Ouija Boards And Spirit Guides

                             By Anonymous Author

          When I was about 15 my  friends and I were typical teenagers.  We
     were  obsessed  with  boys  and  not really  interested  too  much  in
     studying. We were  all fantasizing about our futures,  which is one of
     the reasons  we used to read  the horoscopes sections  of our favorite
     magazines a lot. If it wasn't your lucky date you didn't bother to put
     extra make up  on because the  boys wouldn't notice  you if it  wasn't
     your lucky date. It's sad looking back now, but we all have to learn.

          Because we  were all so  fascinated with our  futures and who  we
     would marry etcetera, for some strange  reason we tried using a  ouija
     board. We managed to contact a  spirit, but for some reason two of  my
     friends were in a  great deal of pain and we couldn't work out why. So
     we decided to  stop it. We tried to destroy the  board (which was only
     made  out of paper)  by trying to  set light to  it, but  it would not
     burn, so we just shoved it down the water pipe.

          Slowly  we grew  addicted to  the  board and  were each  assigned
     spirits to talk to. The spirits promised to never leave us and to make
     us happy  and  help us  to find  our futures.  We  each started  using
     ghost-writing to talk to them.   It got to the stage where  it got out
     of hand,  we would  talk to them  all the  time, and  as a result  our
     studies suffered,  and we became  withdrawn. We  would even go  to the
     extreme of hiding in the woods because the spirits had told  us it was
     not safe to go to school. We even believed at  one point, that we were
     invisible, but  this was quickly  disproved. We also believed  that we
     were  telepathic and  could speak to  anyone we wanted  to. My friends
     slowly came out of  it and got back  to normal, but I became  more and
     more addicted.

          I remember on one occasion, I had  gone away for the weekend with
     my family and I was desperately lonely so I figured if I could contact
     my friends telepathically  then they would come  over and visit  me. I
     got impatient waiting for them to arrive, so made a quick call to them
     saying  did they get my message?  "No.  What message," came the reply.
     At this stage I was utterly confused and near close on having a mental
     breakdown, though I couldn't tell anyone how far it had gone, not even
     my friends.  I  felt  like  my  spirit guide  was  the  only  one  who
     understood me.  I can't even remember how I got out of it now.

          I was  attending church with  my parents occasionally. I  think I
     just got bored of it in the end.  I remember the spirit tried to carry
     on speaking to me,  constantly mocking me and putting me  down all the
     time, but  I just either told it  to shut up or ignored  it.  Over the
     years I  either learned to live with it  or sincerely believed that it
     had gone, until recently.

          I  was telling  my friend  about my  rather  lively past  when my
     friend  just happened  to mention  this spirits  name. Suddenly  I was
     completely filled  with fear at  the mention of  this name. I  told my
     friend  what had  happened and  he  suggested some  ministry time.  My
     friend was in the middle of doing deliverance when suddenly I couldn't
     speak or  move. I  felt a shudder  on my back,  then the next  thing I
     knew, the spirit had taken  over and was using my voice.  He said "She
     must  pay the price.  It's all her fault.   She belongs to me."  I had
     to  really fight hard to  regain control and b  able to speak, and was
     quite shocked for a while afterwards.

          The Spirit was told that it was under the direct command of Jesus
     Christ and to go where Jesus appointed it. We then went back  into the
     memory to  see what had happened.  It was while  I was at  the holiday
     caravan park,  I had gone for a walk and  taken my brother with me. My
     brother was  really frightened  and worried about  me. My  brother had
     been a christian for a good few  years at this point and so basically,
     I had rejected the help that Jesus had offered to me.  I had to repent
     of  not asking  anyone  for help  and also  especially  repent of  not
     accepting the help Jesus  offered to me. We asked Jesus  to cover that
     area of my life with the cross and then again commanded the spirit  to
     leave and with that it just said "Ok.  I was bored  anyway," and went.
     I have since found out that the pain my friends experienced in playing
     with the board  was probably  demonic activity, So  it just shows  you
     what a dangerous thing ouija boards can be.

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