Evil Soul Ties and Unholy Covenants

                                   By Phil Scovell

               The term "Evil Soul Tie," is not my  invention.   I heard it
          for the  first time  from a  Christian counselor  by the  name of
          Areon Potter.   He has  worked for over  25 years as  a Christian
          counselor  and largely  in the  area  of demonic  influence in  a
          person's life.   Some would refer to what  he does as deliverance
          ministry but it isn't.  Due to the nature of intercessory prayer,
          some people suggest  what I do is deliverance  ministry, too, but
          it isn't.

               I learned about evil soul ties when I was pastoring a church
          in 1990 and it was discovered we had a witch in the church.  Some
          believe she was  never born again but  was sent to our  church to
          try and  destroy the church.   That certainly isn't  uncommon and
          people  of  Satanic groups  and mind  control occults  do exactly
          that.   I personally believe,  however, she was truly  born again
          but had  never been fully  delivered from the woundedness  of her
          past.  Thus, she  returned to what had worked for  her before and
          what had worked for her before was evil in nature.

               This woman  began saying that she wanted  spiritual help and
          counsel concerning  her past life  and I began  having counseling
          sessions  with her.  She had no family and soon became associated
          closely, too closely, with our family.  This was my first church.
          I was  young and pretty  green and most  certainly inexperienced.
          The subtleness of this woman was not detected by me or my wife at
          any time.  The goal seemed to be for her  to come between my wife
          and I but it didn't  work.  I have always used  my wife's insight
          and sensitivity  to give  me input  to the nature  of others  and
          especially other women.   As I said,  my wife was even  fooled by
          this woman.   It reveals the level of deception that was going on
          at the  time.  My  children began having horrible  nightmares and
          many other unusual things occurred.

               During this time,  this woman began using her  old tricks of
          the Satanist trade  and I began being demonically  attacked.  The
          attacks were so powerful, I called an elder of the church to come
          in the middle of the night two different times and we  prayed all
          night.  At one time, I literally felt the demons as  if they were
          tossing  cold dirty  buckets of water  against my body.   I began
          hearing voices and having anxiety  episodes.  For over two years,
          I lived every day in cold freezing demonic fear.  This was when I
          began spending time in Areon Potter's office.  He taught me about
          evil soul  ties so I could pray and  break the bondage this woman
          had placed upon me demonically and he taught me many other things
          along these same lines of demonic intrusion.

          * Definition

               Simplifying the definition, an evil  soul tie, or what might
          also  be called an unholy covenant, is  the creation of an unholy
          relationship  between  two  people.    By  its  own   title,  the
          relationship  implies one of unholiness.  The term "evil" further
          clarifies  the  relationship  because of  the  demonic  influence
          involved.   Since  it is  unholy, the enemy  has a  foothold, and
          probably   worse,  a  stronghold  which  he  has  established  by
          perpetrating deceit in the relationship.   He isn't about to give
          up this stronghold  unless he is exposed  and the lie is  removed
          upon which the unholy covenant is based.  Furthermore, the unholy
          relationship  opens the  door  for  many demons  to  move into  a
          person's life.

          * Good Soul Ties

               The  best example of  a holy covenant  relationship would be
          our  relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  Our souls are knit
          together with Him  in love and holiness  and we become one.   The
          Holy Spirit also comes to dwell within our spirits as The Witness
          that we are the children of God.

               Another  example  of a  normal  soul  tie,  or what  we  can
          literally call  a covenant  between two  people, was  established
          between David and Jonathan.  Of course, we now have a whole false
          theology perpetrated which  says these two men  were homosexuals.
          Yet, the Scriptures  say that they  loved each other;  surpassing
          the love of women.  This  did not mean they were homosexuals;  it
          meant they  were brothers.   To read more  into this covenant  is
          less than Biblical interpretive honesty.  The picture of covenant
          between two is clearly framed due  to the love these two men  had
          for each other.  You can read about this covenant relationship in
          1  Samuel chapter  20.   Upon Jonathan's  death in  battle, David
          makes his statement  concerning his love for  Jonathan surpassing
          the  love of women  in 2 Samuel  chapter 1.   Again, to interpret
          this  as homosexual in  nature violates every  hermeneutical rule
          concerning  Biblical interpretation  of a  text.  Of  course, you
          have  no problem  with the  simple interpretation  of this  story
          unless you have an unholy agenda you are attempting to promote.

               When  considering  what  constitutes   good  soul  ties,  or
          covenant  relationships,  a   marriage  is  a   perfect  example.
          However, due  to demonic influence  in any relationship,  even an
          evil soul  tie can  be created between  married couples  who love
          each other.  Yes, I certainly agree; that having an evil soul tie
          within the framework of a marriage is unique and seems impossible
          but due to the nature  of an evil soul tie, it  is not impossible
          but can be quite common.  Let me offer an example.

          * Evil Soul Ties

               Let's  say that  sexual  expressiveness  in  a  marriage  is
          lacking  for some reason.   This could  be due to  any numbers of
          things  but  lets say  one has  a  high sex  drive and  the other
          partner has  a low sex  drive and it  is nothing more  than that.
          Let's say  the husband  becomes frustrated as  a result  of there
          simply   not   being   sufficient   sexual   expression  in   the
          relationship.  What might happen in this case?

               As the husband begins thinking, he begins wondering if it is
          something wrong in his own life.   thoughts such as, "Well, if  I
          were a better  man, made more money,  could buy her  more things,
          make her happy,  take her out more often, afford  a house instead
          of the small apartment we are living in, and maybe if I could buy
          her a  new  car, things  would  be better  and  I would  be  more
          attractive to  her.  Maybe  that's the problem," he  thinks, "I'm
          just  not attractive  to her any  more."  Thoughts  such as these
          will stir up other feelings he has about himself in the  blink of
          an eye.  He will begin considering  that he might be inferior and
          he will quickly remember other events in his  life which were not
          so  pleasant.    What  if  he had  been  involved  in  premarital
          sexuality and he  has never been freed from  the guilt associated
          with the sin  for which he has been forgiven.  More darkness gets
          stirred up.

               Eventually,  and  I  say  this   without  reservation,  this
          thinking will  not only stir up things in  the past for this man,
          but it will  quickly and easily attract demonic  interest in what
          he is  thinking.  They will  dump even more garbage on  him as he
          continues   trying  to  determine  the  nature  of  his  problem.
          Arguments ensue  with his  wife.  Eventually  he breaks  down and
          talks to someone he believes and trusts in at church.

               Once he has  tried everything he has  been told by  those he
          trusts at  church and he  finds nothing changes, or  changes very
          little, more frustration sets in.  He knows, deep down inside, it
          is because there is something wrong with him and  the tiny voices
          behind  his thoughts  encourage him  to  continue thinking  along
          these felonious lines.

               One day, because his car broke  down and is in the shop  for
          repair for a few days,  a buddy at work starts giving him  a ride
          home.  They talk  about sports most of the time  but before long,
          they  become  friends  and  start  spending  more  and more  time

               On the way home from work one day, he decides, since no body
          else seems  to know  the answer, why  not share  his frustrations
          concerning  his  marriage  with  his  new   nonchristian  friend.
          Besides, the man  is older and has  been married longer.   He and
          his wife seem  to be  very happy together.   Maybe getting  input
          from someone who  isn't a Christian might help.   So he expresses
          his  frustration to his  new friend.   His friend  laughs when he
          finishes his story and says, "You wanna know what I did  to solve
          that problem, Frank?"  He says he would appreciate knowing how he
          handled it.  "I went out and  found me a nice prostitute and when
          I  got home, I  showed my wife  the credit card  receipt."  Frank
          burns his mouth  with the coffee he  is drinking on the  way home
          and  nearly chokes.  As a  Christian, such a thing never remotely
          crossed  his mind  but he  couldn't  say so  to his  friend.   He
          inquires how something like that solved the problem.  "Well, it's
          this way, Franky, my  boy," the older man says.  We  had one huge
          fight that night and I ended up sleeping over at a friends house.
          A  few days of me being gone, my  wife calls me up and asks me to
          come  home.  I did.   She apologized  and said she  was wrong and
          wouldn't let anything  like that happen again in our marriage.  I
          told her if  it did happen again, I would just  do the same thing
          again  so to get her  act together and she  did."  Frank, by this
          time,  is hopelessly  confused but  the seed  of deceit  has been

               In  this  story, Frank  does not  go  out; to  sleep  with a
          prostitute because his  Christian convictions  and beliefs  won't
          permit him  to do  so.   Instead, he  finds another  answer.   He
          decides, with a little demonic help, that his wife doesn't really
          love him.  Jealousy begins to burn  and because his wife is young
          and attractive,  he begins to  notice those other men  looking at
          her.  The jealousy ignites his anger about himself and the way he
          feels about  himself and they  end up in a  Christian counselor's

               During the  counseling sessions,  the husband  admits he  is
          jealous.   The  demonic  influence  by this  time  has blown  his
          reasoning ability literally all to hell.  Meaning, of course, his
          reasoning is so beyond the  biblical, he is thinking more in  the
          unholy realm of demonic influence than in the Holy realm of God's
          Word.   He now  even has  come to  believe his  wife is  sleeping
          around on  him and that's  why she doesn't express  intimacy with
          him.    He  has no  idea  how  he knows  this,  as  the counselor
          discovers, but  he believes it  with such strong fervor,  he even
          refers  to his wife as a  whore throughout one of the counselling

               In  this story, I have made it  easy to see the progression.
          the essence  for  this story  is based  on a  true  story that  a
          Christian counselor friend of mine  told me he experienced in his
          own counseling ministry with a husband and  wife.   In my telling
          of the story, because I have altered the story and expanded it to
          make it easier to understand the nature of an evil soul  tie, how
          did  it come into  play?  It  was the result of  the man's sexual
          promiscuity in his  earlier days as  a teenager.   In short,  the
          unholy relationship he  had before he got married,  which was not
          fully taken care of  in his walk with the Lord,  was brought into
          the marriage.   The results of this created the evil soul tie, or
          the  unholy covenant,  between he  and his  wife.   The solution?
          Deal with the  lies in the husband's  life and let the  Lord heal
          him.   Then if any  residual conflict or  incompatibility remains
          between husband  and wife,  address it directly.   With  the evil
          soul tie broken and other  spiritual issues healed, their will be
          nothing  causing   conflict   between  husband   and   wife   and
          incompatibility issues can be easily solved.

               An unholy  covenant, or an  evil soul tie, is  created every
          time  sexual immorality  is committed.   The  reason for  this is
          simple.   The  Bible clearly  states that  a couple  becomes "one
          flesh"  upon  their  marriage  which  is  consummated  by  sexual
          intercourse.   The oneness  of the marital union  is thus holy by
          nature, therefore, and when we commit sexual sin by having sexual
          intercourse with someone  other than our mate, an  unholy bond is
          established.   Can't  the  Christian  ask for  those  sins to  be
          forgiven?     Of  course  and   1  John  1:9  confirms   we  can.
          Furthermore,  rightness  with  God  is  reestablished  instantly.
          However,  since the  soul tie  created by  the act  of immorality
          establishes bondage, the Enemy has a foothold in a person's life.
          This is why, when praying  with people, they say things  like, "I
          have prayed and prayed  and prayed and begged  God to forgive  me
          but I  still feel  so guilty  so he  must not  have forgiven  me.
          Maybe  I can't be  forgiven for  what I  did."   Such confessions
          become even more entangled as the Enemy builds a stronghold  in a
          person's life over the years.

               Evil soul Ties can also be established between friends.  For
          example, I had  a friend for thirty  years who was more  a father
          figure  to me  than a friend.   This  friend is not  a Christian.
          Over the years, he became involved in daily meditation.  He began
          believing  in psychic phenomena or  what is generally referred to
          now   as  parapsychology.    He  eventually  began  believing  in
          reincarnation and he even developed a relationship  with a spirit
          guide.  A spirit guide is a demonic spirit.  He preferred calling
          it  his  guardian angel  when  talking to  me  because he  knew I
          believed otherwise about such things.  His philosophy was, "If it
          doesn't do any  harm and  only does  good, it can't  be wrong  or
          evil."   The devil loves to  use this philosophy and  many people
          believe it without  question.   My friend  was one  of those  who
          believed exactly that.

               Swopping  information  along   these  lines  concerning  the
          paranormal  verses the Biblical  supernatural over the  years, it
          became apparent his  spirit guide no longer wanted  him to remain
          in contact  with me.  This is likely due to the ministry the Lord
          led me into which, through intercessory  prayer, sets people free
          from such  unholy covenants.   He created  a conflict  within our
          relationship that made it impossible to remain friends.  This was
          very likely his spirit guides idea and not his own.

               I have written a brief article about an evil  soul tie which
          I had  with my daughter that you can find on my website.  In this
          case, my daughter was, by nature, bonded to me simply because she
          was my  offspring.   My daughter became  involved with  drugs and
          alcohol and immorality.   The Lord clearly spoke to  me one night
          through prayer  and  informed me  that  it was  time to  give  my
          daughter over to  Him.  In  the process, He, my  Heavenly Father,
          established a new covenant with me concerning my daughter.  I, in
          return, had to  release my daughter.  The evil soul tie which was
          created was  related to my wishes  and desires that she  be saved
          from the drug and alcohol abuse.  Yes, this is the same thing God
          the Father wanted for her as well.  The  difference was, however,
          I  felt responsible.   Why?   Because  I felt  I had failed  as a
          father  in  raising  her.   This  was  a  lie  of  the Enemy  and
          established the evil soul tie.

               As  the  Lord  spoke  to  me one  night  about  this  unholy
          relationship, I realized I was in the way because I was bonded to
          my  daughter and  I was  attempting  to force  the  issue of  her
          healing on  my terms.  God doesn't work that  way.  He had to get
          me out of the  way before He could  do His work  in her life.   I
          broke the evil  soul tie, therefore, which  in turn automatically
          returned my  relationship with  my daughter back  to a  good soul
          tie, or  normal relationship with me, and thus God was allowed to
          do His work in her life on His terms.

          * Breaking Evil Soul Ties

               As already mentioned, the way  an evil soul tie is generally
          broken, is by discovering, through prayer, the lie upon which the
          unholy  covenant was  established.   It does  not go  away simply
          because  we  have asked  for  forgiveness  for  the sin  we  have
          committed.   Why?  Because  an evil  soul tie  is established  by
          implanting a lie.  That lie is normally buried over the  years by
          thousands  of  life experiences.    In more  dramatic  cases, for
          example,  sexually abused children  often suppress the  trauma so
          well, they may be 30 or 40 or 50 years of age before the original
          events resurface in their memory.  I recently prayed with a woman
          whose woundedness did not surface until she was in her sixties.

               Sometimes the trauma  is so severe and buried  so deep, they
          have no memory of the actual event  at all; yet it is still there
          buried deep  within their mind  and their emotions.   Current day
          events  will eventually  trigger  the  wounded  emotions  of  the
          trauma, and out comes this roaring frightening horrible pain that
          seems  to have  no actual memory  attached to it.   The solution?
          Through intercessory  prayer, the lie can be  located, along with
          the actual  memory, and the truth  of the Lord Jesus  Christ will
          expose the lie and remove the pain and heal the woundedness.

          * The Prayer That Breaks The Evil Soul Tie

               I use a prayer that my friend Areon Potter wrote and uses in
          his counseling  ministry to break  evil soul ties.   This prayer,
          however, will  not have lasting  results unless the lie  is first
          located, exposed,  and replaced with  the truth of the  True Lord
          Jesus Christ.   Then  the prayer will  break the  unholy covenant
          permanently and set the person free.

               If  you have  more  questions about  evil soul  ties, unholy
          covenants, spiritual  bondage of any  kind, or need prayer  to be
          set free in some area of your life, call Safe Place Fellowship.

          Phil Scovell
          Denver, Colorado - Mountain Time Zone

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