Place Of A Skull


          A  secret society of  rich male students  in a large  public high
         school,  operating under the leadership of  an unidentified adult,
     use         drugs, and   other  control   devices both  mentally   and
     emotionally,  to      manipulate young  teenage girls  to become their
     slaves for  a price.       The price  is so high, some pay with  their

          Detective Leslie Hill exposes the true identity of the  society's
         diabolical leader as  a serial killer.    Although some  lives are
     lost,      the  Detective's  skill  as  an investigator,  saves   many
     more  from      emotional and psychological trauma and death.

          Grant Fisher, a  graduate of seminary, and although  well trained
         in psychology,  begins his ministry   as a pastor  without knowing
     Christ       as His   Lord or Savior.    His ministry  is  soon thrown
     into spiritual        chaos by spiritual forces unknown  to him but of
     which he is now forced      to face as a pastor.

          Prayer sessions with several of  the main characters are included
         in the  narrative  which  demonstrates the true  power of God  and
     how,      through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, and the name of the
     True Lord       Jesus  Christ, broken lives can be  born again and set
     free permanently.      Thus, the  price our Lord  and Savior paid  for
     us  on the cross  is a      thematic focus of this fictional story.

          This book contains  some descriptions of  sex and some  violence.
         It  is   not for  those   who  feel   uncomfortable  reading about
     topics of      criminality and violent behavior or the true nature  of
     the evil found      within the supernatural   realm.  It  is therefore
     not for   those under        eighteen  years of age  or those who  are
     easily offended.

     Phil Scovell
     Denver, Colorado USA
     October 7, 2008

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