Throw Away Christians

                               By Phil Scovell

          I have discovered a  class, or group, of people, born  again they
     are,  members of the  Body of Christ,  yet the church  has thrown them
     away.  Strangely  enough, I have learned  how much God loves  each and
     every one of these throw away Christians.  It goes without saying, but
     I  will say it  any way, Jesus  died for them,  shedding His blood for
     their sins, and was bodily resurrected for them, too.

          These special  groups cover a  wide range of personalities  and a
     variety  of physical  conditions.   Some are  in wheelchairs  for whom
     ramps are conveniently constructed in order to get these pitiful souls
     up and  into the  church building.   Unfortunately, for  these people,
     none of  the bathrooms have  been modified to handle  wheelchairs, So,
     extra faith  is required of  these folk to  hold it for  several hours
     until they get back home or to wherever they live.  These special folk
     are  such a blessing to the  church, too.  It  makes you thankful that
     you aren't in a wheelchair.

          Another category of  these special Christians with  special needs
     are  hard of  hearing.   Little,  if  any, regard  is  given to  their
     inability to hear through the Public Address system to accommodate the
     hearing loss these  people have  nor have  any special  accommodations
     been made to  the amplification system which would allow  them to wear
     earphones or to even plug in to the system, if using implants, so they
     could hear better.

          If you are totally deaf, on the other hand, you are in luck.  The
     larger ministries  have taught sign  language and so the  services are
     then translated for  the deaf.  If you  so happen to wish  to attend a
     church without  a translator, then you  are out of luck.   The hard of
     hearing, and the totally deaf, are such a blessing to the church, too.
     It makes you thank the Lord for your own hearing ability.

          The elderly have their own Sunday school class.  This is nice, of
     course, because then  all those  that the  church brings  in from  the
     nearby nursing home can sit in their own class  without disturbing the
     mainstream  body of  believers.   Especially if  they smell  funny and
     those bussed  in from the  nearby nursing home  always do.   Yet, even
     these elderly people are such a blessing to  the church.  It makes you
     thankful for the youth we have.

          This  special class and seating arrangement in the church service
     for the elderly is  very much like Sunday school for  the children, of
     course, so it  seems logically that the  elderly would have  their own
     class where they  won't be a bother  to others.  These  same children,
     since  they are  so disruptive, have  junior church  immediately after
     Sunday school.   This is their own little church they have while their
     parents are out in the auditorium having their big church service.  In
     this way, church workers, who never  get to sit in on a  Sunday school
     class or church service, get to teach the children for a good three or
     four hours each Sunday.

          Although it  is rare, some  of the mega churches  have discovered
     blind people read  Braille instead of print.  Since blind people don't
     need to see,  their little group of eight  or ten sit on  the back row
     where those ungodly large Braille hymn books  are easily stored.  This
     has really brought the blind community together, we are  told, and the
     church is able  to minister to them  better when they are  all grouped
     together.     Additionally,  there  is  the   added  blessing  of  the
     camaraderie which occurs among these,  to be pitied of all handicapped
     peoples, just because they are now grouped  together.  They are such a
     blessing and encouragement  to the rest of the church as they sit back
     on the back  roe with the large  Braille song books and  singing right
     along with the rest  of the church.  It makes  you thankful you aren't

          Closely related to the blind group of special Christians, are the
     Path Finders group.   These are the mentally retarded bussed in from a
     local care  home.   This group also  gets to  sit in  the back of  the
     church because  they often  become disruptive  during the service  and
     have to be  taken out by the  special workers.  Thank the  Lord we are
     not like them and have mental normality.

          Finally,  there  is a  silent  group  of  people who  rarely  are
     considered.  They don't have their own special hymn books nor are they
     assigned a  special place  to sit in  the service.   Furthermore, they
     have no special Sunday school class of their own to attend.  We notice
     their tears they often  shed during the preaching and teaching  of the
     Word  but we just figure  they are being  moved by the  Holy Spirit to
     tears.   We would  never once consider  that something  else might  be

          We have  also noticed  that this silent  group of  unnamed people
     often are going forward during  the altar call for specialized prayer.
     Again, we have  no idea why  but just assume  they have tender  hearts
     toward the Lord.  We have heard they have some special problems but we
     have never  talked to  them, other than  to say  hello when  coming or
     going to the church,  and they look like people who  prefer being left
     alone anyhow.

          Eventually, your curiosity  gets the best of you  and you ask one
     of the church  leaders who this silent  group of people are.   You are
     told that this group has been unofficially classified by the church as
     "those to whom only the professionals can handle."

     I could continue  with other segments  of society but you  likely have
     gotten the picture by now.

          Scattered throughout these  various groups, are little  girls who
     have  been  molested  or  raped  by  family  members  or  friends  and
     relatives.  Little boys can also be found in  the church who have been
     sodomized  but as is  the case with  the little girls,  they have been
     threatened or ignored if they did tell someone about it.  Now, most of
     those children  are adults.  Some  in this silent group  have suffered
     from  traumatic   childhood  experiences  and   although  they   daily
     experience anxiety and  panic attacks, they  have no understanding  of
     the nature of  the cross they must  carry.  When seeking  counsel from
     leaders of the church, they  often are referred to "The Professionals"
     and told they will be placed on the church prayer list.

          Some of these  people suffering from various  forms of depression
     have  ungodly  nightmares  the would  frighten  the  average Christian
     beyond emotional stability.   Others cry themselves to  sleep at night
     because of  the sadness  that tries  to crush  the life  out of  them.
     Others,  although they  would never  admit such  to anyone,  even hear
     voices.  Some have not only considered suicide but attempted it.  They
     never told anyone why they were missing from church for the last three
     weeks and no one noticed anyhow.  Some of these people in this special
     silent group, are  told they are in  advanced stages of  emotional and
     mental  illness.   This group  are  on medications  for sleep  because
     otherwise they are awake all night.  Others are on antidepressants and
     antianxiety medications  for  their  depression.   Some  are  on  even
     stronger  medications  classified  as psychotic  or  psychotropic mind
     altering  drugs.    These  are  the more  mentally  ill  people,  who,
     amazingly enough, seem to function  in life relatively normally as far
     as anyone can  tell.  Holding down  a job, caring for  their families,
     driving a car, mowing their grass, reading their Bible, serving in the
     church,  and other  activities  that seem  perfectly  normal, are  all
     conducted  by these silently hurting  people.  If  people knew, on the
     other hand, they had done as the church leadership had recommended and
     gone  to  "The  Professionals"  with  their  problems,  and  were  now
     diagnosed with  Posttraumatic Stress  Disorder, or  with schizophrenia
     tendencies, or told  they have Obsessive Compulsive  disorder, General
     Anxiety   Disorder,  or  they   are  clinically  depressed   or  manic
     depressive, or  if they have been tested and  found to be bipolar, or,
     as is  the case  for some  who have  been brave  enough to tell  their
     doctor that  they heard voices  and now  have been determined  to have
     Dissociative  Identity Disorder, which  is multiple personalities, the
     church wouldn't  come near  them.   Well,  they don't  come near  them
     anyway.   These silently hurting  people are throw aways,  right along
     with many others, for whom the church chooses not to minister.

          My ministry, on the other hand, is  to these silently hurting and
     forgotten people.  I pastor them and pray with them.  I  cry for them,
     making myself available  for them  24-7 and  pray for them  on my  own
     times alone with  the Lord.  They  call me in the middle  of the night
     and get me out of bed because they  are afraid.  They call me when I'm
     eating my breakfast or lunch or supper and I talk to them as they  cry
     and  tell  me  how frightened  they  are  and how  they  want  to kill
     themselves.  They  call me as I  listen to my favorite  football games
     which I  turn off to talk  and pray with them.   Sometimes, those with
     multiple personalities, call.  It isn't uncommon in such cases for the
     frightened  alternate personality to  actually do  the calling.   when
     they call, I  talk to them until  they become peaceful.   Sometimes an
     alternate personality  emails me.   I email them  back and  attempt to
     comfort them.   I schedule  regular appointments of prayer  times with
     them so the Lord can  continue to reach into  their lives of fear  and
     guilt and shame and loneliness and anxiety and pain to heal them.

          How long do I continue to minister to them?  Until they are whole
     and healed from everything.   Is that possible?  If it is not, you are
     serving the wrong  God.  Aren't these  people crazy people?   No, they
     are hurting people whom  the Lord not only wants  to heal but can  and

          If you are  one of the suffering silent  people and need ministry
     because  you have no one to whom you can  turn, call me.  If you are a
     pastor and need ministry, call me.  If you are a pastor's wife and are
     trapped by fear  and there's no  one to tell, call  me.  If you  are a
     pastor or missionary  or church leader, and find  yourself addicted to
     pornography, call  me.   If you  are a mixed  up confused  mom who  is
     hearing voices in  your head and you  want to kill yourself,  call me.
     If  you are depressed, call me.  If  you've been raped or molested and
     can't  seem to find  comfort after all  these years, call  me.  Having
     marital problems?   Call me.  If  you are sexually confused,  call me.
     If you  have nightmares, if  you are suicidal, or  if you've attempted
     suicide, call me.   If you've lost a  loved one and the  grief is over
     powering and it just doesn't get  any better, call me.  If you  are an
     obsessive compulsive, call me.  If you have committed the unpardonable
     sin, call  me.  If  you doubt your  salvation, call  me.  If  you have
     become involved in an affair, call me.  If you are a throw away,  call

          No,  I am not a professional but as an intercessor, I know how to
     pray and The True Lord Jesus  Christ still knows how to heal.   If, on
     the  other hand,  you require  professional help,  by all  means, find
     someone to help you make the right medical decisions.

     Safe Place Fellowship
     Phil Scovell
     Denver, Colorado USA
     Mountain Time Zone