BY PHIL SCOVELL

          Have you  ever been in  an argument, knowing you  were wrong, but
     wishing  you were  right?   Have you  ever been right  but it  made no
     difference to  the outcome  of the  situation?   Have you  ever won  a
     dispute but discovered afterward that being right had no change to the
     overall circumstances?   Have you ever  been right, but, due  to later
     presented facts, it  was proved you had really been wrong in the first
     place?   Have you ever been wrong but  later learned you were actually
     right but realized it meant nothing now?

          I was praying with a lady one day when the Lord took her back  to
     a memory she  had of her  youth.  She was  very small and  an argument
     arose between  herself and her  older brother.   She  could recall  no
     specific details but just that she and her brother were arguing.  They
     were farmers  and he had been working out in the fields that day.  Her
     father, due to  the lateness of the  hour, wanted his daughter  to get
     ready for bed.   Somehow, and for  some reason, she was  a little more
     than fervent about being right.  It is likely she was somewhat defiant
     because  she remembers  being spanked by  her father  and sent  to bed
     because she  wasn't obeying his  parental instructions for her  to get
     ready for bed.

          In prayerfully  probing the  memory, on more  than one  occasion,
     she  finally realized the focal point  was expressed when she said, "I
     just wanted to be right."  Something about this statement caused me to
     focus spiritually on what the truth might be which she needed  to hear
     from the Lord.  I certainly didn't know what it was but I asked her to
     listen as we prayed and asked the Lord to show us the  truth about her
     desire to be right.  After a considerable time of waiting on the Lord,
     she remarked, "He  said that He is  always right."  I  laughed because
     the truth was so plain and simple; it had to be God.

          This  statement  has had  a  powerful  effect  upon my  own  life
     personally.  Here  was a little girl, who desired nothing more than to
     be right, and apparently had the feeling she lost the argument because
     she was punished and put to bed.  It was even her bedtime but she just
     wanted to be right.   Perhaps she was right, too.   The truth was, and
     is, however, that Jesus is always right.  Even if  we are wrong.  Even
     if we  make a  mistake.   Even  if sin  has attempted  to corrupt  our
     relationship with the Lord.  Even  if we feel punished unjustly.   The
     truth is Jesus, that is, Jesus is always right.   Regardless of how we
     feel, regardless of the outcome  of a circumstances, regardless to the
     nature of  any given situation,  the truth that  sets us free  is that
     Jesus is always  right.  The meaning  of this statement is  beyond our
     comprehension  as a  Christian because  the meaning  is that  Jesus is
     always the truth.  Mess up your life, screw up a relationship, destroy
     something you  believe God gave  you, lose something precious  to you,
     squander away something  that was incredibly important to  you, lose a
     family, drop the  ball, miss a goal, fail, freak out, discover you are
     a day late  and a dollar short,  find out how stupid  you feel because
     you failed to succeed, call for heads  and discover it always comes up
     tails, run a race  and no matter how hard  you try, you still come  in
     everything but first, get  up on the wrong  side of the bed,  the side
     with the wall,  misjudge, fall, miscalculate, lose,  forget, misplace,
     forfeit,  fracture,  break,  crack, shatter,  fragment,  sin,  come up
     empty, get the wrong answer,  miscalculate your bank balance, bounce a
     check or  two, lose  your job,  get cancer,  screw up,  trash out,  go
     amiss, lose a  child, abort your baby, over react, strike out, fall in
     the mud,  run away,  trip over  your own  feet, lose  the game,  shoot
     yourself in the foot, crack up, overestimate, luck out, fail the final
     test, hurt the one you love the most, miss  figure, give up, stub your
     toe, pass beyond the point of no return, miss the target,  become ill,
     or even die but  you will always have truth with you.   I could easily
     add a  hundred more things to this  list, but The answer  is still the
     same;  Jesus is  always right.    Perhaps the  understanding would  be
     amplified if we  said, Jesus is always  your right.  Learn  that truth
     and all will become new.

     Safe Place Fellowship
     Phil Scovell
     Denver, Colorado
     Mountain Time Zone

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