Therapists and Counselors Confronting Demons

                            By Phil Scovell

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          electronic mailing list.

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               Thinking  out  loud,  as  it  were,  I  was  wondering  this
          afternoon as I thought  about all  that is being discussed on the
          list, what  the average  Christian   counselor, psychologist,  or
          psychiatrist  would do  if a  demon manifested   itself  during a
          normal every day counseling session.  If the demonic  infestation
          was due to  a strong hold, he  very likely would  literally speak
          through  the person's  own voice.   Sometimes  they, the  client,
          knows  it  and    sometimes  they  don't.   Would  some  form  of
          medication be immediately  administered, if they were licensed to
          do  so, or  would they  just  consider   that it  was  a multiple
          personality manifesting itself in the  person?  Would  they know,
          Christian or not, how to tell the difference between an alternate
          personality or a real demon?  Do they even believe demons  can do
          such a  thing?  What if the counselor is scared spitless  and the
          demon is, in fact,   a real manifestation of evil?  Of course, at
          this point, the unclean spirit  would have the advantage over the
          counselor because demons work in the area   of fear and when they
          see it, they go for it.   What if, which happened to me   once, a
          demon does manifest  itself through the person's voice  and says,
          "My name   is Lucifer."  A  demon spoke through a client  of mine
          once and  said  to me, "We aren't  leaving and you can't  make us
          leave."   I wonder if the  average Christian counselor would know
          what  was  going on  or what  to do  next?   I  wonder if  even a
          Christian psychologist or psychiatrist would know what  was going
          on and  what to do next?   I know some who would  but not because
          they got their degree from a secular college, university, or even
          a   seminary.   To make the  point even clearer,  I wonder if the
          average pastor   was  counseling someone in  his church  and this
          happened, what he would do?

               In one  of Neil Anderson's  books, he  had a  pastor in  his
          office with  him with  a lady from the man's own church.  As soon
          as the demonic manifestation came   out, the pastor tried  to run
          out the door  but Neil stopped  him and taught   him what to  do.
          Thank you Jesus for not leaving us defenseless against the  wiles
          of the devil.

               Now  the big  question.   Can a  Christian  counselor, which
          some say that I am, or  a Christian psychologist, or a  Christian
          psychiatrist  heal you?  They can help you and bless God  they do
          help lots of people.   Most of what  they do is help people  cope
          and they even use the Bible to help  you cope.  Ok, that's  fine,
          and there's  nothing wrong  with that.   What  if   you could  be
          healed, though?  What if your fear could be literally removed  by
          the Holy Spirit and your mind  totally renewed.  Wouldn't that be
          better   than coping  with life as  a Christian?   What  if Jesus
          could, through prayer,   lead you to  a memory and the  guilt and
          shame  and terror of that  memory be   totally obliterated to the
          point it never comes back again?  Yet you can  return to the very
          memory any time  you wish and  there is nothing  there that   can
          hurt you any more?  Wouldn't that be better than coping with life
          as a  Christian?  How is it that a little girl who has been raped
          by her  father  ever  get over  the fear and  the terror  and the
          anger?  Besides, isn't that   justifiable to have those emotions?
          If  so, why are  they in the  counselors  office  at 40 trying to
          find answers?   Why are they  on antidepressants?   What  if  the
          Lord God could impart to her  memory and remove all, I said  all,
          the  pain   and doubt and  fear and  emotional pain  and physical
          pain, and the  screams of  that  little girl, and the  mother who
          didn't care because  she was too drunk  to care, and the haunting
          words of an evil father who  threatened to kill  her if she  told
          any  one,  and the  nightmares  she  now has  as  an  adult woman
          because of what had been done to her  45 or 50 years ago, what if
          a loving   God could literally remove it  all and replace it with
          love and holiness and   purity of mind and heart?   Wouldn't that
          be  better than  coping with  life as   a Christian?   What  if a
          little boy is made subject to a Satanic cult where  men in a room
          forced  human  male  excretions  down  his  throat  and  made him
          swallow everything and if he spit it back up, they beat him so he
          couldn't  even  walk.  Can God  heal the broken emotions  of that
          little boy  or must he  live  on drugs the rest of  his life as a
          half of  a human being?   If God could   heal his  brokenness and
          fear and hatred for men and his  homosexuality,  wouldn't that be
          better than just  coping with life as a Christian?  Where is  God
          when we need Him?  Where is God when a girl is literally tied  to
          a table  and raped repeatedly by grown men and if she cries, they
          literally turn on  electricity and shock her over and over again.
          Doesn't God care about these   people?  Does God stop loving  the
          woman who gets  an abortion, as my  daughter  did two  years ago,
          because she is  now a murderer and  has slain her own  flesh  and
          blood?  How does she  cope with such excruciating emotional agony
          when   she is convicted about what  she has done?  What about the
          little boy who   grows up with  a father who repeatedly,  all the
          time he is growing  up, and  even into his adult  life, tells him
          he is a failure, a looser, and not  worth spit?  Must he live the
          rest of his life thinking his father must be  right or is there a
          God who knows how to get  to the root of this lie and   remove it
          once  and for  all?   I  thought the  cross meant  something?   I
          thought   the  cross of  Christ saved  and cured  and healed  our
          brokenness but maybe  I  was misled.  Maybe you were misled, too?
          Where is God  in all of  this and   why, pray  tell, can't He  do
          something about our  pain?  The truth is,  He can.  He  will.  He

               There  are literally  thousands  of  people  all  over  this
          country,  and the world for that  matter, doing exactly what I do
          every day  with people and that is pray.  With God, nothing shall
          be impossible.  Do  you  really believe that verse or is  it just
          black ink on white paper to you?  If God  cannot help us, then we
          are truly  the most miserable people on earth  who are  serving a
          God  who cannot meet the needs of His  people.  I, for one, won't
          serve a  helpless God  like that.   If the best  God can do  is a
          doctor who   prescribes drugs  and offers a list  of affirmations
          for me to  read every day  and a dozen  Bible verses to memorize,
          that is a God of less  than enough.  My  bible tells  me that one
          of my God's names we serve is a God of more than  enough and more
          than we need.  If  you aren't getting all that God offers,   keep
          what you have but find  someone else who believes more  than your
          therapist believes about God and His miraculous abilities.

               Finally,  if you   have a  pastor who  falls into  this same
          category, keep what you learned but  for your own sake, find some
          pastor who knows the God of the bible.

          Safe Place Fellowship
          Phil Scovell
          Denver, Colorado
          Mountain Time Zone

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