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               Building A Fence And Getting Well Through Prayer

                               By Phil Scovell

     Uncle Fred was  my father's oldest brother.   He out lived all  of his
     other brothers  and sisters and died  just before turning 92  years of
     age.  He quit school in  his teens because his father died  so someone
     was needed  to run their Kansas farm.  Uncle Fred was the oldest so it
     fell to him.

          Uncle Fred  was a Jack of all trades,  meaning, he could build or
     repair, just about anything.  He rode a horse to school and also ran a
     seven mile  trap line every  morning and  every night,  by riding  his
     horse, checking  to see  if his traps  had caught  anything.   He sold
     animal pelts in town for extra family money.

          When he retired,  he moved from Iowa  back to Kansas.   He bought
     some land just outside of Wichita and  built a small house and garage.
     He went fishing,  maintained his house, planet a grove of trees on his
     property,  planet grass in his  huge yard, and  eventually, ran out of
     things to do.   He got tired of sitting around and  watching the trees
     grow, they were now  30 feet high, and watching his  grass grow, so he
     called and asked if my offer was still open about him moving to Denver
     to live with us.  I said yes, he sold his house,  moved to Denver, and
     we bought  a house together.  That was 25 years ago.  The house was on
     the  same size of lot he had owned  in Kansas, we had several trees, a
     double  car garage which he converted into  his workshop, and for nine
     years, he was the happiest man on earth.

          Although  Uncle  Fred had  never married,  my children  were like
     grandchildren to him.  We shared meals and I got to know my uncle even
     better as we spent many hours together working on projects, putting up
     fences, planting, tree trimming, and yard tending.

          Uncle Fred told me one day that he had decided he would  put up a
     fence around his property in Wichita.  It took several hundred feet of
     fencing but  putting up  fence was  nothing knew to  this old  farmer.
     When  it was  finished, his  property was  protected with  a perfectly
     straight and squared and fine looking fence.

          One day, Uncle Fred was sitting out on his front  porch.  A young
     man had  built a  house across  the road  from  him and  he, too,  had
     decided that he  needed a fence.  Uncle Fred watched each night, after
     the young neighbor came home from work, as the young man worked on his
     fence.  After several evenings, he saw  the young man strolling across
     the street.  Uncle Fred said he knew the young man would be coming  to
     see  him  eventually  because  the fence  he  was  putting  up was  so
     unaligned,  and off centered and corkscrewed, it  looked as if a snake
     had installed it.  The young man asked Uncle Fred if he could tell him
     how to make his fence posts as straight and as lined up as my Uncle's.
     My Uncle laughed and offered to come over and help him.

          When Uncle Fred  finished telling me this story, I asked him just
     how did he keep  the fence posts  in a straight line.   I assumed,  of
     course,  he  followed his  property  line, which  is, by  the  way, an
     invisible line but  that's beside the point.   He said, "Why  the same
     way  we used to plow a  field.  You find  something in the distance to
     sight on.  Then  you keep your eye on that tree,  or whatever it might
     be, and  keep planting  your fence posts  lined up  with what  you are
     fixed  on in  the distance.   Then,  when you  are done, you  can turn
     around and look  at the straight line  you have followed and  see that
     all your fence posts are in line."

          Now, you don't have to be a preacher to immediately recognize the
     spiritual  application  and  theological comparisons  of  this  story.
     Sighting on something in the distance?   That sounds a lot like prayer
     to me.  Keeping your eye focused on  what you see in this distance and
     each of your fence posts will be straight?  Sounds like  building upon
     what you learn through prayer to me.

          Often, when praying with people as an intercessor, I explain that
     this  particular type of  prayer we are doing  is, first and foremost,
     praying in agreement  according to Matthew 18:19 which  says, "Again I
     say unto you, That if two of you  shall agree on earth as touching any
     thing  that they shall  ask, it  shall be done  for them  of my Father
     which is in heaven."

          Secondly, it is accountability, according to Ephesians 5:21 which
     says, "Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God."

          Thirdly,  each  place  of  won  victory,  or  place  of permanent
     healing,  is like  putting down  one fence  post after  another as  in
     building a  fence of protection as it indicates  in John 1:16 where it
     says, "And of his fullness have all we received, and grace for grace."

          There is only  one form of communications afford us as Born Again
     Believers and that  is prayer.  Someone may emphatically theologically
     disagree by insisting the  Bible, God's Holy Word, is another  form of
     communications.  I agree with  that statement, however, in my opinion,
     just the simple reading  of God's Word is a passive  form of communing
     with  our Lord.  So  is worship and  praise and giving  of thanks, for
     that matter,  but no matter how we view  these forms of identity, they
     are all, in one  way or another, forms of prayer.   They may be active
     or they  may be  passive but they  are all prayers  to God or  ways of
     communicating with Him.

          Where does one begin with this form of Christian life?  "Set your
     affections on  things above, not  on things on the  earth," Colossians
     3:2).  This phrase actually means that  you, and your thoughts, should
     be Heavenly in nature.  Why?   Because, that's where things come  from
     that we intend to receive.  This is why I often suggest that prayer is
     exchanging our thoughts  for God's.  The  problem so often is,  on the
     other hand, that the moment we begin to allow our thoughts to focus on
     spiritual, or Heavenly  things as we commune with  God, we immediately
     come  face to face with blockages.  These  can take the form of doubts
     that we aren't  good enough, worries we  aren't going to make  it, the
     fear that God  isn't hearing us or  is too busy  to take time for  our
     problems, guilt that we have some sin we cannot control or get rid of,
     or keeps returning,  and that, we think, will keep God from wanting to
     commune with us, and sometimes the blockages take on the form of blank
     walls we just can't get around.  This is often the time that agreement
     in prayer,  or accountability  with another brother  or sister  in the
     Lord, can help.  Frankly, this is all I do when I pray with others.  I
     am an  intercessor.  No,  not an  intercessor that functions  as Jesus
     does but an intercessor who stands with a person who simply prays with
     them in  agreement so  we can find  the blockages  which keep  us from
     having a normal and productive and enriching relationship with Christ.
     Believe it  or not, this is exactly  what Jesus wants with  us but the
     Enemy attempts to hinder this  relationship by destablization.  If you
     are  blocked by  anything  that  isn't allowing  you  freedom in  your
     spiritual  and emotional  relationship  with Christ,  I'll be  glad to
     help.   Just call.  Let Jesus begin  building your fence of relational
     protection by making your paths, fence posts, straight,
     (Proverbs 3:5-6).

     Safe Place Fellowship
     Phil Scovell
     Denver, Colorado
     Mountain Time Zone

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