Symbol Of Evil


          The sequel to, "Coil of the Snake," finds Pastor Ralph once again
     facing impossible odds.   This time, a  violent gang, with close  drug
     connection to MS13, assists in smuggling drugs into their  area of the
     country.  They  cross swords with the  church when one of  the teenage
     girls of the church's youth group  is brutally killed.  The skills  of
     Pastor  Ralph are  called back  into military  service by  the Federal
     government  in order  to  assist  IN eliminating  the  gang which  has
     already been infiltrated by an FBI agent who has become born again and
     is  a  member of  Ralph's  church.   Military  tactics, a  fire fight,
     helicopter combat,  sharp shooters,  and hand-to-hand  combat episodes
     all play a part in this action packed story of God over evil.

          Finally,  many people  are  healed,  miracles  occur  within  the
     church, and  two witches are  born again and  changed by the  power of
     Gospel of Jesus Christ.

          This book contains  some descriptions of  sex and some  violence.
         It  is   not for  those   who  feel   uncomfortable  reading about
     topics of      criminality and violent behavior or the true nature  of
     the evil found      within the supernatural  realm.   It  is therefore
     not for   those under         eighteen years of  age or those  who are
     easily offended.

     Phil Scovell
     Denver, Colorado
     May, 2007