The Lucky Number 8

                               By Phil Scovell

          Listening to a late night national talk show, they announced they
     were having the  Numbers Lady as their  next hour's guest.   I'd heard
     her before and was far from impressed but I wasn't sleepy enough to go
     to bed yet, so  I decided to wait  passed the national news report  on
     the hour, just  a few minutes away, and  then see what she  had to say
     this go around.
          This  self confessed astrologist, and numbers expert, takes calls
     from the public, and using their  name, associates numbers to them and
     predicts their future, or otherwise, gives psychic advice to assist in
     improving their lives.   That sounds ok, doesn't it?   I mean, if  you
     are doing nothing but help people improve their lives, how could  that
     be wrong?   Anyhow,  her instructions is to write, or print, the #8 on
     a piece of paper, or a small card, and carry it, at all times, in your
     pocket, purse, or billfold.  Any place on your person is ok, she says.
     The #8, according  to this lady,  is our lucky  number, or the  number
     which  brings about fortune, and she does  this on the air to prove to
     people that she knows what she is talking about.   I've even heard the
     host of some of  these talk shows, report that they tried  it, and two
     days later,  they received big  checks in the  mail from one  of their
     investments;  directly attributing it  to the fact  they were carrying
     the lucky #8  in their pocket.   The  result of that  story is  pretty
     obvious, I mean, the check  was already in the mail, but  it is still,
     so far, a free country, so he can believe whatever he likes.
          This  particular night,  since the  Olympics had just  begun, she
     pointed  out how strong  believers in numerics the  Chinese are.  This
     was why, she proclaimed, that the Olympics began on 08/08/2008 at 8:08
     P.M.  on that particular evening China time.  This means, good fortune
     to the Chinese mind, we were told.
          The  recent night I heard  her on, the host read  an email from a
     listener who said he had tried the  lucky #8 in his pocket for several
     weeks and absolutely nothing had changed in  his life.  I reached over
     and turned up  the radio because I wondered how she might talk herself
     out of this one.  I have learned, over the years, that astrologers and
     psychics, always have a way out, a trap door if you please, which they
     can  drop through when,  what they are promoting,  doesn't work.  This
     lady was no different and  her explanation was so utterly transparent,
     I had to laugh out loud.  She said that the reason this man's lucky #8
     didn't  work, and  wasn't working,  was  that the  #8  is a  polarized
     number.  That is to say, it can be negative or positive in its effect.
     Neutral, I suppose,  too, although she didn't exactly  explain it that
     way.  She said that  if you believed, yes,  that was exactly the  word
     she  used, that if  you believe the  #8 would work,  it would, indeed,
     work.  If you didn't believe, it wouldn't work.  Now there's something
     you can hang your hat on and live your life by.  She further explained
     that  if  you tried  it  for  a  few  weeks, and  you  didn't  improve
     financially,  romantically, and any other  form of prosperity, then it
     was clear you weren't believing.   She had an answer on how to  change
     this, fortunately, so I  turned up the radio  even louder.  I  mean, I
     certainly didn't want to miss this further explanation.
          She said  that the negativity  in your mind needed  to be turned,
     that is, converted, to  a positive influence in order to  cause the #8
     to work  for you.  You did  this by a confession.   I forget the exact
     sentence  now, or  phrase, but  it was  something like,  "I  am always
     successful and prosperous.  I always have money to spend and to pay my
     bills.  I am never financially  lacking."  If, she explained, you  did
     this for 15 minutes daily for several months, six months sticks  in my
     mind  right now  but  perhaps it  was  less, it  would  reprogram your
     negative thinking brain into a positive effective force that, in turn,
     would charge the  figure 8 you carried  in your pocket or purse  to do
     astounding things for you financially.
          Now,  I know where  psychics got this  idea because they  all are
     copiers and not originators.  If you doubt what I  just said, read the
     Bible,  especially the  book of  Revelation,  and right  down all  the
     copycat things  you see the  Enemy doing that resembles  something God
     has already done.  It's a lot because they Enemy is not a creator;  he
     can only copy God.
          Moral of the story.  I now carry around a card in  my pocket that
     has the number, 10,000,000 because that is my lucky number.  I'm going
     to say, "I am  a millionaire worth 10,000,000 dollars," every  day for
     the next 30 years.  Yes, I am confident it will work.   If it doesn't,
     I'll already likely be dead  and since you can't take it  with you, it
     won't make much difference.

     Safe Place Fellowship
     Phil Scovell
     Denver, Colorado
     Mountain Time Zone
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