God's Favorite Color Is You

                               By Phil Scovell

          She emailed  me from  Australia and describe  how she  felt.   It
     wasn't good.  We had  prayed a couple of times  in the last couple  of
     weeks.   Her husband wanted a divorce and  they had been separated for
     more than a year.  Decades ago, when she was a little girl, her father
     had molested  her between 4 and 8 years of  age.  Now her marriage was
     being threatened.  Anxiety, guilt, shame, rejection, and confusion had
     plagued her entire life.  Emailing back, I said we could pray in about
     30 minutes.

          As I waited, I  looked up some things I wanted her to read that I
     would  later email  her.   My mind was  focused on  her and  I thought
     prayers that traveled through my mind faster than the speed of  light.
     Suddenly, in my mind, I saw  a little girl, about 2 years of  age, all
     dressed up  in bright green.   she was happy and free.   "What's this,
     Lord?" I thought.  Then I knew  without hearing a word but I did  feel
     it.  It was  Mary, thousands of miles away, and 40  years in the past.
     The phone rang.  It was  18 hours ahead of where I lived  and the next
     day in Australia.

          We talked about what was going on and how she was feelings.  Then
     we began to pray.  The Lord gently led her into  some horribly painful
     places.  She cried uncontrollably.  "Phil, I can't go there."

          "That's ok," I said, "You don't have to.  Just wait.  Follow your
     feelings.  Lord, show her the lies you want her to see."

          Moments later,  we  were through  to the  other side.   The  Holy
     Spirit had shown her how she had been trapped by the Enemy with a pair
     of double  bind lies.  We talked.  She  asked questions about what had
     just happened.

          Before hanging up,  I gathered my courage and  said, "What's your
     favorite color?"   She said she looked  her best when dressed  in pale
     blue.   I could now let it go.   After all, I was wrong, and it hadn't
     been the Lord after all.  I had seen and heard nothing.

          Then  she said,  "Why  do  you want  to  know,"  in her  pleasant
     Australian accent.

          "Oh," I said.  "No particular reason, I guess."

          She then said, "Well, when I was teaching, I wore green every day
     to school.   The  kids used  to talk  about how  their teacher  always
     dressed in green.  Furthermore," she continued, "when I write notes to
     myself as I  study the Bible and all,  I write in green.   Why did you
     ask me my favorite color?"

          I told her about what I had seen just before she called.

          "What does it mean?" she asked.

          "It means," I replied, "it is how Jesus sees you.  Happy, joyful,
     free, and all dressed in green."

          Have you ever  experience how Jesus sees  you?  Do you  know your
     favorite color?  His favorite color is you.

     Safe Place Fellowship
     Phil Scovell
     Denver, Colorado
     Mountain Time Zone

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