Where Victory Stands

                                By Phil Scovell

               How far do you want to  go with the devil?  How much  do you
          want him to control your family?  How much ground  do you want to
          give him?  How much are you  going to allow him to take from  you
          financially?  How much room are you going to allow him to have in
          your life or the lives of your children or in your church?

               You see, if Satan or his demons could be seen physically, we
          would  be more on the look out for them.  If demons fought fairly
          and walked right up to you and  clubbed you to the ground, kicked
          you a  few dozen times  in the ribs,  and then for  good measure,
          spit on you and laughed at  your pitiful condition, you would get
          right down fighting mad.   You would jump up and  start fighting.
          You'd scream the name of Jesus and kick every single demon out of
          your life and home and church and family and neighborhood.  You'd
          bust heads and take  names.  You'd hunt them down  and stomp them
          beneath your feet and  then you'd stand back  and laugh at  their
          pitiful  condition.    You'd  curse  their  works and  curse  the
          darkness.  You'd  swear by the name  of Jehovah, the Great  I am,
          and you'd call  down fire from Heaven to consume the works of the
          enemy.   You'd bind their  curses and hexes  and spells they have
          spoken against your children or that  has been pronounced through
          human instrumentality in the natural realm, and you'd stand watch
          over them; cursing the  fiery darts of the enemy every  time they
          were launched  in your  direction.  You'd  rend your  clothes and
          cast dust  into the air,  spiritually speaking, and stand  in the
          middle of  your living room or in the  middle of your church, and
          with an open Bible  in your hand, you'd  confess God's Word  over
          and over and over again until  you either got what you wanted  or
          dropped from  exhaustion.  Then,  when you awakened,  you'd start
          all over again.  You'd stomp your foot and stab the air with your
          fist and demand your holy rights as a blood wash born again child
          of God.   You'd  confess the  promises of  God  until the  demons
          shrank away and  ran for the hills.  You'd  command God's warrior
          angels to go forth and smite the enemies of the King.  You'd jump
          and dance and leap into the air and break through the enemy lines
          bellowing the name  of Jesus; declaring the King  has already won
          the victory.  You'd call  every Christian you knew to  agree with
          you in prayer.  You'd split the darkness wide open by yelling the
          promises and praises  of God at  the top of  your lungs and  then
          you'd  turn every  demon  torturing your  family  and church  and
          friends  and family  over to  the Chief  Shepherd, the  true Lord
          Jesus  Christ, commanding them to  go to the  place the True Lord
          Jesus Christ wants them to go,  and then you'd shout it has  been
          done as the Lord has commanded.  Then if they came back tomorrow,
          you'd repeat the whole thing over again.
               That's what  we would do if  we believed God  instead of the
          devil.  So, what do you believe?

               The problem  is, demons don't  fight fair.  They  don't just
          walk  right up to you and clubbed you  to the ground.  They don't
          kick  you a  few  dozen times  in  the ribs,  and  then for  good
          measure, spit on you and laugh at you for your pitiful condition.
          Instead,  they  lay  in  hiding   and  in  the  darkness  for  an
          opportunity.  They use intimidation techniques to tamper with our
          finances to frustrate  our relationship with God.   they sneak up
          on our children  and grandchildren and plant lies  in their minds
          through  worldly entertainment,  worldly  influence, and  worldly
          relationships  with others who  don't even believe  demons or the
          Devil exists  or, God, for  that matter.  They  follow Christians
          around  looking for opportunities  to plant deceitful  ideas into
          their minds  so when they go to church,  they bring the hurts and
          pain and woundedness,  raw, festering, and bruised  and bleeding,
          right  into the  congregation.   then when  they bump  up against
          another  fellow  Christian  with  similar  woundedness,  conflict
          sparks and flares and they stand back and laugh at us while we do
          our best to destroy each other.

               So what's it going  to be?  Are we going  to remain ignorant
          of Satan's devices?  Are we going  to allow them to beat up on us
          and our children and our churches and our finances and a physical
          bodies until we are so weak in  the Spirit, we cannot even defend
          ourselves?  What did  Jesus really die for?  Did He die to see us
          lose conflict  after conflict?  Did He shed  His blood just so we
          could  be  born again  and  than  barely  make it  through  life;
          scratching and  digging and begging  for everything?   Did  Jesus
          suffer in order  that our children could  be ripped apart and  we
          stand around ringing our hands; helpless and saying Woe is me?

               Get  up and fight.   Stand, therefore,  taking upon yourself
          the whole armor of God's light.  Pray for divine understanding in
          order that  you might  see the  root cause  of the  attack coming
          against you and your family and church.  then stand and curse the
          works  of darkness;  commanding them  to die  from the  roots and
          forbid  them from  bearing  fruit  any longer  in  your life  and
          family.   Speak death and  darkness and destruction to  who stand
          against you and God's Word.  Then, when you get knocked down, get
          up again and again and again until finally somebody gets the idea
          that you  are one  of God's chosen  who cannot  be moved  and who
          refused to quit.   If you get  discouraged, call for help.   Call
          God's angels into the battle.   They are used to fighting in  our
          behalf.   Call your friends who know how  to pray and who believe
          in the power  of agreement in prayer and who  believe God's Word.
          Whatever you do, don't stop until you are  the last one standing.
          That's where your victory is.

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