Where In Hell Are Pastors Today?

                               By Phil Scovell

          Here's an article that's going to get my butt in a ringer, with a
     whole lot  of ultra religious men and women of God, right off the bat.
     Therefore, let me spiritually detonate right up front.

          I personally am getting sick and tired of getting telephone calls
     from all over the world from Christians telling  me the same identical
     stories about pastors.   No, I am  not referring to pastors  living in
     sin,  making  it on  the  pastor's  desk  with the  church  secretary,
     boozing, or addicted  to pornography.  The Lord only knows how many of
     those we have  but that isn't  to whom I  am writing.   those in  that
     category, on the other  hand, best get some  help and mighty soon.   I
     didn't say leave the ministry but  that may be necessary for a  period
     of time until things are taken care of in your life.  the pastors I am
     talking about are those who are fearful  and do not know who they  are
     in Christ.  If you  happen to be a church member who  likewise doesn't
     know who you are in Christ, keep reading, for crying out loud, because
     this is for you, too.  Let me explain what I mean.

          People  who call  me normally  call  me as  a last  result.   Not
     because  I  am perfect,  handsome, knowledgeable,  a Bible  scholar, a
     tremendous bible  teacher, or even  because I'm loosing my  hair, wear
     cowboy boots, and  a cowboy hat.  I  don't have a horse yet  so I know
     that can't be it.  I did, on the other hand, give up coffee years ago.
      No, I don't roll my own either.  Cigarettes, I mean.  I'm smoke free.
     the  reason people  call me  is due to  my assignment  in the  Body of
     Christ.   what's that?  Well, I  didn't ask for what I  am doing, I am
     not  anointed, I  have no special  gifts, well  not gifts as  some may
     think, and  I am not the fourth personage of the Trinity.  I just pray
     with people.   Pastors seem  to find  this difficult to  do even  with
     their own church members.  Too bad.

          Nearly  every  call  I  receive  from  those  who  have  read  my
     testimonies or books on the internet, have the same story.  "I've gone
     to my  pastor, the pastor  down the street, the  Methodist pastor, the
     Catholic priest, the  Baptist pastor, the Pentecostal  and Charismatic
     pastor,   a   Christian   counselor,   therapist,   psychologist,   or
     psychiatrist, and even the woman who said she was a prophetess.   some
     of them anoint  me with some kind  of oil, 10-40 weight  or something,
     pray over me, and  declare I'm free.  I don't feel free.  some pastors
     become right  down nervous when I tell them  I am hearing voices, have
     panic attacks,  and other scary things.  Most of those just tell me to
     go  see a  doctor or  check into  a psych  hospital."   This story  is
     becoming so  old, I can repeat  it in my  sleep.  So, my  question is,
     "Where in hell are the pastors today?"

          Most pastors,  by this stage, have  stopped reading.   Get out of
     the ministry, then, is  my advice, and don't come back  any time soon.
     You ain't called.  Others are still reading so I will continue.

          I want to explain why you are afraid of these people  who come to
     you, their last  hope, for prayer.  They come because they are afraid.
     The  problem is,  you are  afraid, too,  and the things  they describe
     disturb you even more.  I understand this very well.  I lived that way
     for 50 years as a Christian and some of that time as a  pastor.  I'm a
     pastor right  now,  for that  matter.   Do  you  know why  you  become
     uncomfortable, or  afraid, when  you hear these  things from  your own
     people?  Hell  is the basic  answer and that's  why I used  it in  the
     title but let's look at the targeted truth.

          First of all, you believe  lies about yourself.  You think  these
     people  are this way  because you are a  lousy pastor.   That is a lie
     from the  enemy.  You  also not only feel  their fear, but  you become
     fearful yourself.  Fearful that some of your old stuff is  going to be
     found out, or surface with old sexual guilt, masturbatory practices as
     a  kid or as an adult, the memories  of the dope you did and the girls
     you used  or maybe your  church members might  find out that  you just
     can't stop  smoking that dope even now as  their pastor.  I could name
     dozens of other things but you know exactly what it  is.  Some pastors
     can't put their  finger on it because,  to them, it doesn't  seem like
     anything other than they are not  "called" to minister to such people.
     I'm talking about  the people  that come  to you and  report they  are
     fearful, hearing  voices, describe demonic  stuff that creeps  you out
     even as a pastor and seminary graduate, and who  come to you for help.
     Sure, send them off to the professionals  but they'll be back.  You'll
     be gone yourself  by then, most likely, but they will still be seeking
     help.   "Aren't they just crazy people?"   No, but you are for wanting
     to be  a pastor.   "So  are you  recommending that  I get  out of  the
     ministry?"  No.   I  am recommending  you stop  and get  clear of  the
     things  that frighten you.  Yes, it is  possible.  What do you think I
     am writing this for in the first place?

          If what you are afraid of is sin  related, let me let you in on a
     little secret.  If  you are truly a born again  Christian, you are not
     committing sin as  a pastor, even if  it is sexual in  nature, because
     you want to.   You are doing it because the Enemy has  lied to you and
     he is trying  to destroy your ministry, your  marriage, your children,
     and your church.   Let's kick  this one right  in the head  right now.
     Call me  and let  the Lord  bring healing  and let  Him blow  the fear
     completely out of  your life so you can  legitimately minister to your
     people right  where they  are.   Please!   I'll teach  you what  Jesus
     taught me and then you'll be free to meet your people right where they
     are  at any time.  No, silly.  I  can't do a thing.  I'm helpless just
     like you and everybody else.   remember what Jesus said?  "Without  me
     you  can do nothing," and "With  me, all things are  possible?"  It is
     Jesus, The Healer, we are  talking about.  Remember Him?  the  one you
     are working  for in  the first  place and  here you  thought you  were
     working for the  church.  If you  won't call for yourself,  for crying
     out loud, then call for the sake of your church.  Ok?   Got it?  Start
     dialing.   Yes, I know what  it feels like.   You think I  could write
     this if I didn't know how you feel?  Let's go, Bro.  Ring, ring.

     Safe Place Fellowship
     Phil Scovell
     Denver, Colorado
     Mountain Time Zone

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