The Only Weapons of Satan

                                By Phil Scovell

               Below are  five character traits of  Satan.  He uses  all of
          these to  gain the  advantage over us  and to keep us off balance
          spiritually in  our relationship   with the  Lord.   You can  use
          these five things to judge  if another person, be  it a  child, a
          pastor, a counselor,  a friend, a relative,  or even a wife  or a
          husband is attempting  to use  aspects of "the  craft," as it  is
          called by  those in wicca and witchcraft, and the occult, or just
          the cults, to  influence, or otherwise, control you.  If just one
          of these  five  characteristics are being  used in any manner, it
          is  a good chance that  demonic influence is attempting to become
          apart  of what  is going on  by   gaining a foothold.   The Bible
          calls this witchcraft and divination.  Read Deuteronomy  18:10-12
          for   more  information.    You  can  judge  every  circumstance,
          situation, relationship, or methodology by these five things.  If
          just one  is present, you are on thin ice.

          1.  Imitation.  To copy, resemble, or mimic.

          2.  Intimidation.   To  discourage or  inhibit by, or  as if  by,

          3.  Manipulation.   To attempt to  achieve a desired effect.   To
               influence  by deceptive means.

          4.  Impersonation.  To act the part or character of.

               Five.  Domination.  The rule over.  To control.

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