Demonic Molestation

                               By Phil Scovell

          The first time I encountered it, I just dismissed it as spiritual
     clutter during the prayer session.  The second time I realize more was
     going on than perhaps we understand.

          The man described an experience when he was about 5 or 6 years of
     age  and  living in  a  large duplex  home.   He  came  from a  normal
     Christian family and  attended nothing but  Christian schools all  his

          As  we  prayed,  one  particular  memory,  had  a  very  distinct
     manifestation of  him being molested  by a dark  human shaped  but the
     memory was  very undefined as  far as the manifestation  was involved.
     This  isn't at  all  unusual,  of course,  since  a child  easily  can
     mentally suppress the details  of the molestation itself.   It is,  in
     fact, one  of their  own generated defenses,  besides using  their own
     imagination,  or  their  little   undeveloped  mind  fragmenting  into
     alternate  personalities.    Based  upon  the  level  of  molestation,
     meaning,  if  they  were  threatened  or harmed  in  any  way,  either
     physically or psychologically, they may even  suppress the identity of
     the person who perpetrated the crime.   In this man's case, he saw the
     perpetrator in another room of the house and thought he recognize him.
     Yet, when the  figure came closer, he  realized it wasn't that  man at

          As the  prayer session progressed  in this area, the  man clearly
     stated it  was no human at all but demonic  in nature.  The demon said
     his name  was Abuser.  This name also surfaced a couple of other times
     in later prayers we had until it  was finally exposed and removed when
     the lie was discovered it was hiding behind.  The man reported  he was
     being touched inappropriately  at the time by the  demonic presence as
     the thoughts  were placed in  his mind.   Again, no  human involvement
     ever occurred.  Was  he fooled?  Had  his mind been altered?   Had his
     little mind suppressed what really happened?  Was he  making the whole
     thing up?

          A woman sat in my  office one day who had spent  her entire adult
     life using sex  to gain favor from men.   Unfortunately, two marriages
     later, and several  live-in boyfriends, she learned the  hard way that
     it simply never worked but only after many decades of trying.

          As  we  prayed,  she  began  going  to  some  pleasant  childhood
     memories.   In  one  memory, she  found herself  totally  alone.   She
     reported she  was about 12 years  of age at  the time.   Suddenly, and
     without reason, she became afraid and said, "I shouldn't be here."  As
     we  prayed, a figure appeared about the  age of a teenager.  She could
     not describe the figure other than it looked human and was inky black.
     She reported it  felt as if she were being  sexually violated somehow.
     She still could  not recognize the figure.   I eventually felt  led to
     pray, "Lord Jesus?   Do we need to know the name  and identity of this

          The woman  said, "No.  He  says we don't," and  almost instantly,
     she was out of that enclosed place and standing outside with the Lord.

          Was this the first  sexual encounter of her life?   Was she being
     molested by a  family member a relative,  or someone she knew  but had
     blocked from her mind?

          Both these stories are similar.   I have come to believe that  it
     is  possible for children  to experience molesting  spirits which were
     around at the  time of a real  molestation but the molestation  was at
     another time  and place and  the victim has  been deceived by  a lying
     spirit inhabiting a given place, area, or perhaps even a region.  Both
     these people I have mentioned agree there really wasn't a human person
     there  as far  as they  could tell.   In fact,  they both  reported it
     looked  human but didn't  feel human.   Does this mean  that all child
     molestations, therefore, are  demons?  My point is  just the opposite.
     Frequently, the molestations  are literal.   How do  we know which  is
     which and  what is real  and what is demonic?   The answer  is simple.
     Demons will leave a  memory event when the authority of  the True Lord
     Jesus Christ is used but human perpetraters will not.

          In both situations  I have described, the  man and the  woman, as
     adults, had sexual addictions with which they struggled.  Do you think
     the similar  experiences are coincidental?   I believe it  is possible
     for children to become aware  of adverse and sinful situations without
     being a  participant which  effects them for  the rest  of their  life
     until they are healed  through prayer.  I am the first to admit I have
     a lot less experience in this area than others but I am an intercessor
     and I  am called by God to serve in that capacity.  Yes, I have prayed
     with others who are literally victims of child sexual molestations and
     some that were victimized multiple times.  Some even were occultically
     marked  to prove  they  had indeed  been  molested.   Yet,  I believe,
     without a doubt, there is another degree of molestation, which is just
     as serious, as those who have  suffered at the hand of a  criminal act
     but demonically instead of humanly.

          "Why are we  returning to this  horrible frightening memory  once
     again?" the woman cried.  "I hate this place."

          I explained that there  must be more we needed to  see healed and
     there was  but it  turned out  to be  more for  my benefit instead  of
     her's, or so it would seem.

          As we prayed,  although she went to other aspects of the horrible
     memory which needed the truth of the voice of the Lord for  healing, I
     felt the  Holy Spirit speaking to me.   I saw a crib  not far away and
     knew a baby was there.  The woman then said, without me saying a word,
     "My baby brother was in the room, I think, but I'm not certain.  I see
     his crib.   He is either in the same room where my father is molesting
     me  or at  the very  least, my  little  brother is  some place  in the

          We continued praying together.

          I heard the Holy Spirit speaking to me in my spirit.  It was more
     thought than  words.  "I saw the crib and the little baby boy.  A dark
     shaped was  standing bent over  him and saying,  "See little  boy what
     your evil  father is doing to your nice little sister?  You don't want
     to grow up and be  like your dad.  Oh, no.   You need to be  something
     better."   Although it was  a spiritual awareness, an  impression from
     the Holy Spirit, I put my own words to the awareness I felt.

          Later, after the  prayer session, I realized why  we had returned
     to this awful  memory event.   We  had started with  anger; deep,  raw
     unadulterated  anger and  verging on  rage.   Her brother had  been an
     overbearing, controlling personage in her life.  He always got his way
     and always told her  what to do.  The relationship  developed into one
     of discord and bitterness.  As they aged, the separation and distorted
     relationship,  putrefied until  they  no  longer  communicated.    Her
     brother eventually turned to homosexuality.

          Although  scientifically unproved  to this  day,  it is  commonly
     stated by many homosexuals that they were  born such.  If true, either
     God approves  of homosexual and lesbian relationships, which the bible
     clearly states  the opposite, or  homosexuals and lesbians  are simply
     wrong.  Does this mean  that all homosexuals were molested spiritually
     in some  way by demons and  therefore practicing homosexuals now?   Of
     course  not.   I cannot  even  prove the  three examples  I  have just
     detailed are fact.   I believe  them, on the  other hand, because  the
     thousands of hours  I have spent praying with  those sexually molested
     who  have confirmed  that  the  Enemy has  even  perpetrated evil  and
     diabolic mental and  emotional suggestiveness to  entrap them.   Let's
     take this one step further.

          For well over 50 years, there has been what I call a new age type
     theology about a portion of the early chapters of the Bible concerning
     the Sons of God  who marry the daughters of men.  (See Genesis Chapter
     6 for the complete story).  I am not going to take the time to try and
     theologically explain my beliefs concerning this passage of Scripture,
     and if what you believe differs from my theology, I doubt it will make
     any difference when  we both get to  Heaven.  However, in  my opinion,
     and this is based upon two different lines of human development that I
     believe can  be clearly seen in the previous  chapters of Noah and the
     ark, the evil, and the giants which  the Bible proclaims were upon the
     earth after the Sons of  God married the daughters of men, were men of
     grotesque wickedness.  Could they also have been physical giant men of
     great  stature?  Sure but what difference does that make.  Regardless,
     based upon Scripture, as I have already stated, I believe the "Sons of
     God" were not fallen angels, as some suggest, but corrupted men of God
     who lost their love and devotion to the Creator and became devilish in
     their occultic practices and  likely included human sacrifices.   This
     means "Rosemary's Baby" could have never happened.

          Keep in mind  something I believe is immensely  important at this
     time.   The planet  still lived  under a  single common  language; the
     language, or Word of God.  If you carefully read the first 11 chapters
     of Genesis, you  will have to see that this is true.  Furthermore, and
     without going into  a lot of theological  detail, I believe  the words
     with which  the universe was created  were still so powerful,  man was
     able to  do things with words which  we are unable to do  now.  Hence,
     there were giants in  the land and sin did abound.   God said He would
     have  to judge the entire world  as a result and  so He did.  Although
     thousands,  if not  millions, of  people inhabited  the earth  by this
     time, God  saved only 8 souls; Noah, his  three sons, and their wives.
     Truly, the evil  must have  been beyond  measure and to  think it  all
     started  in the garden.   There are  Christian authors  today who have
     written books and  made money off this  idea the giant men  roamed the
     earth in these  early days of creation.   In fact, they  even believe,
     some  do that  is, that such  giant men  are still inhabitance  of the
     planet.   Big Foot,  known as Shasquash,  springs to mind  but some of
     these authors literally believe there  are pockets of hiding giant men
     who  are  left overs  of the  early  Noahic age.   Perhaps  so  but my
     explanation is one I have spent many hours studying and is  also based
     upon prayer sessions as previously described.

          Regardless  of your own  interpretation of the  early passages of
     Scripture,  I believe there  was a lot more  spiritually going on that
     was evil  in  nature than  the physical  stature of  men.   My  point,
     however, is related to how the Enemy traps humans into believing lies.
     I do not believe  there is a homosexual or lesbian on  the planet that
     cannot be free of  all lies if they honestly desire  to know the truth
     of God and His creation.

          In  light of all  of this, would  you not consider  the deceptive
     power of the  Enemy to be dangerous and the need  to clearly know, and
     to be able to hear, the truth of the voice of the  Lord verses that of
     the Enemy and his voice of  lies?  Perhaps it is time we  speak up and
     tell the truth.

     Safe Place Fellowship
     Phil Scovell
     Denver, Colorado
     Mountain Time Zone

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