Hidden In the Darkness

                               By Phil Scovell

     Author's Note.  You are about to read about demons.

          What you are  about to read I have  personally witnessed hundreds
     of times in  intercessory prayer sessions  with many different  people
     over  several years.   In each of  the cases, the person  had a sexual
     problem of  one type  or another.   Let me  explain by  offering three
     distinctly different examples.

     Example 1.

          The first time this happened, I  was praying with a lady who  had
     been molested as a little girl by her father, grandfather, and  later,
     at the  age of six, was raped by a house guest living with the family.
     Yes, she became dissociative  and had 23 personalities; most of whom I
     got  to  know  personally  through  many prayer  sessions.    She  is,
     singleness of mind now, praise the Lord, and  is working through other
     issues related to every day life just like all of us.

          In this  particular prayer session,  and although we had  been to
     this memory once before, the Lord took her back to the time her father
     was molesting  her.   Besides other  pain yet  to be  exposed in  that
     memory,  something  else happened.    She suddenly  reported  that her
     little brother was in the  room in his crib at  the time, or at  least
     somewhere nearby,  when this occurred.  I clearly felt the Holy Spirit
     telling me something totally unexpected.

          Before I tell  you what that was,  let me mention that  this lady
     had  deep  anger toward  her  younger brother  growing  up  do to  his
     egotistical  attempt  at  superior domination  over  her  during their
     childhood.  In adult life, she avoided communications with him as much
     as was humanly possible do to his continued dominant personality.  Her
     brother is homosexual and still maintains an attitude of anger to this

          The Holy  Spirit impressed upon  me that this lady's  brother was
     homosexual as a direct result  of being in the room as  an infant when
     his  little sister  was being  molested.   I  doubted this  impression
     immediately  until the Lord  explained, in an  second of  time, how it
     happened.   The Lord  said,  the demonic  lies were  implanted in  the
     baby's mind  such as,  "See what  your daddy  is doing  to your  older
     sister?  You don't want to  ever grow up and be like your  father."  I
     experienced other impressions along these  line but what I have stated
     is enough to show you what I was hearing.

          At this same time, it was as if someone had turned a  light on in
     my mind.  It was  as if the Lord was saying,  "See how easy it is  for
     some to believe that they were born that way?"  I was actually shocked
     when the full impact of the realization hit me because it made perfect
     sense.  No, I do not believe all homosexuals are, or were, demonically
     influence as  an infant but  I now understand  why some say  they were
     "always this way," or  "for as long as  they can remember," or  "I was
     born this way."

          As it  turned out, we  returned to this horrible  memory the lady
     had lived with  for over 50  years because of  her own personal  anger
     toward her  little brother.  She was, shortly thereafter, able to face
     her anger,  forgive  her  brother,  and  even open  up  new  lines  of
     communications  with her  brother which  she had  not  been successful
     doing in many years.

     Example 2.

          I  was  praying  with  a  young   man  who  had  a  problem  with
     pornography.  This began  as an older teenager and continued  into his
     adult life.   He made  calls on sex  lines and eventually,  due to the
     ease  of internet  access, explored  the  web to  try and  find sexual
     satisfaction and fulfillment.

          In one  of our prayer sessions, he described  a home where he had
     lived  as a little boy.  Suddenly, there  was fear and lots of it.  He
     saw  a dark figure  coming from another  room.   He thought it  was an
     older man that was a friend  of his father's but as it  approached, he
     saw  it  was no  human.   The  dark figure  touched him,  he reported,
     inappropriately, and  said ungodly  things to him.   This  same figure
     appeared in various memories in this young man's prayer sessions until
     it  was eventually  removed and  related memories  were renewed.   The
     demonic figure,  you might  find interesting,  called himself  "Abuser
     more than  once."  The young man was  able to personally identify this
     same lying spirit in more than this single memory.

          My  question is,  could  that  demonic  presence  have  literally
     effected  this  young  man,  implanting  lies  and  misconceptions  in
     sexually  fertile  ground,  which later  resulted  in  his pornography
     problem?  Before you answer, read the third example but before you do,
     let me tell you that the young man in the story I just  told is one of
     my own sons.

     Example 3.

          A  lady sat in my office  in her late forties.   As we prayed and
     talked, she revealed she had not only been married and divorced twice,
     but  had also had  many lovers  over the  years.   These relationships
     ranged from one nighters to live-in relationships lasting two or three
     years at a time.

          As we talked,  I asked questions to  try and find an  emotion she
     felt was related to her sexual relationships.   She admitted that even
     her marriages never  once provided any sexual  intimacy, satisfaction,
     or  fulfillment.   I  suggested,  since  she  could not  identify  any
     presenting emotion, she mentally focus on the last time she had sexual
     intercourse.  A moment later, I asked how she felt.  She report it was
     fine  during the act  itself but immediately  afterward, she confessed
     what I thought would be there, and that was loneliness  and emptiness.
     She also informed  me that she had no memories of her early childhood.
     I hear this quite  frequently.  It is  never true once the  Lord opens
     their memories through the intercessory prayer session.

          As the  prayer session  progressed, we  drifted back  further and
     further when she first became sexually active as an older teenager  in
     high school.   Yet, as  we explored these  memories, there was  no lie
     about who she was.  In fact, she was well admired by her other sisters
     and  other  girls  in  the  school  and  often  was  asked,  by  other
     inexperienced  young teenage  females, for  her  advice on  sexuality.
     Sensing  it was yet  some place earlier  in her life,  we continued to
     pray; exploring memories as the Lord brought them to her mind.

          Suddenly, she  arrived at a memory  which had nothing to  do with
     what we were  praying about, she  reported.  I  asked her to  describe
     what she was  seeing.   She was  at the entrance  of the  barn of  the
     family farm.   She loved milking the  cows as a  little girl of  about
     twelve.   She laughed and  said she liked  singing to the cows  as she
     worked, too.  I  began to pray and ask the Holy  Spirit to expand this
     memory so we could  see what He sees, if, that  is, there was anything
     we needed to know.

          "I don't feel right  in here," she said.   "Something feels wrong
     and I am afraid."

          I prayed again and focused on the origin of the fear.

          "I'm in the hay loft and all alone.  I'm scared."

          After praying a moment  or two in this area of  her memory, there
     was nothing  to be  found.   I prayed  silently; asking  the Lord  for
     direction because I strongly felt something had occurred in this barn.
     I thought she  perhaps had been  molested or seduced  or raped or  any
     other numbers of horrible things in this very place and this was where
     her pain began.  I was wrong.   When I prayed, I said, "Lord, is there
     any evil presence in this memory we need to know about?"

          "I see  a dark  figure a  few feet  away," she  reported, "but  I
     cannot recognize him."

          Praying a  few more  times, the  identity was  still unknown.   I
     finally asked the  Lord if she needed to know who  this person was and
     the Lord told her,  no.  Since it had appeared when I prayed and asked
     if there  was any evil  presence in the  hay loft, it was  very likely
     exactly that.  I prayed and commanded it to leave in Jesus name.

          Her  voice brightened  as  she  immediately  spoke  following  my
     prayer.  "I'm outside the barn now.  I'm not  afraid or scared.  Jesus
     is there.   I've never seen Him before," she said.  "He wants me to go
     for a walk with him," and she did.

          As the days passed, I felt  a burden for this woman that  related
     to her being healed  in every place at once concerning  sexual sin.  I
     knew this  was humanly  impossible without  spending months of  weekly
     prayer sessions because of all of the immorality she had been involved
     in over her life time.  Unless, of course, Jesus healed her all at one
     time in those places.

          A few days later, in the second prayer session, as we prayed, she
     suddenly reported that she was seeing flashes of pictures going by  so
     rapidly, she  could not  stop them.   They  all had  the same  immoral
     theme, however,  she said.   I  have seen  this happen  many times  to
     people over the  years.  Jesus  has healed me  in this same  identical
     manner so I knew what was happening.  I asked her just  to report when
     the panorama of  picture memories finished.   A moment  later, it  was
     over.  We prayed and she felt the release in the form of peace.

          There  is a great  deal more to  this lady's story  than there is
     time  to report.    On  my website,  however,  her miraculous  healing
     experiences  is detailed, with her permission,  concerning the Room Of
     Light Jesus took her to and she was instantly healed and made whole.


          Over the  years of  experience, I have  now been  fully satisfied
     that what I have  described is viable.  I don't build any doctrinal or
     theological principles upon what I have learned, of course, but I know
     it is real and it does happen and far more often than  I ever believed
     possible.   "What if it isn't real?"   Then we are in  big trouble, as
     Christians  because Scripture  clearly teaches  on demonic  influence,
     activity,  and evil.  I have,  as previously mentioned, seen this very
     same demonic phenomenon in  many similar cases.   In each case,  there
     was  a definite  demonic connection  related to  these people  and the
     sexual dysfunction of  which they  suffered.  Is  it possible, due  to
     some evil sin committed in a particular place, that a  child can be in
     that same place and be  demonically influenced even if they personally
     are uninvolved?  I  am now convinced such happens.   Do demons inhabit
     certain areas locations, or regions?   This one I now know, from  many
     other intercessory prayer sessions, is a  fact.  I have written  about
     demonic  inhabitations  of  locations,   places,  schools,  hospitals,
     hotels,  and  homes.     When  the  demons   were  discovered  through
     intercessory prayer sessions, they all claimed to have lived there for
     a long time  and generally before  the person with  whom I am  praying
     relocated and moved into that place.

          Please keep in mind that this does  not mean, if you have lustful
     feelings,  habitual masturbatory practices, are homosexual or lesbian,
     feel  like you  are sexually  attractive  to someone  whether you  are
     married  or  single,  have committed  adultery,  live  immoral before,
     during, or  after adulthood,  or even  if you  experienced bestiality,
     yes, I have prayed with those who have been involved in such, that you
     are demon  possessed.  That  is not what I  am talking about.   On the
     other hand, we all have lie  based thinking and where there are  lies,
     known or  unknown, there are always  demons because they  work for the
     father  of  lies.    Without  question, therefore,  there  is  demonic
     influence,  oppression,  infiltration, harassment,  torment,  control,
     tampering,  mind and  thought  manipulation, lie  planting,  emotional
     interference,  entrapment, circumstantial  and situational  tampering,
     spiritual  intimidation,  psychological  destabilization,  imitational
     characterization, domination, evil manifestations as persona, and even
     physical  infirmities, illness,  sickness  and  disease,  provoked  by
     fallen angels  or what  we now  refer to  as demons.   Do  I hunt  for
     demons?  I don't have to do that because, if they are there, they show
     up.   Not because  of who I  am but because  of who Jesus  is and I am
     referring  to  the  True  Lord  Jesus Christ.    There  are  certainly
     imitators.  So then, do we hunt for  demons in our lives?  You can, if
     you are of a mind  to do so, but I hunt  for lies.  Demons always  lie
     and they always hide behind the lies we believe.  "But I don't believe
     any lies,"  someone says.   That's excellent.   Then  why do  you feel
     uncomfortable reading  this article?   If you feel troublesome  in any
     way, it  is because of  fear, or something  like fear, which  is being
     touched by what you read.

          Stop  thinking about all I have  said thus far and concentrate on
     the next 10 statements.

     #1  Our reaction to darkness should be light.
     #2  Our reaction to evil should be holiness.
     #3  Our reaction to a demonic attack should be simple resistance.
     #4  Our reacting to sin should be righteousness.
     #5  Our reaction to fear should be focus faith.
     #6  Our reacting to demonic lies should be authority.
     #7  Our reaction to manipulation and control should be disregard.
     #8  Our reaction to impersonation should be the name of Jesus.
     #9  Our reaction to imitation should be divine exposure.
     #10 Our reaction to intimidation should be prayer.

          "But how  do I know if I am  being demonically attacked?"  If you
     have to ask  that question, you best be finding out sooner rather than
     later.  Hunt for demons?  Unnecessary.  Finding lies?  Yes.  Where are
     lies?  In memory events and sometimes even in current thought patterns
     and circumstances.  Whose voice do you hear in your thoughts?

     John 10:3-5
     #3  To him  the porter openeth; and  the sheep hear his voice:  and he
     calleth his own sheep by name, and leadeth them out.
     #4  And when he putteth forth his own sheep, he goeth before them, and
     the sheep follow him: for they know his voice.
     #5  And a stranger will they  not follow, but will flee from him:  for
     they know not the voice of strangers.

     Safe Place Fellowship
     Phil Scovell
     Denver, Colorado
     Mountain Time Zone

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