The Naked Feet Of Jesus

                               By Phil Scovell

          She was just  5 years of age  when she watched The  Exorcist with
     her  father  who was  a  Mormon  bishop at  the  time.   He  was  also
     homosexual.  I  know adults who have  watched The Exorcist   and lived
     the rest of  their lives in fear,  slept with their bedroom  light on,
     and experienced perpetual anxiety and panic attacks simply as a result
     of watching that  movie.  This  little girl became so  frightened, she
     spent most of the rest of that night vomiting into the bathroom out of
     utter  terror.  Even now, as an adult,  she often awakens at 4 o'clock
     in the morning  to vomit into  the commode.   She also,  out of  fear,
     sleeps in her closet.  You heard me; she sleeps in her closet.

          When we began to pray, I had no  idea where we would go but I had
     been praying, along  with others, about the movie  that had frightened
     her so badly.   We wanted the  Lord to heal her  of that fear.   As we
     entered  this  particular  prayer  session,  we  went, instead,  to  a
     swimming competition in which she  had participated when she was about
     6 years of age.  Judges had been stationed at either end of the racing
     lanes  to insure, in this competition, that none of the swimmers, upon
     reaching the end of their lane in which they were swimming free style,
     use the  wall  to push  off using  their feet  and  legs, and  thereby
     gaining a slight lead.  She didn't realize it until the  race was over
     but she had,  according to at least one judge, pushed off.  Instead of
     placing in the contest,  she was disqualified.   The feeling of  being
     disqualified tapped into rejection feelings  she had felt from even an
     earlier time of  her childhood and  now it surfaced  again.  It  would
     remain, penetrated deeply  in her mind and thoughts  and emotions, for
     many years to come.  "Disqualified" became a commonly used word in her
     life  even  as  an adult.    Her  very psyche  now  confirmed  she was
     disqualified from life and would never amount to anything.  The lie we
     believe works.

          During our time  of prayer, she  was focused  on her feelings  of
     being disqualified.   Suddenly,  she said, "The  judges are  all gone.
     Oh, I  guess not.   There  is one  judge left.   Wait.   That's  Jesus
     standing there by Himself.  All the  other judges are gone.  I see his
     feet," she continued, "but  he is standing their barefooted.  I wonder
     why?   I  figured he'd  have sandals on  or something  but He  is just
     standing there in  His bare feet."  From personal experience in my own
     life, I knew  immediately the reason Jesus was  standing there without
     sandals, but I  said nothing to  her about it.   The memory  instantly

          She began talking  about the night she watched  The Exorcist with
     her dad  when she was only 5  years of age.  She  could hardly talk at
     this point  due to the fear  she still felt.   She described  the more
     frightening  parts  of  the  movie  and   other  specific  things  she
     remembered about the event, that is, things about the bathroom and the
     hallway,  the retching, and  her emotions as she  felt ripped apart by
     the fear.

          As we continued  praying together, a third memory  took its place
     and she  began describing a  pleasant memory that was  associated with
     her mother.   She remembered  everything she remembered being  3 years
     old, the colors  she wore, the clothing,  how it looked, her  hair and
     many   other   things  right   down  to   the  smallest   of  details.
     Disappointment played a role in this memory which is common to most of
     this lady's  memories.  Her mother seemed always  to make her feel she
     wasn't good enough  and thus, her mother always  acted disappointed in
     her daughter or so she believed.

          She was  at a  river.  She  and Jesus were  standing on  one side
     together but on  the opposite side of  the river from  the frightening
     memories.  She said "He is telling me that He always knew I wanted  to
     know Him personally, even as a little girl.  He said He knew about the
     scary things that happened  but now He was going  to healed them so  I
     could know Him better.   He says  that I'll be able  to step into  the
     river each time a memory is  healed and I will feel better.   Oh, wow!
     I hear water.   It sounds gentle and peaceful.  It  is like a bubbling
     stream.  I can hear it; I  can hear it.  It makes me feel so  good.  I
     can  use  the sound,  Jesus  is  telling  me, whenever  other  fearful
     memories come to mind."

          Suddenly, she was back at the swimming pool.  She commented again
     on why  Jesus was standing in His  bare feet.  I prayed  and asked the
     Lord if  this  was something  she  needed to  know.   She  said,  "I'm
     standing next to him now and  looking down.  I'm right next to  Jesus.
     My feet are bare just like his.  He is showing me I am just like Him."
     I  held my spiritual  ecstasy in but  inside, my heart  leaped about a
     hundred feet into  the air with joy.   I knew  what she saw the  first
     time  was the Lord's way of  showing His identity to  her and with her
     but that revelation wasn't ready  to be revealed until he touched  the
     other  fearful  events in  her  memories.   Now  she could  accept His
     identity expressed in  His voice and heard in her thoughts and felt in
     her emotions.

          A few days later, I called.   She reported that she was  sleeping
     much better.   Although  she was  still awaking  at 4  o'clock in  the
     morning but  remembering the bubbling water sound  she had experienced
     in  the prayer  session,  she  was focusing  on  that instead  of  her
     nightmares or fears and going right back to sleep.  She also claimed a
     level of peace  she had never experienced.   I already knew  this lady
     had been through 4 or 5 deliverance sessions.  One deliverance session
     was conducted  by a famous Christian leader  that now calls himself an
     exorcist and  claims 10,000  exorcisms and  furthermore claims he  has
     done more  exorcisms than anyone  in the world.   If I said  his name,
     you'd know of whom I speak.  Just don't believe everything you hear.

          In my 50 years plus of  being a born again Christian and  walking
     with  the  Lord,  I  have heard  at  least  50,000  sermons and  Bible
     teachings.   I have preached myself on  many occasions about Jesus and
     who the Bible says  He is.  I never experienced what  I knew until the
     past few years.   I have had  the same experience, more  than once, of
     Jesus, in very  unusual ways, showing me  His identity.  I  have heard
     Him say, "You are like me now," and <"That's because you are like me,"
     and, "I like doing those same things," and  even once, when I was only
     about 5  or 6 years old, and my pet  lizard died, Jesus said, "I loved
     him, too."  These intimate expressions of  spiritually depth go so far
     beyond words,  they can  only be described  as feelings  of awareness.
     Knowing that feeling, however, is everything  and once experienced, is
     never forgotten.

          The first time  I realized my Lord's  identity was when I  was 21
     years old.  I was reading my Bible one day and focused  on the passage
     when Jesus revealed  Himself to John the  Baptizer as the Christ.   He
     then  requested John  baptize  Him.   John  had  a little  theological
     problem getting  his mind  around this  request and  said  as much  to
     Jesus.  You see, first of  all, John knew that baptism had nothing  to
     do with the  born again  experience of  salvitic conversion.   So  why
     would  Jesus bother  in the first  place?   I mean, for  sure shooting
     Jesus didn't need  to be born again.   Additionally, it should  be the
     other way around, that  is, Jesus should be baptizing John.   In fact,
     such  is  exactly what  John said.    (See Matthew  3:13-17),  for the
     complete story of events.  In short, John knew who Jesus was.  Do you?
     So, John was more than a little  confused about being asked to baptize

          John was far from  alone because I was confused, too.   I stopped
     reading my  Bible and  said in my  thoughts, "Lord?   Why did  you get

          A voice in my thoughts said, "What is baptism?"

          I  didn't think  the Lord  was ignorant  of the  nature  of water
     baptism but I explained it to Him anyway.

          "So," the voice said in response, "why  did you get baptized as a
     little boy after getting born again?"

          I thought for a few seconds  and then felt the answer as  real as
     anything  I had ever  experienced in  my life.   I said,  "I wanted to
     identify myself with you based upon my salvation experience."

          "And  so  I was  baptized,"  He  replied,  "because I  wanted  to
     identify myself with you."

          You've  heard the old  saying, "It took  my breath  away?"  Well,
     that describes  how I felt  at that very  second.  The Creator  of the
     universe was identifying Himself with me.

          Since  that first  experience, many  years  ago, now,  as I  have
     already mentioned,  Jesus has revealed  this same truth to  me through
     personal  intercessory  prayer  many  times  and  in  areas  of  great
     emotional  and spiritual  woundedness.   Those places  don't hurt  any
     more.  Yes,  I use it  as a weapon, the  sword of the Holy  Spirit, on
     many  occasions when I  am attacked  by the Enemy.   I  simply let the
     thoughts spring to mind of all the times Jesus identified Himself with
     me and thus resisting the devil, he flees.

          It is  a wonderful thing to know Jesus  as your personal Lord and
     Savior but when it comes to walking  with Him through your daily life,
     you need to  know, and to feel, just  how much He is like  you.  It is
     called  Lordship.    Have you  felt  His  Lordship in  your  life?   I
     understand He may be your Savior but is He Lord yet?

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     Safe Place Fellowship
     Phil Scovell
     Denver, Colorado
     Mountain Time Zone