The Coil Of The snake


     "Coil  Of The Snake," is a  story about a church  and a pastor and his
     family.  They  are demonically attacked, including the  church, but as
     is always the case, the Lord prevails.

          Secondly,  the  book  describes an  up  and  coming international
     Satanic criminal cult.  They  kidnap children and people, they torture
     in order to program  the minds, and they kill and  sacrifice people to
     achieve their objectives.  Their goal is to extort billions of dollars
     so they can eventually gain control of governments and nations.  Sound
     like anybody you know?

          Thirdly, there is a  Satanic coven in  the town where the  church
     is.   Basic, not detailed, descriptions of drug parties and orgies are
     in the book, and  sacrificial ceremonies the coven  has, are apart  of
     the story.   A member  of the  pastor's family becomes  entangled with
     this coven.

          Finally, The coven  and the Satanic criminal cult  are broken up,
     people  are arrested, and  most importantly, Christians  are delivered
     from demonic influence.

          This  book goes into considerable  details of just how Christians
     are  demonized  and  then  later set  free  permanently  from  demonic
     oppression.  If you have a weak stomach, are under 18 years of age, or
     if you are easily offended by the sexual suggestiveness that is in the
     story, I recommend you not read it.

          the   book  tells  stories   about  death,  mind   control,  mind
     programming, torture, Satanic worship, evil, murder, rape,  extortion,
     sexual  exploitation,   misogyny,  live  sacrifices,   devil  worship,
     occultic  practices, Satanic ritual Abuse, paranormal experiences,  as
     well as descriptions of  demonic manifestations.  Why go into  so much
     detail?   Because the stories  are based in  truth.   Fortunately, the
     book  shows you  how to  become born  again and  includes intercessory
     prayer sessions,  and describes in detail  how anyone can  be set free
     regardless of the  circumstances.   You heard me!   Regardless of  the
     circumstances.  The story, therefore, is about the real Jesus; not the
     one we learned  about, or heard about,  but the real Jesus  that never
     loses and hasn't forgotten how to do miracles.

Phil Scovell
Denver, Colorado USA
October, 2004