#4  Addendum - practical Application – WORD Of Prayer







      Hopefully you have read the illustration of my oldest son breaking his arm  While trying to learn to ride a bicycle.  I have employed this story relating to a memory event hundreds of times and I have experience the exact memory I described popping up in my every day thoughts many more times than I can count; at least hundreds, if not thousands of times over the years.  In every case, including as I wrote about it in its present contextual emphasis  within these documents on the renewing of the mind, I felt something was wrong with the memory picture.  I even identified the negative emotion instantly in my thoughts; “1.  W = What am I feeling right now?”  It was anger!  That was odd because I couldn’t, at first, logically argue why anger would be in this little innocuous memory.


As I wrote about it this time, on the other hand, the memory grew sharper in my mind and I stopped typing and asked the Lord, ‘From where is this feeling of anger coming;’ “2. O = Origin or source of the feeling.”  I quickly, as I previously stated, realized something was wrong with this memory, and once I stopped momentarily to pray/think, I asked the Lord, ‘What am I feeling in this memory?’  “Anger,” as I said, popped to the surface and I then quickly prayed/thought, in the flow of my mental thinking, ‘From ‘Where does the anger come or where does it lead or take me?’  I felt it in my mind instantly: ‘Gary.’  He brought over a bicycle which was old and too large for a little boy to be trying to learn on his own.”  In short, I blamed my friend; Gary.  I know, on the other hand, logically speaking, Gary was just being nice and trying to be helpful, knowing we didn’t have the money for a bicycle for any of our three children as of that time so how could I possibly be blaming him for something he didn’t do.  I always, every single time, brushed this feeling of anger away, like a fly buzzing about my head, and said, ‘Gary only meant it for good so I can’t blame him.  Besides, it was an accident.’  Thus, each and every time, I justified the feeling of anger as being ridiculous and of no consequence.  I never once stopped, until writing this article, long enough to try and locate the origin of the anger before brushing it away from my mind.  How, you may ask, did I know it was anger?  I stopped and let my thinking drift, that is, I focused my thoughts as if in contemplative prayer momentarily, and instantly, the negative emotion of anger popped to the surface of my flow of mental thought. When I then looked to see from where the anger was coming, I first stopped on Gary.  In short, the Enemy had lied to me and said, for years, ‘It was really Gary’s fault for bringing the bike over; he should have known better.’  This time, however, I saw how that was a lie.  How?  The Holy Spirit who dwells within me, showed me the truth.  Keep in mind, all I am doing is looking into the memory picture in my thoughts.  I just examine each person and element of the memory and check my personal feelings emotionally.  I call this “Rooting around in your memories.”  Quite professional sounding; I know.


I was far from finished, however, and I immediately proceeded to: “3.  R = Realize the lie hidden in the memory picture.”  At this point, you can see how easily (2) and (3) of the outline quickly overlap, thus, the time spent in the process of mental thoughts of prayer, are beyond light speed, humanly speaking.  I dug into my memories to see where the lie was hiding.  Don’t make the mistake thinking that my anger was the lie.  Anger is used to place a spiritual facade over the real lie so you are deceived into thinking it, in this case, ‘It was someone else’s fault and it never would have happened if he just would have left well enough alone.’  Wrongheaded and emotionally twisted thinking, I know, because the truth about the breaking of my son’s arm, plain and simple, was that it was truly an accident.


Keep in mind, I have been heal literally hundreds of times since I was 50 years of age and learned how to pray in this manner.  In earlier days, a memory like this might have taken days of searching, by assistance of the Holy spirit, and even through agreement, (See Matthew 18:19), with a prayer partner before the lie was even found.  Why a longer period of time?  I believed in a lot of lies, about myself, and the Lord, and through this process of “prayer by thought,” I learned from my mistakes.  Remember this: The Enemy never plays fair.  If he can, he will mislead you in any way, shape, or form and he doesn’t care how painful it is or how much you hurt.  Jesus does care, on the other hand, and that is why we always look to Him when we pray by thought or by spoken word.


      As I dug into my memory bank, that is, I sorted through past memories, (I allowed memories to surface as fast as they would come), and thereby examined each memory quickly but carefully for matching negative emotions imbedded in each memory event individually or possibly collectively.


Suddenly, it was there and it wasn’t just one memory but hundreds.  The memory pictures?  They were of my blindness.  I asked the Lord to:  “4. D = Discover the truth.”  This means, what was beneath the anger.  Why would the Enemy lie and make me feel as if it were my fault for being angry, after all, good Christians don’t get angry, or show it if they do.  Lie.  Furthermore, why did Satan attempt to make me believe the anger was directed to my friend, Gary, and not my son for going outside and trying to ride his bike without permission.  Lie.  These statements, of course, in and of themselves, are all lies perpetrated by the Enemy within our thoughts/minds.  As I silently prayed, I recognize this line of false reasoning as deception of the Enemy and the Enemy is damn good at it, too.  Get my meaning there?  “Condemnation?”


      At this point, few memories need reviewing because, as I said, hundreds of memories had morphed in to similar experiences thousands of times through my younger life, and on into my adult life as well, and often relating to my blindness.  The true lie, as the Lord revealed it, was my blindness.  Once, I felt I had let my family down by losing my sight.  Lie.  After all, it was said, “You are the head of the family now.”  Lie.  I was just 11 years old; I couldn’t be the head of my father’s family.  Besides, now, after all these years, I now knew that it was not my fault I lost my sight.  Years ago, as a little boy, and without even being conscious of it, I even believed it was God’s fault.  Besides, don’t “all things work together for good to them that love God?” (Romans 8:28).  After all, He took my dad away from me and into Heaven.  That can’t be bad; can it?  Mom and friends and our pastor said so.  Additionally, blind people cannot do anything.  Lie.  I’ll never manage to be anything in my life.  Lie.  I let my family down.  Lie.


Can you see the lies that had piled up over the years just on one topic alone?  So, my mind, helped by the Holy Spirit, immediately, within a split second, zeroed in on the lie, which was, ‘It was my fault.  I should have been out their helping my son learn to ride.  Then he wouldn’t have broken his arm.  It’s all my fault because I am blind.  I cannot be a good father to my children because I’m blind.’  When all these lie based thoughts of thinking passed through my mind at light speed, as I prayed silently, I saw the lie/lies Satan had attempted to perpetrate.


From this point, I was already at level (4), and saw the truth as Jesus saw it.  I prayed in my thoughts, ‘So, Lord, what’s the truth.’  Bang…Instantly!  I saw my son outside, alone, riding this big bike, and Jesus standing nearby in the gravel driveway just a few feet from my son.  He said into my thoughts, or as I often prefer to describe it, He shared His awareness with me all at a single moment in time, “I was there even if you weren’t.”.’  I felt a sudden release of woundedness about my blindness and being the head of my home, that is, a father, who should have been there when my son needed his dad the most.  The guilt vanished, too, when Jesus spoke/thought His truth into my mind.


            Now, most people, and don’t feel bad because I used to do the same thing, and occasionally still do, say, “Well, if He was there, why didn’t he stop it?”  Baptist are notorious for asking that one.  On the other side of the coin, Charismatics say, “Why didn’t you lay hands on your son and see the Lord perform a miracle; right on the spot.”  These questions no longer plague nor bother me.  If they do you, then you need more healing, and renewing of the mind, just as I do.  The truth is, in this case, the fact Jesus told me He was there, and even showed me in my thoughts , He was there, too, was good enough for me.  Is it for you or do you entertain the idea that you need more from Jesus to be sure He is Jesus; The Word?


            Now, how long did this process take?  From beginning to end, less than 30 seconds.  In fact, I have been healed so quickly, that one second after hearing the truth, I could not recall what I had been thinking or from what I had been healed.


Now, tell the truth; isn’t this the way you want to pray and have your woundedness healed and your mind renewed or do you still prefer trying to figure it all out on your own?



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