Free Christian Adventure E-Novels By Phil Scovell

                       Password and Login Requirements

          These Christian adventure  e-novels are books  about intercessory
     prayer  and  how it  sets  people  free  from demonic  oppression  and
     demonetization.   Although the  stories and characters  are fictional,
     the  nature  and   fictional  fabric  of  the  stories   is  true  and
     furthermore, is in progress as we speak, but the Lord is at hand.  

          There are some  suggestive descriptions of sex found  in the book
     and there  are places of extreme violence.   Although the ebook is far
     from being  X-rated, in my  opinion, due  to the adult  content, these
     areas make it necessary to require readers to be 18 years or older.

          If you wish to  read the book, just email me  and state your age.
     Include, please,  your general location,  such as city and  state, for
     general demographics purposes.  I will reply with the current password
     and login username you will need.   These may change occasionally.  If
     you have any other questions, please email me.

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