The Object Of Your Faith

                               By Phil Scovell

     Philippians 4:19
     But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory
     by Christ Jesus.

     1.  Focus.

     * "But my God."

          This is our  personal focus.  If  we don't start there,  it isn't
     going to happen no matter whom we claim as our favorite preacher.

     2.  Fulfillment.

     *  "Shall supply."

          This is our fulfillment.  The Greek word for "supply" is the same
     word translated "filled  in Ephesians 5:18 "and be  ye filled with the
     Spirit," as  well as the  same word rendered "complete"  in Colossians
     2:10 which says, "And ye are complete  in Him which is the head of all
     principality and power."  Try and improve  upon that.  Like we used to
     say in the sixties, "Far out."

     3.  Fruitfulness.

     * "All your need."

          This is  your fruitfulness.   The word  rendered as  "need" means
     what you think it  means.  However, it  is a stronger word  which also
     encompasses your  wants,  that is,  whatever  is required  to  conduct
     business,  and provide to the  fullest.  No lack,  in other words.  It
     isn't just in reference to money.

     4.  Fortune.

     * "According to his riches in glory."

     this is your fortune, that is, those things which are eternal and what
     comes from Heaven to Earth in your behalf for provision.

     5.  Faith.

     * "By Christ Jesus."

          this is the object of your faith.

     Hebrews 11:1 is perhaps the most popular of passages on faith.
     Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things
     not seen.

     Compare this passage with another reference from the same book.

     Hebrews 1:3
     Who being the  brightness of his glory,  and the express image  of his
     person, and upholding all things by the word of his power, when he had
     by himself purged  our sins, sat down on the right hand of the Majesty
     on high.

          There is absolutely  no doubt to  whom the  writer of Hebrews  is
     referring;  Jesus The Christ.  The  word for "person" in this passage,
     "Who being the brightness  of his glory, and the express  image of his
     person," is  the same Greek  word translated as "substance  in Hebrews
     11:1 which says,  "Now faith  is the substance  of things hoped  for."
     Thus, the  passage can  literally read,  "Now faith  is the  person of
     things  hoped for."   Stated precisely,  it reads,  "Now faith  is the
     Christ of things hoped for."

     The Bottom Line

          This is my  personal opinion, of course,  so you can take  it for
     what it's worth.

          Jesus the Christ is the object of our faith.   Most of us attempt
     exercising  faith.   Why?  It's  how we've  been taught, for  the most
     part, so we "practice" our faith.   The frustration of this philosophy
     is  that we  have to  keep practicing  and practicing  and practicing.
     Eventually, therefore, we grow tired of trying and figure it just must
     be  because we don't  have enough faith.   If we don't  feel that way,
     somebody somewhere will be sure to tell us such is the case.

          Romans 12:3 tells us that God has given to every man  the measure
     of faith.  If you study the Greek word for "measure," you will quickly
     learn that  the  faith we  have is  an exact  measurement.   That  is,
     everybody who  comes to Christ as Lord and  Savior  receives the same,
     or exact, or identical measurement of faith.  It is like cutting a pie
     into exactly six pieces.  Everybody gets the same size.   I don't have
     more than  you and you don't have more than me.  In fact, the preacher
     you  are listening  to on the  television doesn't  even have  any more
     faith than you have regardless of what he says.  On the other hand, it
     is what we do with the faith that counts.

          I have literally heard Bible teachers comparing faith to muscular
     strength.    Therefore,  the  more  you  exercise, lift  weights,  the
     stronger  you  become.   According  to  proper  interpretive Scripture
     methodology,  that  is,  hermeneutics, this  is  completely  erroneous
     theology.   The truth  is simple; Jesus  Christ is  the object  of our
     faith.  If you go  any place else for it,  if you attempt to  practice
     faith, if you follow  a four step plan, or  if you attempt to use  the
     faith you  think you see in someone  else, you will experience nothing
     in return.   You heard me correctly.  Faith  is an experience.  I will
     prove what I just said in a moment.


          when I was little, I was fascinated with watching my dad wash his
     car.   He would screw a nozzle  on to the end of  the long snake green
     hose and turn on the water.   The adjustable nozzle had four  settings
     which  were used for  different purposes.   One  setting was  a needle
     spray which was so fine, if you placed your bare hand in front of  the
     hose,  it literally  would  sting your  skin.   This  was  perfect for
     lasering  off thick  encrusted dried  mud  stuck in  the wheel  wells.
     Other settings allowed you to gently  caress the car's surface to wash
     away loose dirt.  One setting I always enjoyed playing with was a hard
     cylinder  shape  of  water  which  gushed  out  of  the  nozzle  under
     tremendous force.   It was so powerful, I could hold the nozzle in the
     air and the spray of water would arc high into the air across the yard
     and land  a good 30 feet  away.  Yes, you  are correct.  I  spent more
     time playing with the hose and the water than I did washing the car.

          One day, dad told  me to go out and wash the car.   I loved doing
     it so I  was happy to obey.   I didn't know where the  nozzle was so I
     just decided  to use the hose by  itself by placing my  thumb over the
     end of  the hose, just  like I had  see my dad  do at times,  and thus
     increase the pressure  coming out  of the  hose.  It  had so  precious
     little  effect, it  was  obvious I  couldn't  wash the  car that  way.
     Putting the hose  down, I ran to  look for the  nozzle.  Shutting  the
     water off, I screwed the nozzle on  the end.  Twisting the water  back
     on, I dialed up the various settings.  That made all the difference in
     the world.   Now I could finish the  job and do it right  and in a lot
     less time, too.

          One day, while  meditating on faith, the Holy  Spirit reminded me
     of this childhood memory.  He said, "This is faith."  I asked the Lord
     what He  was talking about.  He clearly told me that faith was a fixed
     and exact  measurement of  His own nature  which He  had given  to all
     those truly born  again.   The water  running through the  hose was  a
     picture of  that exact measurement  of faith.   I asked the  Lord what
     made the difference in how the water was used.  He said, "Whatever you
     screw on to the end of your faith.

          What are you using on the end of  your faith?  If you are using a
     favorite  testimonial you  heard in a  sermon, if  you are  using some
     outline, if  you are practicing on small things at  first to see if it
     works or  not before reaching for bigger acts  of faith, then you will
     discover not  only does it  not work,  but you will  eventually become
     deceived  by the Enemy for  "your lack of faith."   "It is your fault,
     you aren't spiritual enough," or, "you have secret sin  in your life,"
     are some of the Enemy's most favorite lies he will drop  into the flow
     of your daily thought processes.

          Let me ask you  this question.  What did  you use for faith  when
     you received Christ as your Savior, confessing you  were a sinner, and
     couldn't save  yourself?  That's right.  You  used Jesus as the object
     of your faith.  May I now ask this question?  When  did you stop using
     Jesus as  the object of  your faith?   It is time  to rethink what  we
     believe.  Do it now.

     Safe Place Fellowship
     Phil Scovell
     Denver, Colorado
     Mountain Time Zone

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