The Size Of Lies

                       There's An Elephant In The Room

                               By Phil Scovell

          As soon as I opened the prayer session by praying a short prayer,
     he said, without hesitation, "I'm back at  that memory we have been to

          "Which is that?" I probed.

          "It's  the one when I was about 3 or  4 years of age and I was in
     the house and  watching my mother  hanging up  clothes on the  clothes
     line outside."

          "I remember," I confirmed.

          "I see the places in the memory we have prayed about  before," he
     continued thoughtfully," but there is something really different about
     this one  and I  don't understand  it.   The other  areas are  stilled
     healed; I can tell that much."

          "What looks or feels different?" I asked.

          "There  is a  large,  I mean  really big,  dark, almost  black in
     color, monstrous thing in the room."

          "Ok," I replied, and prayed, "Lord?  Would you expand this memory
     so we  could see what  you see and see  what you want  us to see?"   I
     waited as  he  thought and  talked about  what was  contained in  this
     childhood memory.

          "It is saying that I will never get married, I'll live alone, and
     die  alone and that  I'm not  worth being loved  by anybody.   So," he
     said, "that is clearly  the lie.  All  the time I was growing  up, and
     even as a young adult man, I used to say I would never marry.

          After one marriage  gone bad, the man  now saw where the  lie had
     originated concerning his statement of always remaining alone.

          "Lord?" I asked.  "How big is this lying spirit he sees?"

          "It  completely fills the entire room.  It's big; really big!" he

          "Now,  Lord Jesus,"  I  prayed,  "Let him  see  the lying  spirit
     through your eyes."

          Chuckle.   "He shrank  right down to  a tiny thing  on the floor.
     Like a little tiny toy soldier."

          I prayed,  "Does this  lying spirit have  a right  to be  in this
     little boys memory, Lord?"

          "He has no right," the man said as he Heard the voice of the Lord
     in his thoughts.

          I  prayed the  following:  "In the  name of  the true  Lord Jesus
     Christ, I call to attention this lying spirit, and all those under his
     authority, even those we don't see.   I bind their words and  thoughts
     and feelings they have  put on this little boy.   I bind all the  lies
     together they have spoken  against him and I bind them back to all the
     lying spirits who  spoke them.  I  command they suffer the  torment of
     their  own utterances against  him.  I  remind them that  the blood of
     Jesus  Christ, and the finished cross of the Lord Jesus Christ, stands
     between  this man and them and  I now command them  to go to the place
     where the true Lord Jesus Christ wants them to go.

          Without hesitation,  I then finished  my prayer by  saying, Lord?
     Is there anything else you want him to see in this memory?"

          "Wow,"  he exclaimed.   "There  are  bunches of  little tiny  toy
     soldier things running out of the room and right out through the door.
     I mean," he  repeated, "there are a  whole bunch of them  running out,

          About this  time, someone is  saying, "Will this prayer  work for

          The answer is, Yes and no.   For many years, I used this  prayer,
     or something quite similar, and sometimes it worked and more often  it
     didn't.  I couldn't  understand why.  I just  figured I wasn't a  good
     enough Christian and was lacking enough believing power in God's word.
     I now clearly see two lies in the statement just  made, of my analysis
     of my own spiritual relationship with God, which kept me believing the
     lies about myself instead of God and what His Word said.  At the time,
     however,  I didn't  recognize the  lies I believed  about myself.   In
     other words, if  you believe lies about yourself, when God's Word says
     otherwise, you'll never  hear the voice of the Lord  in your thoughts,
     and the prayer you  just read likely won't work with  any consistency.
     Furthermore, you'll likewise  have trouble believing the  written Word
     of God as well.

          Something else  to note  is that this  man and  I have  agreed in
     prayer probably no fewer than 100 times over the last two years.  When
     I called  him to pray,  the results of  which you  have just read,  he
     said, "I  was praying about things just before  you called."  In other
     words, this man  decided a long time  ago, he would never  believe any
     lies  of the  Enemy that  were spoken  against him.   Additionally, he
     dedicated  his life  to  finding,  that is,  exercising  a Search  And
     Destroy mission, whenever things didn't feel right.   In short, by the
     time  I called to  pray, he  was praying  already.   The truth  is, he
     didn't need me; he  just needed the  Lord.  I came  along side him  to
     agree with  him in prayer  and he was  set free from  a lie that  look
     bigger than  he could handle.   It was  our agreement in  prayer, (See
     Matthew 18:19), that made the difference and brought healing.

          Finally,  I  knew  where  I  stood personally  with  Christ.    I
     understand, and apply without hesitation or fear, that I am, "complete
     in Him who  is the head of all principalities  and powers," Colossians

          Closely connected to this is letting Jesus do His work.  I'm just
     a  witness and  I have  no power  or authority  of my  own outside  of
     Christ.   Demons are  ready to  argue and  to deceive  and attempt  to
     control  the conversation.    They  are expecting  a  lot of  yelling,
     threatening, and ritualistic anger to be expended.   In this way, they
     can  keep the fear level off the gage and make everybody sweat as they
     think they are keeping  up the spiritual attack and  driving the lying
     spirit off.  You may choose  to do that, in fact, you may  think it is
     your calling, but that is way too much work for me at my age so I just
     defer everything to Jesus.   After all, He is the one who said, "It is
     finished," when  He gave up  His life willingly  on the cross.   It is
     Jesus who said, "I am he that liveth, and was dead; and,  behold, I am
     alive for evermore,  Amen; and have  the keys of  hell and of  death,"
     (Revelation 1:18).  So,  my point is,  if Jesus has  done it all,  and
     Jesus has  all  the power  in  Heaven and  in  earth given  unto  him,
     (Matthew 28:18), why  should I  do all  the heavy lifting  when He  is
     willing, more than willing, to do it for me?

          Is  there  an elephant  sitting  in your  living  room bellowing,
     stomping  his big  feet, trumpeting  his lies,  and scaring  the faith
     right out of you?   Maybe it is time to get  in agreement with someone
     else who believes and  let Jesus show you just how  tiny and powerless
     he is compared to big Jesus.

     Safe Place Fellowship
     Phil Scovell
     Denver, Colorado
     Mountain Time Zone

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