Has God Forgotten About Me?

                               By Phil Scovell

          We  walked out  of church  together one  Wednesday evening.   The
     night was  beautiful.  It  was quiet  and only the  sounds of  the car
     doors slamming could  be heard.  The  engine fired and we  pulled away
     from our parking spot in front of the little church we attended.

          It was silent in  the car for  some time.  Then  he spoke.   "You
     know, Phil,"  he said,  "there's just something  I don't  understand I

          "What's that, Brother?" I asked; feeling  I might have an idea of
     what he was thinking.

          "They came  tonight, as you  noticed," he said, "and  they hardly
     ever come."

          "Sure," I replied cheerfully.  The came tonight because they just
     bought a brand  new car that they wanted  everybody to see.   I wasn't

          "That's what I don't understand," the 75 year old man said with a

          "What about it, Brother?" I  replied, now knowing exactly what he

          "Well, I  don't mean  to  sound ungrateful,  you understand,"  he
     continued with a weariness to his voice, "but it does bother me."

          I waited for  him to  continue; knowing  that he would.   We  had
     become close friends over the years  and he was like a dad to  me.  He
     was spiritually wise beyond  few men I knew  and he had only a  fourth
     grade education.  He had raised  several children.  Two different sons
     had been killed  by passing cars at  two different times and  that was
     just the  tip of the iceberg of all the  adversity he and his wife had
     suffered through their 50 years of marriage.  I had even told him once
     that when  I grew up, I was  about 49 years old at  the time, I prayed
     God would make me just like him.  I wasn't joking either.

           "Here I am,"  he said, "driving this  old beat up car  but don't
     get me wrong.  I'm thankful for what the Lord has given me.  We have a
     good enough house and all for our age and we are thankful for it, too.
     We have loved and served the  Lord cheerfully in the church all  these
     years and  we have  been spiritually and  financially faithful  to the
     Lord.  Yet, a feller just gets to wondering sometimes."

          Of course, what he was  really wondering, was why the  people who
     had been there  that evening  with their  new car, appeared  to be  so
     blessed, especially when their lives, and the lives of their children,
     were so  screwed up  spiritually.   Was he  wrong for  wondering?   Of
     course not.   He also knew way  more than I did about  that family.  I
     felt privileged he felt free to share his feelings with me.

          Less than six months later, we were riding in the same old car to
     church  on a  Sunday night  and he  said, "Phil,  I want  to  tell you
     something but I don't want anybody else to know.  This is just between
     you and me."

          "Ok," I agreed, "that's fine.  What is it?"

          "Well,  I want your  opinion but just keep  this between us right

          "Ok," I said again.  What is it?"

          "Well,"  he began, it is this way.   Ann and I have been given an
     opportunity to move  back to eastern Kansas.   We have a  relative who
     has almost a brand new four bedroom home they want to sell to us."  As
     the  conversation  continued, he  explained  the house  already  had a
     sloping sidewalk for his wife, who was, at that time, in a wheelchair,
     plus centrally air conditioned, and they had  several relatives living
     nearby and the town was small enough, you could walk to just about any
     place you wished.   Additionally, the  sale of their  house in  Denver
     would  allow them to  buy their relative's  home and pay  cash for it.
     That's  not all.   Due to  the sky high  house market  in Denver, they
     would  be able,  after  they  purchased the  new  house, bank  100,000
     dollars.  I  casually pointed this out  to him and suggested  this was
     the Lord.

          When he finished, I said, "So what's the problem Brother?"

          "Well," he said, "I don't know if we should do it.  I mean, we'll
     have to move and all and I just don't know.  What do you think?"

          I  said, "Wait just  a minute.   You are asking  me if you should
     make this move or not?"

          "Yep.  I'm asking your opinion."

          I said, "Brother,  if you don't take this  deal, you've got rocks
     in your head.  Don't you see it?"

          "See what?" he wanted to know.

          "Just a  few weeks ago, you were feeling  the pain of serving God
     all your life but living on your  social security and hardly making it
     each  month.   Now,  the Lord  is  giving you  a  chance, during  your
     retirement years, to live in  a beautiful house with air conditioning,
     which  you don't have now, you can  bank a good hundred grand, and you
     can go down to the local  car dealership and buy a 40,000  dollar van,
     if you want to, paying cash for it, and still have sixty grand left in
     the  bank.  What  is the  matter with  you?"  I  think he  had stopped
     listening when I  mentioned he would have  100,000 cash left over.   I
     nearly stopped thinking  myself when I thought of  God's immense grace
     he was about to bestow upon this humble man and his wife.

          He said, "I guess you're right.  It is the Lord, isn't it?"

          I said,  "Of course  it is  the Lord.   Who  else would pull  off
     something this big?  If you let this go by, Brother, I'm going to call
     your relative  up myself and take the deal.  I'd love living out there
     in that little town.  If  you do it, maybe Sandy and I  will just move
     out there and  rent one of  the bedrooms from you."   He laugh  as the
     relief washed over him.

          they eventually  moved, of course,  and one day they  drove their
     nice air conditioned van  back to Denver and took us out  to eat.  God
     doesn't forget.  Yeah, but you say, "These people were old."   Who you
     calling  old here?  Sure,  now they are  about 80 years  old but doing
     well, more active in church than ever before,  and his wife isn't in a
     wheelchair any  more.  Like  I said, God  doesn't forget.   He doesn't
     forget us if we don't  forget.  So, it's simple.  All we have to do is
     remember who He is.

     Safe Place Fellowship
     Phil Scovell
     Denver, Colorado
     Mountain Time Zone

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