birth?    This  has  already  been
     scientifically confirmed and medically documented.

          As  I was  saying,  Junior, our  grandson,  wasn't interested  in
     taking a bottle and little wonder as to  why.  My daughter was holding
     him one day  and thinking about  a story I  had shared concerning  her
     oldest brother,  His testimony is on my website and is called, "Babies
     Hear Us  Talking."  He  heard, in  this prayer  session, words  spoken
     about him  when he was  one day  old.  I  have personally  prayed with
     people dozens of  times that have this awareness,  not only postnatal,
     but in utero as well.

          When the  statement was  made, "Some babies  never will  take the
     bottle," my  wife spoke  up and said,  "We need  to pray  against that
     because   that's  a  lie  and  not  even  true."    Being  the  highly
     sophisticated, theologically scholarly giant  man of faith that I  am,
     that had never  crossed my mind.   Odd, you might think, since  I have
     especially prayed with  people many  times about  issues exactly  like
     this but it never registered with me for some reason.

          The first week we had him, Junior was crying and refusing to take
     the bottle.   Gretchen, my daughter, was  trying to calm him  when she
     remembered what  the instructor  had said.   At  the same  moment, she
     remembered  the story I  had told my family  about her brother hearing
     things the first day following his  birth which the Lord exposed as  a
     lie and renewed his mind accordingly.  Gretchen laid her hands  on the
     baby and said,  "Lord, this little  boy cannot pray  for himself.   He
     can't even tell us what is wrong.  I bind the words spoken against him
     that he  may never take a  bottle and call  them null and void  in the
     name of  the Lord  Jesus Christ."   She  picked up the  bottle of  his
     mother's breast milk and he began drinking immediately.  He takes  the
     bottle freely now from anyone in the family.

          So, I  end  with the  same question  with which  I  began.   "How
     important are  spoken words?"  Our words work  two ways, that is, they
     are positive in nature, or words of faith, or they are negative words,
     that  is  utterances  of  unbelief  Which  normally  are  revealed  in
     utterances of  doubt  and fear.    Let me  hear  you speak  about  the
     situation and  circumstances you  face and  I'll tell  you if  you are
     walking in faith or unbelief.  If you cannot say it "In Jesus name and
     then walking appreciation of His power to move your behalf by thanking
     him until faith conceives," it  isn't your faith speaking according to
     Colossians 3:16-17 which I now quote.

     16  Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching
     and admonishing one  another in psalms and hymns  and spiritual songs,
     singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.
     17  And whatsoever ye  do in word or deed, do  all in the name of  the
     Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.

          Are you bilingual, that is, speaking forth that which is good and
     that which is bad?  Jesus  said this is impossible for a  Christian to

     33  Either  make the tree good,  and his fruit good; or  else make the
     tree corrupt,  and his  fruit corrupt: for  the tree  is known  by his
     34  O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things?
     for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.
     35  A  good man out of the  good treasure of the  heart bringeth forth
     good things: and an evil man  out of the evil treasure bringeth  forth
     evil things.
     36   But I say  unto you, That every  idle word that  men shall speak,
     they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.
     37  For by  thy words thou shalt be  justified, and by thy words  thou
     shalt be condemned, (Matthew 12:33-37).

          So if  our words  are not the  Lord's words  when we  speak, what
     happens?  It grieves  the Holy Spirit.  Why?   because the Holy Spirit
     that dwells inside  of every Christian, cannot agree  with words which
     are not  Scriptural, that  is, are  untrue.   He can't  because it  is
     totally  against His nature.  So which is  it going to be?  Our way or
     God's?  Is your tree going to produce good fruit by your words or evil
     fruit by your words?  "So what happens if it doesn't work?" I hear you
     asking.  My answer?  "What are you going to do if it does?"  the truth
     is, Titus  1:2 proclaims God  cannot lie so  decide this day  whom you
     will believe.

     Safe Place Fellowship
     Phil Scovell
     Denver, Colorado
     Mountain Time Zone

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