Easy Come; Easy Go

                                   By Phil Scovell

               After setting up a website relative to the ministry to which
          the Lord had called me,  and experiencing some results, it seemed
          prudent   to  expand.     I  briefly  prayed   about  advertising
          commercially on a local Christian radio station.  It seemed to me
          that it was a logical way to progress and the best way  to appeal
          to a wide  audience.  After checking on the  advertising rates, I
          called  friends and family  and asked them to  pray that the Lord
          would provide the money.  I needed 3,000 dollars.

               One  day,  some  friends called,  let's  call  them  Sam and
          Gloria, and said  they were coming over.   When they got  here, I
          was handed a check for 3,000 dollars which was the exact amount I
          needed.    Praise  God!   What  a blessing  this was  and what  a
          wonderful answer to prayer.  Especially since my wife and I  were
          so financially  broke at  the time,  too.  I  called friends  and
          family and told  them the  good news and  they rejoiced with  me.
          After all, this had to be of  the Lord.  Right?  Immediately, the
          next day, things began to happen to make me reconsider.

               The money was given to me on a Friday.   Over the weekend, a
          number of things  occurred to bring discouragement to my life.  I
          found  them all  quite puzzling  and  spiritually mysterious  but
          bless  God, He  had  answered  prayer and  things  were about  to
          change; weren't they?   Yet, I felt something was wrong.   As the
          week  progressed, things actually grew worse in several different
          ways.   I do  not want to  belabor all the  things which occurred
          which attempted to confuse me because that part of this testimony
          is not important.  Besides, most people probably wouldn't believe
          it even  if I did explain it  in detail.  It is  what happened to
          the money itself that is nothing short of amazing.

               When Sam and his Wife, Gloria, came and gave me a  check for
          the money, Gloria said she had a vision during her time in prayer
          two weeks earlier.   She saw packets  of sealed seeds with  paper
          money attached  to each packet  raining down from  the sky.   The
          packets had no writing on them.   She knew what these items were,
          of  course,  because  the Holy  Spirit  explained  it  during the
          vision.  Since the packets of seed had no writing, she  asked the
          Lord who it all was  for.  The Lord said,  "Phil."  She was  then
          instructed to give the money to me.

               Gloria set this, as  it were, on the back  burner and waited
          for further confirmation.   She decided, after a  period of time,
          to ask her  husband's opinion.  He already felt  they should give
          the money to me.   Since they were in agreement,  therefore, they
          did what the Lord had led them to do.

               The first  time I  recognized something  was wrong,  was the
          moment they handed me the check.  I even  stood with the check in
          my hand, thanking  them for what they had done, but in my spirit,
          I  felt something wasn't  right.   Each day  following the  day I
          received the financial gift, different events occurred one by one
          which caused me to focus on the money.

               As I walked through the kitchen the following Thursday, just
          six days after receiving  the gift, I stopped dead in  my tracks,
          turned,  and placing both my hands  on the counter top, I prayed.
          "Lord?   I need to  know what is wrong  and I need  to know right
          now."  Suddenly, I knew.

               The Lord said, "It's the money."

               I said, "What  about the money?"   He made it very  clear He
          wanted me to return it.  No, He didn't explain why at first but I
          soon learned.

               As   I  continued  questioning  the  Lord  about  the  whole
          situation,  I asked Him how to  best go about returning the money
          without offending  the people that had given it  to me.  The Lord
          showed me  several things.   First,  He reminded me  of at  least
          three things which were checks in my spirit, or notifications, if
          you  will, of something  that was wrong  or that He  wanted me to
          consider.  After identifying those three things that caused me to
          reconsider keeping  the gift, the  Lord revealed what  was really

               The Lord said  that I was attempting to market,  as it were,
          my  own ministry.   You see,  I am  no longer in  business but in
          ministry and it  isn't even mine;  its His.   Since 1973, I  have
          been self employed.   I have done radio  commercials to market my
          business, printed fliers, mass mailed, set up  websites, and used
          other marketing tools to  advertise.  Now the Lord was telling me
          that I was trying to get the word out about what He had called me
          to do as if I were still in business.  He wanted me to return the
          money and let  Him promote what  He alone had  started.  In  this
          way, the  Holy Spirit  explained, I  would  not have  to work  at
          marketing the ministry, worry about people finding me, or even be
          concerned about  the money needed  for support.  His  message was
          simple: I  was attempting to  advertise the ministry on  my terms
          instead of  His.  Understanding  what He was  telling me,  I made
          contact with Sam and his wife and made arrangements to return the
          money.  Now, here is the amazing part.

               When I explained to them why I was returning their money and
          explained all the details which  when along with it, Gloria said,
          "This is  amazing.  Last  night the Lord  spoke to me when  I was
          praying and said, "The Money is coming back."  She questioned how
          this could be but the Lord just  confirmed what He had said.  She
          wrote down what  the Lord said in  a computer file and  saved it,
          because He  said some other  things related to the  whole picture
          and she wanted to make note of it.

               Thursday afternoon, when I had  decided to return the money,
          due  to all the  Lord had  shown me, I  felt the Lord  telling me
          other things  concerning the  actual money itself.   I  asked the
          Lord, "What  about the vision?  You even  told them the money was
          for me and  used my name  in the vision."   The Holy Spirit  then
          revealed to me  that this was true; He, in fact, had told them to
          give me the money  and confirmed it with  a vision.  So,  I said,
          "Then why did you tell them to give me the money if I am supposed
          to give it back?"

               The Lord  said, "It was a  test for them and for  you.  They
          obeyed by giving you the money as  I told them so they passed the
          test.  Now it is your turn to see if you will obey."

          It was at  that moment in time I  knew I was going  to do exactly
          what He had said.  No,  it wasn't hard to tell them I  was giving
          their money back.   Instead, I  felt a sense  a feeling of  honor
          that the God  of the universe would go to such elaborate means to
          test me.   First, he gave me the money.  Secondly, He allowed all
          sorts of things to happen  which were things designed to distract
          me from hearing His voice.  Third, I stopped, in the midst of all
          the clutter going  on around me, and prayed  and heard His voice.
          Finally, I obeyed.

               Once the decision was made, and the donors were told, I felt
          something else in my spirit that was  amazingly unusual to me.  I
          felt that the Lord had just given me money to plant as seeds into
          the ministry He had called me to serve Him  in.  Gloria then told
          me that the  Lord told  her that  they had obeyed  and given  the
          money.  I had  obeyed and the money was returned.   Now the seeds
          were planted.   Somehow,  the Lord wanted  me to  plant financial
          seed while at the same  time I had no money to do so.  He gave me
          money, which belonged to  someone else, to  use as seed money  to
          plant for  a future harvest.   By returning the  money, He became
          responsible to make those seeds grow and  I had to do nothing but
          obey.  Additionally, the donors were blessed in a similar manner.

               This is not the  end of this story for two  reasons.  First,
          when the Lord  expands the ministry I am  in now, I will  have to
          add to  this story  to report on  God's greatness.   Secondly, on
          Thursday afternoon,  when I  prayed in my  kitchen and  heard the
          Lord  telling  me what  to do  about returning  the money,  I had
          forgotten that our tax preparer  was coming over that evening for
          us to sign the  papers concerning our  income tax return.   Three
          hours after the Lord revealed His truth to me about the money, we
          were seated at our dining room table listening to the CPA explain
          all he had done.   When he said, "between your  state and federal
          taxes,  therefore, you are getting back  5,000 dollars," I nearly
          fell off my chair.  If Sam and  Gloria had not given me the 3,000
          the week before, and  if I had  not heard the  voice of the  Lord
          about returning it,  I would have taken  my own money,  spent it,
          and  never once realized  why my investment  in radio commercials
          proved fruitless.

               Finally, Gloria told me the next day something else the Lord
          told her concerning the  money.  She just was asking  the Lord in
          the thoughts of her prayer time,  why I gave the money back  when
          He, the Lord, had not only given  her a vision but also even said
          they were to give the  money to me.  The  Lord told her that  the
          money  was seed.  She and her husband, therefore, had planted the
          seed but  gotten the  money back.   He then  asked her  where the
          money was now and she said, "being  returned."  He then told her,
          the seed is now planted.

               I don't know if you really followed  all of this but if not,
          go back  and read it all  again.  The  bottom line is this.   God
          wanted  to test me as well as Sam  and Gloria.  God knew I needed
          money that I did not have.  He knew, if I got my income tax back,
          I would think, with that much money, I  could spend 3,000 dollars
          on  radio commercials.   He  did not  want  me to  do that  so He
          devised an intricate test  to see if I could hear  him through an
          onslaught of clutter.  A vision was given in order to confirm Sam
          and Gloria would do the will of the Lord.  They gave.  Then I was
          tested to see if I  would obey by giving it back.  I did.  When I
          did, the Lord confirmed the return of the money before I returned
          it.  He also told me, and Gloria, that the money was seed and the
          seed was now planted.  So, as I sat in my living room considering
          all this, I suddenly realized, I am going to reap a harvest which
          was the outcome of using somebody else's money for a brief period
          of time.  Why the  exchange you ask?  As  I have said, first,  it
          was a  test but  there is  more to  it than  that.   There was  a
          harvest the Lord wanted some people to experience.  He made a way
          so both  parties could  receive confirmation of  the will  of the
          Lord  and then  promised a blessing  as a  result.  As  they say,
          "Easy Come; easy go," but with God, "All things are possible."

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