So What's The Deal About Generational Curses?

                               By Phil Scovell

          He told  me that he had been thinking recently of his mom who had
     passed  away many  years ago.   She had  always been depressed,  as he
     recalled, and he felt sorry for her, even as a little farm boy growing
     up in Indiana, because he knew in  his heart, his mother was suffering
     emotionally but he didn't know why.   He felt we should focus  on that
     aspect  of his  life  but  he  also knew,  from  our  previous  prayer
     sessions, that we might very well end  up in a totally different place
     of his life as we prayed.

          He had felt  from his youth that  his mother wasn't well  and had
     even remembered it was suggested, when he was but 4 or 5 years of age,
     she should be seen by a psychiatrist.  This was very uncommon in those
     days for anyone.  Still, he didn't know why nor did he understand.  He
     knew his father was unkind, and mean at times, and that his mother was
     the gentlest and meekness  person he had ever known.   So, why did she
     suffer?  I didn't tell him the usual, that is, well, we all are called
     to suffer and this was your mother's cross, and now yours, to bear.  I
     didn't suggest to  him that it was  fate, or just his  mothers plight,
     that she lived  with emotional misery and discomfort, all of her life.
     I didn't recommend  he consider his mother  married the wrong man.   I
     didn't insist he  was raised in an  nonchristian home so that  was the
     problem and he'd  just have to  live with  it.  Instead,  I let  Jesus
     share with him the truth he needed to hear.

          His mother had  been born prematurely and in  those days, medical
     technology  had  not  yet  developed  to  the  level  of  life  saving
     procedures  as we enjoy  now.  It  is also  well known scientifically,
     that children develop  the most  mentally and  emotionally during  the
     third trimester.   Therefore when  primies are born during  this time,
     they are forced to continue growing outside the womb, in the unnatural
     habitat  of  human  growth  and  development.    Exposure  to  outside
     influence, therefore, be it good  or bad, is enhanced extraordinarily.
     Now, most hospital pediatric nurseries,  employ nurses who just  spend
     time talking and  holding the babies  to give them  the true sense  of
     motherly interaction and the babies  are delivered to the natural moms
     much  sooner than ever  before.  Many  babies are often  held to their
     mother's  breast  very shortly  after  birth, and  before  leaving the
     birthingroom, so they can immediately begin learning to nurse.

          I have prayed with hundreds of people  over the years, and one of
     the first questions I always ask  is, "Were you born prematurely?"   I
     have learned through  prayer sessions that it is common,  for many who
     were born prematurely, to often have experiences existential in nature
     due to the unnatural environment they are forced to mature in, because
     they become  easy prey for the Enemy, and unhealthy comments, by those
     working around them.   Such as,  "I hope he  makes it.   It will be  a
     miracle if  he does and I don't even believe in God.  I doubt he'll be
     alive by morning."   These are but  a few comments that  medical staff
     are just now  learning scientifically are susceptible by even infants;
     especially premature babies.

          My oldest  son, for  example, recalled a  memory event  we prayed
     into  when he  was just born.   He  felt evil in  the room  as a nurse
     worked on him.  We prayed until he could see a shadowy figure standing
     near his head but next  to the nurse and not immediately next  to him.
     He strongly felt the impressions of the woman as she expressed herself
     by saying, "I  hope this little boy  makes it because his  parents are
     both  blind."   Once  the  demon  presence  perpetrating the  lie  was
     exposed, he was made to leave and a strong sense of peace came over my
     son  as a man dressed in whiter medical garb than everyone else in the
     room, picked him up  with both hands.  In every  prayer session I have
     heard the person  described being lifted, or held, by Jesus, they have
     always, every single time, said He used both hands.  I  wouldn't trust
     Jesus who only  used one hand  based upon  these spiritual power,  and
     spiritual intimate,  prayer experiences.   My oldest son, by  the way,
     was not born  prematurely and yet he was  still influenced emotionally
     and psychologically, not to mention, spiritually, in a destructive and
     debilitating manner.

          As soon as this  man, with whom I was praying,  reported that the
     lying spirit  that was around his mother  was the same one influencing
     him today, I felt a  spiritual click in my  spirit that the truth  had
     just been revealed.  The lie in the memory was the demon had the right
     to generationally pass down to the son and inflict him in the same way
     he grieved  his mother.  Jesus exposed  the lie, and we  prayed a very
     simple prayer of demonic dismissal and it was over  just that quickly.
     Maybe 3 minutes  of prayer  time at  the most.   The  Holy Spirit  had
     prepared him  and the prayer  of agreement completed the  authority of
     the Lord Jesus Christ in  sending the lying spirit away.  Yes, it does
     work just  that simply and,  yes, it  is permanent.   By the way,  the
     truth the Lord revealed?  It was the same lying spirit which tormented
     his mother that was effecting his life  after all these years.  Hence,
     it could be called a generational curse.

          In  my  opinion,   this  is  a  classic  example   of  a  demonic
     generational curse passing down through the family tree.  "How does it
     work?  I mean,  especially when we didn't commit any  sin."  Very good
     question.  Demons never play fair.  They lie and misled  us and tamper
     with  our human  emotions and  thoughts because, since  being expelled
     from Heaven, they  have no glory of  their own.  Humanly,  we resemble
     the glory of God.  (See 1 Corinthians 11:7)>  No, this doesn't mean we
     are  all the children of  God.  Everyone must  be born again to secure
     the right of going  to Heaven when we  die or when the Rapture  of the
     church occurs.  Of course,  you don't need to believe in a  Rapture of
     the church to be born again.

          So, in my mind, yes, this answers the question about the validity
     of a generational  curse, or what is sometimes called the curse of the
     generations.   Yes,  they can  be worse,  much  worse, but  where they
     exist, spiritual damage occurs.   Doctors call it "hereditary" and may
     be physical in nature but doctors really do not consider the spiritual
     aspect of this valid Biblical concept.  I strongly suggest that we, as
     born again Christian, should but without going overboard about it.

     Safe Place Fellowship
     Phil Scovell
     Denver, Colorado
     Mountain Time Zone

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