How I pray

                              By Phil Scovell

          Recently, I felt  the Holy Spirit  leading me  to do something  I
     have never  done before concerning  prayer.  I  am not  suggesting the
     Lord hasn't approached me  with this idea  before, and I really  never
     said no about it to the Lord, but I never said yes either.  This week,
     I said yes.

          I currently have at least  60 people I pray  for each day.   This
     list  grows a little at a time.  This does not include prayer requests
     which these  same people  call and ask  me to put  on my  prayer list.
     These are just 60 people for whom I pray each and every day.

          I  pray  for them  first  in tongues.    Why in  tongues?   Well,
     although many  believe the gift  of tongues has  passed away  with the
     last apostle, whoever he was, I still use it anyhow because I learned,
     from my own personal study of God's Word, the gift is still viable for
     today's  New  Testament Christian.    So,  regardless of  what  others
     believe, I pray in tongues out loud.  This form of prayer allows me to
     spiritually focus  on an individuals  and to do spiritual  warfare for
     them at the same time.  I could go into more detail about this, and my
     call  as an  intercessor,  but  my website  has  bunches of  articles,
     rebuttals, and  booklets I  have written  on this  topic  so there  is
     little  reason to  reproduce that  effort  of theological  explanation
     here.   It is, however, the second aspect  of my prayer time which has
     changed and I want you to read about.

          I used  to keep my prayer time restricted  to 30 minutes so that
     means,  everyone for whom I prayed, was  crammed into that time frame.
     As my  list grew, however,  I realize how  little time I  was spending
     praying for each person.   So I expanded my prayer time to  40 minutes
     each day  and more than half  the time, it  would end up going  for an
     hour.  I  was always timing myself with  the stop watch feature  on my
     watch to  keep track of my  progress.  That  got to bothering  me, for
     some reason, so I approached the Lord for the solution.

          The Lord told me to stop timing  my prayer times.  "And do what?"
     I wondered.   He said,  "Just pray  for each person  and each  request
     until you feel you have prayed  enough.  Then move to the next  person
     in line."  Simple enough,  of course, but this could mean  I would end
     up praying much longer.  Regardless, I stopped timing myself and now I
     pray as I was  instructed.  No, I have  absolutely no idea how long  I
     pray each  day now.   I just pray  until I am  done.  This  solved two
     major problems for me.  Now I don't worry if I have prayed long enough
     for each person and it doesn't  bother me, that just maybe, I  haven't
     prayed long enough to please God.  What if I miss a day?  I miss a day
     is all.  My  mind is always at  prayer, thus, I pray without  ceasing.
     Do you?   Do you  know how?   If not, call  me and let's  do something.

     Safe Place Fellowship
     Phil Scovell
     Mountain Time Zone

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