What About Demons

                        By Phil Scovell

               The  following reply was  something I  wrote in  response to
          comments made on  a mailing list I have called  echurch-USA.  The
          topic of  demons in the life of a Christian came up.  Some on the
          list  do  not  believe  anything relating  to  demons  and  their
          deception in Christians  today.  In other words,  they believe it
          was all done  and finished on the  cross of Christ.   As you will
          read,  my  view  is different.    Oh,  yes, I  believe  Satan was
          defeated  at  the cross  and  especially at  the  resurrection of
          Christ.  Demons,  however, do function today and  they do deceive
          even Christians.


               I agree with everything you said.  This is why, when praying
          with people  in  intercessory  prayer sessions, I don't  look for
          demons.  Many times they  simply leave once the truth of the Word
          of God  is applied.   If they  have a   stronghold in  a person's
          life, however,  they will not  just leave  until the   reason why
          they are there is exposed.  Let me explain the difference.

               I was  praying with a lawyer friend of mine in New York City
          one day.  About 20  minutes into the prayer time, the Lord wanted
          him  to take  a  look at  a   particular  memory  related to  his
          relationship with his father.  I asked him  to tell  me about the
          memory and he  said, There's nothing but  a buzzing sound   in my
          ears.  In Jesus name, I took authority and told the demon who was
          blocking the will  of the  Lord to stop  it.   I asked Bill  what
          happened and he   said, the buzzing stopped  instantly.  He  then
          could see  what the Lord was  showing him  and he was healed in a
          very powerful way by the Lord and His  Word at that moment.

               Another time  I was praying  with someone and  there was   a
          blockage keeping this person from  seeing or hearing anything.  I
          asked the   Lord if there  was any demonic presence  blocking His
          will  for this  person and   a  demon immediately  began speaking
          through this person's voice.  When I   asked the demon why he had
          the right  to be in this person's  life at this   point, he said,
          "Because they  made a vow."  I asked him what the vow was and  he
          said,  "they know."   I commanded him,  in the name  of Jesus, to
          stop  talking   and  to  stand  aside.   He  immediately  stopped
          talking.   I then asked the  person  with whom I was praying what
          the  demon was talking about and  they  told me  about a vow they
          had made  as a  little child.   This  begins  to fall   into  the
          category of evil soul ties and  unholy covenants I wrote about  a
          little while back.  I had this person pray a prayer to break this
          unholy  covenant and to break the vow which the demons were using
          to maintain their  stronghold in this person's life.  The vow was
          broken instantly  and the  demons left by this person praying and
          commanding them out  of their  life.   We then could  get to  the
          place the  demons were protecting.   Jesus then  exposed  the lie
          they were using as their legal authority in  this person's  life.
          Once the  Lord's Word brought light, the  person was set free and
          the   vow was rendered powerless because it was replaced with the
          truth of God's  own Word.

               The  only  aspect  of demonology  that  might  be considered
          dangerous   is not knowing who  you are in Christ.   I never look
          for demons during a   prayer session  unless there is a  blockage
          and if there is,  they manifest in  various ways.   Often they do
          not talk at all because they can't.  That means  they only have a
          foothold and not  a well developed stronghold.  You  handle  each
          of  those differently  based upon  what you  know and  don't know
          concerning   why they are there.  Some  demons have a legal right
          to  be where  they are  due   to the  lie that  the Christian  is
          believing.   If  they are  believing that  lie  instead  of God's
          Word, it is due to either committed sin that is unresolved,  or a
          lie  than has  remained implanted  in the  event, or  a traumatic
          experience  as  a child in which  a lie was implanted  into their
          thinking and  since  they   were  a child,  they  were unable  to
          process the  information with  maturity.  This  sort of  thing is
          quite common among  children who were sexually abused.   In these
          cases,  it  is  very  common  that the  event  is  repressed,  or
          suppressed, to the  degree they do not even  remember the details
          or the event  itself.

               In these cases, you always find one of two things.  You find
          either  a demonic presence which has to be removed before healing
          can come,  or you  find a  fragmented part of the  mind which was
          created by the  child.  This  dissociation is not demonic.  It is
          the mind fragmenting  into another  personality in  order to help
          the person  suppress the trauma and the  tremendous pain the mind
          has been forced  to endure.   These dissociated   fragments of  a
          person's  mind  are  not, as  I  said  already,  demons, although
          demons  often  masquerade  as  alternate  personalities.    Since
          personalities  cannot be cast out, since they are not  demons, it
          has  to be  determined,  by   talking  to each  of  the alternate
          personalities, which they  are.  When an  imposter is found, they
          can  be  removed  and  the  finishing work  of  Christ  can    be
          accomplished.  There  is a very simple  way of discovering if  an
          alternate   personality is  a personality  or an  unclean spirit.
          You  simply ask  the  one   speaking,  normally  their voice  has
          changed  and sounds  different, to  answer   this question.   Did
          Jesus Christ come in the flesh?  Yes, or no.   Demons  will never
          answer this  question.   Alternate personalities  created by  the
          traumatized person's mind will answer the question immediately by
          saying  yes.

               Some  traumatized people  have  multiple personalities  that
          have been  created to protect  multiple areas of pain suffered in
          early childhood when  the  mind was too undeveloped to understand
          what  was happening  to them.   As   with demons, I  never bother
          looking  for alternate  personalities unless    indications arise
          which reveal there are other personalities.  Demons love  to talk
          to  you but  alternate  personalities are  normally very  shy and
          reluctant to talk.  The person has  to be very sure you are their
          friend  before their  alternates will ever speak to you.   I have
          spoken to many more   alternate personalities than demons because
          when I find a demon in a   person's thinking, I normally lay down
          parameters, which if  they violate, I  send them  directly to the
          Lord to take care of.  Demons don't like going to  Jesus.  By the
          way, Jesus is their Chief Shepherd and Lord and Master, too,   so
          when they are turned  over to him, they aren't happy.   Again, if
          they  refuse to go, there is a reason why they can stay.  Through
          praying with a   person, this reason is  located, exposed by  the
          Lord  Jesus, and  replaced with    His Truth.   That  immediately
          removes the right a demon  has to stay and  they  often leave  on
          their own because the light is the only thing left and they  hate
          the light of Christ.

               Demons, if allowed  to, will also always try  and  challenge
          your authority.  If you aren't sure who you are in Christ, and if
          you allow  them to carry  on a conversation  with you,  they will
          locate that   inconsistency in your belief structure  and try and
          turn the tables on you.  This is why I never talk  very long to a
          demonic presence.   I only talk long  enough to find out why they
          have a  right to be there.   Then I make  them shut  up  or defer
          them to Jesus  for control.  I know  a man who prays  with people
          and carries  on running conversations with demons he discovers in
          a person's   life.  He is  looking for the  root cause as to  why
          they are there but it only   traumatizes the person more to think
          they have  demons rolling  around in   their thoughts.   Besides,
          there is no reason to carry on a conversation with   them because
          all you need  to know is  why they are  there.  Furthermore,  the
          longer you talk, the easier it is for them to tap into an area of
          your own  life that may be uncomfortable for you to  think about.
          One  thing you never   do is answer a  demon's question.  This is
          their way of turning the tables on  you.   I ignore all questions
          or defer them to Jesus.

               I  hope this  discussion   helps somebody.   If any  of this
          makes  someone feel  uncomfortable, there  is a   reason  and you
          would be wise to find out why because it  will get worse  instead
          of better.  It is a lie of the devil that demons won't bother you
          as   a  Christian.   If  you think  that, you  have  already been
          deceived  and it has  stirred up some  area of your life that our
          Lord wants to  heal.  In  short, if   you are  afraid of  demons,
          there is a reason and that reason is  not of God  and needs to be
          removed by the  Lord so you can  walk in spiritual freedom.   Why
          does  the Lord Jesus want  you to walk in  total freedom?  So you
          can do  His will and serve others.  Yes, it is that simple.

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