Fax Me A Demon

            Dealing with Lying Spirits In The Lives Of Christians

                               By Phil Scovell

          I  was praying  with  a  young man  whose  business had  suddenly
     dropped off.   He had found replacement work but  regardless, his shop
     wasn't making  enough  money, all  of  the  sudden, to  even  pay  his
     employees, not to  mention himself.  The reduction  in business wasn't
     the only thing creating stress in his  life so we weren't just praying
     that God would bless his business.   His wife was expecting her  third
     child, it  was Christmas, Denver  had three snow storms  totaling more
     than  three feet of snow plus drifts to  5 and 6 feet around the city,
     and other  personal things in  his life were  all trying to  pound his
     Christianity into the ground.   These are golden opportunities for the
     Enemy to plant bad seed in a Christian's life or to attempt to nourish
     implanted lies  already seeded.  So,  he was in my office  and we were
     talking and praying about what he was facing.

          Although the claim has been made, I am not a demon hunter.  In my
     type  of prayer ministry, demons show up, sort of speak, during prayer
     sessions all the time but it isn't because I am looking for  them.  It
     comes with the territory, sort of speak.

          "You mean, in the lives of Christians?  Demons?"

          To whom did you  think I was referring?   It is a given that  the
     lost can be demonically  influenced but I pray with Christians.  Being
     the old  Baptist boy that  I am, or  was, I always get  confused about
     that these days, my Baptist friends, I have precious few of  them now,
     say I  am too  Charismatic,  and my  Charismatic friends  say I'm  too
     Baptist.  So, as I said, some  days I'm a little confused about who  I
     am but as long  as Jesus knows, that's  all that counts.  Anyhow,  the
     first thing I do,  when someone sits down across my desk from me or is
     on the other  end of the telephone,  is to find  out if they are  born
     again or  not.  If  they aren't, I show  them the Scriptures  and lead
     them to Christ.

          "Well, then,  don't the demons  that were bothering them  go away
     after they get saved?"

          Are we  reading the  same bible?   The  answer is,  their sin  of
     condemnation and  eternal punishment  goes away  but you surely  don't
     think the Enemy gives up trying  to kill, steal, and to destroy  their
     lives, do you?  Well, if you  do think that, God bless you because you
     are  walking on thin ice as a  Christian.  Just because we become born
     again doesn't  mean  we  no  longer  sin.   Nor  does  sinning,  as  a
     Christian, mean we have  to get born again all over again.  First John
     1:9 makes that clear.   Jesus died once for sin,  (See Hebrews 10:12),
     and He isn't doing it all over  again for any reason.  He doesn't have
     to because what's done is done.

          Let me tell you a story.  Years ago, when I was still attending a
     Baptist church, I  was also doing high speed  cassette duplication for
     churches  and traveling  preachers.   One man  I did  tapes for,  both
     sermon  and  the  music tapes  he  and  his  wife  recorded, told  the
     following story.   It seems apropos to tell  it right now because this
     guy was what we called a hard core Baptist boy.  He did not believe in
     the gifts of  the Holy Spirit, such  as tongues, in fact,  he preached
     against it, and he  did not believe there  was anything remotely  like
     the baptism of the  Holy Spirit even if  Jesus did speak of it  to His
     disciples in  Acts  chapter one.    Here  is the  story  this  Baptist
     preacher told.

          He was preaching  at a youth camp  one summer when a  mother, who
     was working at  the camp as a volunteer, happened to mention to one of
     the guest speakers, that her son was afraid of the dark.  In fact, she
     said, her son, he was 10 years of age, had to sleep with a light on in
     his room  nightly.  By the way, this is  not uncommon.  The pastor she
     mentioned this  to, mentioned her story to some other pastors who were
     there at the camp with their own church kids.  They decided they would
     pray over  this boy  concerning this  matter.   Yes, this,  in and  of
     itself, is highly unusual for a bunch of Baptist preachers.  God bless
     them, they did it anyway.

          One afternoon,  several of the  pastors got together and  the boy
     was called in.  He had been playing baseball with several other church
     kids but he went with his mother  to be prayed over.  The pastors laid
     hands on  him  and  prayed authoritative  prayers  and  commanded  the
     unclean spirit  to leave  him.   Nothing seemed  to happen.   The  boy
     placed his ball cap  back on his head, picked  up his glove, and  went
     back outside to continue playing baseball.

          As I  recall, the woman's pastor was one of the men who was there
     in the prayer session.  After getting  home from church camp, she went
     and  told her  pastor one  day that something  strange happened.   She
     reported that her  son no longer requested  his room light be  left on
     when he went to bed and he was no longer afraid of the dark.

          "So, what happened?" you may ask.

          You tell me.

          I was literally taught, growing  up, that you should leave demons
     alone.  What do  we do, then, if demons  won't leave us alone?   Well,
     the only person I know that is an authority on  the subject, is Jesus.
     So  what did He  do?  You  can read the  Gospels for  yourself, if you
     haven't before, but if you take time  to read them again, take note of
     all the  contact with demons that Jesus had  and pay attention to what
     He did.  Let  me make reference to  just one of our Lord's  encounters
     before I finish my story of the man I prayed with recently.

          If  you read  Matthew chapter  8, and  Mark  chapter 5,  and Luke
     chapter 8, you  will find the story  of what some called  the Galilean
     Demoniac.  According to the Matthew  account, there were two such men.
     So why do the other Gospel accounts only speak of  one man?  He likely
     was the one Jesus told not to come with Him but to  return to his city
     and  witness of  the great  things God  had done  for  him.   I'm just
     guessing because the bible doesn't say so don't worry about it.

          Jesus stepped off the boat with his  disciples and these to crazy
     people came running up to him and fell down and began worshipping him.
     They were  both naked  as a  jay bird,  too.   What a  strange way  to
     worship.  Simply  stated, these two men  were demonized.  That  is the
     meaning of  the word "possessed"  used by the King  James translators.
     Demon possession and oppression are not the same thing but we can talk
     about that another time.

          Let me tell  you a little about  these two men.  As  I said, they
     both were  stark naked,  that means  they wore  no  clothes, which  is
     exactly what the  Bible says.  Further more, these  demonized men were
     so  violent,  no one  traveled  in  that area  because  they  would be
     attacked.  These two men lived among the tombs, slept with dead bodies
     in  other words,  screamed and  yelled,  and terrorized  everybody who
     lived  in  the area.   Further  more,  the Bible  says they  were self
     mutilators.    That  means  they   cut  themselves  until  they  bled.
     Additionally, according  to  the Biblical  record, these  two men  had
     super human strength  because the citizens thereabouts  captured them,
     probably with dozens of men working together, and shackled and chained
     them.   The two naked demonized men snapped  the chains and fetters as
     if they were  made of thread.   So, in  short, there wasn't  much that
     could be  done for these  men except leave  them alone as  they freely
     roamed the  hillsides and graves.  Although the  Bible does not say, I
     would not be surprised at all if these men were necrophilic since they
     lived among the  tombs of the  dead.  This term  can also include  sex
     with dead bodies, too.   Like I said, it  wouldn't surprise me.   They
     were nothing short of being a couple of spooky and scary characters to
     say the least.

          As I said,  when Jesus stepped off  the boat, they fell  on their
     faces  before Him and worshipped.   Demons spoke  out of their mouths,
     which is clearly evident upon reading the Biblical accounts, and Jesus
     asked the  name of the demon,  or demons, when they  began worshipping
     Him.   Jesus was told that their name was Legion because they had many
     demons.  No, we  are not told  how they got this  way but very  likely
     they had  been involved with  pagan rituals.  Regardless,  they needed
     help.   These naked men had  open, bleeding, festering  open sores all
     over their bodies.   They were feared by  all.  Well, except  Jesus of

          What do you suppose Jesus did?  Perhaps Jesus told them to join a
     local mega  church and  ask for  prayer?   Maybe  Jesus recommended  a
     couple of million dollar best selling Christian books on the topic for
     them to read.   It is possible,  I suppose, that Jesus  suggested they
     read the Bible every day.  Surely that should help.   Right?  Maybe he
     offered a  weekly group session  they could attend  to talk  out their
     problems of demonetization.  Certainly, at the very least, Jesus would
     have  sent them to  a psych hospital  for treatment.  Of  course it is
     absurd.  Jesus did no such thing.   Forgive my sarcasm but I know some
     Christians today  who make such  suggestions to people with  whom they
     wish not to deal with spiritually.  Yes, it is sad.  It is also wrong.

          In this  case,  since Legion  probably  refers to  thousands  and
     thousands, He first  told the demons  to shut up.   Jesus didn't  need
     demons to  worship Him because He has us  for that.  He probably asked
     for the  name, in my  opinion, because He  wanted to know the  name of
     whoever  was in charge  of the group  of demons tormenting  these men.
     Regardless, the story has both  a humorous ending and a  pathetic one.
     The Demons  begged Jesus  not to send  them to  the "deep" which  is a
     reference to "the  pit" or perhaps hell itself.   Instead, the demons,
     and this shows how smart they  are, requested to be sent into  a heard
     of a couple of  thousand hogs which Jesus granted.  The  pigs ran down
     into the water  and drown.   The  hog farmers, royally  ticked off  at
     their loss,  ran into  town, told  the city  council  that Jesus  just
     killed their stock,  and the city officials came out  and begged Jesus
     to leave the area.   According to the Bible story, the  naked men were
     now clothes and  in their "right minds"  and with Jesus when  the city
     officials came to talk to Jesus about leaving their area.   Go figure.
     You would think  they would have invited  him into town for  a revival
     meeting or something  but not this outfit.   It sounds like  what most
     typical politicians would do even today.

          Now, with this bit of  Biblical background, let me finish telling
     you about the man I prayed with in my office.

          During   the  simple  prayer   session,  and  there   is  nothing
     complicated or  complex about  the prayer sessions,  we just  talk and
     pray is all, the man reported that he had been  seeing a dark shape in
     the basic shape  of a man roaming around his shop inside the building.
     He thought it might be an angel because he reported the  figure looked
     as if  it had wings but he wasn't  positive about what this thing was.
     It was  dark and more like a shadow, he  reported.  By the way, demons
     have no glory of their own.

          As  we prayed, we  eventually ended up  in his shop.   He told me
     that with his  naked eye, he often  thought he saw this  figure moving
     around the shop and standing by different people.  Mostly, this figure
     ended up  walking to the shop  fax machine and just staring at it.  It
     was fairly  new, and hadn't  been working for  weeks and  nobody could
     figure out why.   The dumb fax machine hadn't even  been answering the
     fax line either.   Many of their orders, it is a drapery manufacturing
     shop, come from decorators who fax in their orders to them.

          As  we prayed  and talked,  this figure  became prominent  in his
     thoughts.  I  knew what it  was, mostly from  previous experiences  in
     prayer sessions,  so I asked Jesus  if this demon had any  right to be
     where  he was in  the shop.  The  man reported that  the demon was now
     shaking and his  lips were trembling as  if he were struggling  not to
     speak.   Jesus spoke a single word,  or made the demon speak the word,
     "No."   I prayed a simple  prayer the Lord  has given me and  told the
     demon to leave.  He didn't.  This is also fairly common.

          First,  demons don't  like  to talk  because an  intercessor that
     knows what  is happening will recognize why the  demon thinks he has a
     right to be there the second he speaks.  Secondly, they  may also test
     to  see if  you  become frustrated  with  their defiance  and  lack of
     obedience and begin  to doubt your co-equal authority over them.  (See
     Romans 8  and Colossians 2:10).   This is  also the main  reason why I
     never find  the need  to carry  on a  conversation, as  many do,  with
     demons.   Furthermore, they don't  want to  leave in  the first  place
     because they love screwing up people's lives.  When something of  this
     nature occurs during the prayer  session, it becomes obvious the demon
     thinks he  has the  right to remain  but as  I said,  they don't  like
     confessing the reason.  Another reason why they often prefer remaining
     silent is because they already know Jesus has  all power and authority
     over them.

          I  changed my  questioning at  this point  in the  prayer session
     because it was  clear the demon not only would not leave until the lie
     was exposed but more  importantly, Jesus wanted us to know  the reason
     so the demon would no longer  have authority, or the right, to  return
     to the scene, as it were.

          At this point, many  are wondering how demons communicate.  In my
     opinion,  it  depends upon  the  level,  or  depth, of  oppression  or
     influence.  Normally, demons just  speak into our thoughts.  In  fact,
     they  speak exactly  as the Holy  Spirit does  when speaking  into our
     thoughts.   Secondly, and in  this case, which  is quite common,  they
     refuse to speak out of fear the real reason for their presence will be
     discovered.   A third level  of communication is through  the person's
     own voice.  I believe what is occurring is that the demon is trying to
     demonstrate the level  of deceit  over the  person.  The  person I  am
     praying with often will just speak  out loud what they hear spoken  in
     their  thoughts.  Yes,  in most cases,  but not all,  the person could
     simply not speak  but in other cases,  they may feel almost  forced to
     say what they are hearing the  demon speak in their thoughts.   Again,
     this all depends  upon the level of  the lie the person  is believing.
     No, this does  not mean the person  is demon possessed.   I had demons
     speak through my thoughts and out my mouth once and I never  have been
     demon possessed.  Fourthly, the communication can often occur with the
     person speaking but their tone of voice  will change.  Sometimes it is
     distinctive enough that the uttering voice may not even sound like the
     person with  whom I am praying.  Demons love  to play games to try and
     maintain their position of deceitfulness.  An additional category  may
     be one of  physical attempts at bodily control but in my opinion, this
     is largely  restricted to  someone not born  again but,  I know  for a
     fact, that is certainly not always the case.  Again, and I am sorry to
     keep  repeating myself, but  it depends on the  level of deception the
     person is facing.

          As we  continued praying, the  demon, as I mentioned,  refused to
     leave.  I had begun by asking Jesus  if this demon had any right to be
     there.  The man  I was praying with said, "No," because that's what he
     heard in his thoughts.  I already figured this  was true but since the
     demon did  not leave when I  told it to in  the name of the  True Lord
     Jesus Christ,  there was a reason.  When I asked the Lord to reveal to
     us  the truth, the  man said,  "to disrupt our  work."   With this lie
     exposed, I asked the Lord if it was true this demon had that authority
     over the shop  and the business.   The immediate answer spoken  by the
     man was, "No."  I sent him away and this time he left.

          Let me shorten the story by telling  you what happened.  The next
     day the fax machine began working.  It began answering incoming calls,
     too, and they got three new orders that same day.

          "Can demons do that?"

          "You tell me.   If you doubt the testimony I have just told, I'll
     give  you the man's  phone number  and you  can call  and talk  to him
     personally.  Why?  Because the man is my son.

     Safe Place Fellowship
     Phil Scovell
     Denver, Colorado
     Mountain Time Zone

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