#3 WORD Of God – Expanded Teaching







1.  W = What am I feeling right now.


This will be a negative emotion cause by either a passing thought or a situation.  For example, a thing such as, “I’ll never forget when they said...,” or, “They had no right to talk like that to me,” or “I’ll never get over what he said and did to me.”  These are general thoughts of pain found in areas of woundedness which can surface in our normal flow of every day thought.  They occur when triggered by a presenting conflict with a friend, family, or total stranger.  It can be something heard on the radio.  It can be an old song heard or words spoken that drags you back in time related to the woundedness.  Quite simply, it can just be a memory itself which surfaces in our thoughts that triggers the pain.  It can even be a scent or aroma which triggers the negative emotion that suddenly surfaces in our thoughts.  Add to these words, feelings of guilt, fear, anxiety, worthlessness, anger, bitterness, and a few other negative emotions of such nature, and you’ll have no problem sifting through a collection of conflicting negative emotions in your thoughts/mind.  Negative feelings of woundedness are perfect soil for the Enemy to plant his deceitfulness.  “Neither give place to the devil,” (See Ephesians. 4:27).  One thing to note is that you need not speak your prayers of healing with your lips; your mind and thoughts work just find; Jesus hears them all and always.


      An expanded example of perpetual woundedness is often an experience of something far beyond our control; at least it feels that way.  A sick child, an out of control teenager, a car that breaks down, a marital argument, a feeling of disappointment in one’s self, suicidal thoughts, guilt, fear of hopelessness and impending doom, a faltering business, or a death of a friend or someone within the family.  All of these types of feelings are buried in lie based thinking which is hiding somewhere.  It is the LIE we believe because it FEELS true.  Note the word FEELS true because the feeling that comes with the words in your mind will confirm, at least as far as you believe, the thought you just had must be true because it feels true.


O = Origin or source of the feeling.


We start with the presenting negative emotion.  Of course, at first, it may be a group of emotions we feel, anger, fear, guilt, helplessness, confusion or any other negative emotion that is attempting to come to mind at any given moment.  It might even be a mental log jam backed up by painful emotions.  We follow, any or all, of those emotional feeling to whatever memory destination surfaces in our mind or thoughts.  We search each memory to see if that feeling is there in force.


How do we find the correct emotional picture or event?  We pray, that is, we think.  Ask the Lord “Where do these awful feeling take me.”  You look for past memories.  You likely will be surprised to discover the memory you first see is old; much older than you might think possible.  I was 50 years of age when I began praying and finding lies buried in old memories which were over five decades old.  Yes, you heard correctly; I have been clear back to memories just before birth.  No, you need not believe what I just said for this to work but don’t blame me if you someday find out otherwise.


For those of you still reading, once you find a corresponding memory, examine it, that is, feel around within that memory and look for the same feeling within the emotional context of that individual memory.  Sometimes making a match is easily achieved.  Ask the Lord to expand this memory, if you see nothing that matches your negative emotion being experienced.  If, eventually, what you feel now doesn’t seem to be within that presenting memory, move to another memory and attempt to examine it the same way.  Do not, however, leave that first memory until you are certain the negative emotion isn’t matching a feeling within that memory picture.  The first time you examine the memory, keep feeling the negative emotion because that negative emotion will lead you to the confirmation you have found the correct memory which contains the woundedness and pain.


3.  R = Realize the lie hidden in the memory picture.


      Lies are like mice; if you see one in your house, there are lots more you haven’t seen.  Lies have feelings because the Enemy uses feelings to keep them buried and hidden.  When you start mentally searching for a lie, 99 times out of 100, you’ll find it within a memory and generally an older memory.  If it is a recent memory, most likely it will take you to an earlier memory, that is, earlier in your life.  For example, a childhood memory and perhaps even earlier than childhood.  By that I mean, prebirth.  No, I didn’t say prelife, that is, before you were conceived.  I did say prebirth; meaning in the womb.  That’s fine if you choose not to believe such but please go to my website and read all the related stories of prebirth, including my own, and then come and tell me I’m wrong.  It makes little difference what you believe about this topic at this point and how exposed one is within the mother’s womb, but we’ll leave that for another time since we likely disagree right now over this concept.  Besides, I’ve already made similar comments so just let it go for now.  Be assured I do not believe in reincarnation.  Keep in mind, on the other hand, every day, medical science is proving all we hear, see, feel, sense, and experience in the womb are not only being developed in minute detail but experienced as real life events.


Returning to the subject, as we scan our memories, we are looking inside of each memory to see if it matches, or compares in any way, with our negative thoughts, or feelings, that are presenting themselves in our mind and emotions at this given moment.  No, this isn’t meditation; this is prayer; plain and simple; communing with God: “Pray without ceasing”. (See  1 Thessalonians 5:17).


      Again, at this level of self examination, we are searching memories for at least one lie and we are doing so by following the negative feeling.  Let’s stop and use a simple example to expand our understanding.


The very first lie the Lord showed me of this nature was shortly after I turned 50 years of age.  A man was praying with me.  We had just started and this was the first prayer session he conducted with me out of many.  I have no idea what he prayed because I was determined this would not work for me.  That, of course, is a surface lie and one which the Enemy uses all the time to try and keep us from facing the real lies, and for that matter, the real truth.


Since I had just turned 50 years of age, I had, one day, decided to review, just in my thoughts, all the good I had accomplished.  You know, things of value as far as God was concerned.  Inside, I felt, the keyword is FELT, there was nothing.  I knew, of course, in my heart, that raising three children, now adults with children of their own, was a good thing but somehow, it didn’t feel good.  Poor English, I know, but it didn’t feel of value to me personally.  Why?  Nearly everybody gets married and raises children.  None of mine were criminals so that should have been on the GOOD list but although I knew that one was, or should be, on the GOOD list, it wouldn’t stay there when I mentally made note of it.  I have traveled for several years as a guest speaker, personally seen probably 100 people come to Christ through my ministry, pastored churches, and much more.  On and on it went that day.  What a lousy 50th birthday.  By the time it was over, nothing, absolutely nothing, was profitable and I was a complete failure.  Yes, things emotionally and mentally began going down hill.  With in three months, I was having severe anxiety and panic attacks, was suicidal, and was hearing voices which frightened me as never before.  Now back to the first place I was healed.


            By the time I landed in this man’s office to pray, I was buried under thousands of tonnage of gilt, anger, fear, and failure.  As we began to pray, the man said, “What are you thinking at this moment?”  I had no problems with that one.  I said, “I’m a failure even as a Christian.”  I had pastor two churches, been a youth pastor, gone to Bible college, and loved the Lord with all of my heart.  Nothing was more important to me, even at this time, than Jesus and His Word.  The man prayed about what I felt and I heard, felt is a better way of describing it, in my thoughts, the words “I never asked you to be successful.”  I almost fell out of my chair.  Was that the Lord?  It took a few more places of healing and the renewing of the mind before I finally began believing the truth, God’s Word, more than my own thoughts and feelings.  I was, in short, going to places of memory that had lies hiding, doubt, gilt, anxiety, fear, and even terror at times.  You can do the same thing by following these easy points of reference that spell WORD.


            Someone has likely noticed, that what I said was, “I don’t feel successful,” or, “I haven’t accomplished anything in my life.”  What you may have notice was the fact this statement wasn’t buried within a memory event.  That’s correct; it was not.  That’s because the statement itself was the lie.  In later prayer sessions, we explored dozens of memories that had even stronger lies than this one just described.  Again, may I suggest you read my website for dozens of specific examples of lies hidden within memories; possibly even memories while in your mother’s womb that were implanted without your knowledge or awareness of the occurrence.


4.  D = Discover the truth.


            One we take the step of identifying a present feeling, we take the second step by searching memories for similar feelings.  The third step is identifying the lie which matches the emotion; how we feel at that moment which will be negative in nature.  Finally we come to the fourth step, truth, which sets us free.  This is discovering the truth the Lord wants us to know which will renew the mind,

(See Romans 12:2).


The dictionary states that (to discover) means: “To obtain knowledge of through observation, search, or study.”  However, a more simplistic meaning is “To find,” and that is what we are doing when searching memories for lies; we find the truth which only the True Lord Jesus Christ can give.


            The questions becomes, “How is this done?”  Another way of saying it which I often hear is, “How will I know it is truly the Lord?”  Let me illustrate.


            My oldest son, when he was quite young, had been given to him by a friend of the family’s, an old bicycle.  My son was a little too small for this size of bike.  We had, at that time, two large trees over 60 feet high in standing guard in our front yard.  He would lean the bicycle against one of the tree trunks, begin climbing the tree, and turning, would drop down on to the seat of the bike.  Then, using his arms, he pushed himself away from the large trunk and rolled down a small grassy hill to the gravel driveway.  All was working well until he fell and broke his arm.


            What do we do when we break our arm?  We fix it, of course, and so we did.  After going to the hospital and having his arm reset, a cast was put on and he came home.  Six weeks later, when the cast was almost ready to come off, his grandmother visited us from Iowa.  She bought each of our children new bicycles their own size.  My son, the one with a broken arm, when the preassembled bike was lifted from the trunk of the car, climbed aboard, arm still in a cast, of course, and road off without any problems.  He even enjoyed it more when the cast was removed.


            My point is twofold.  When a bone is broken, we have it reset, caste, and eventually the cast is removed because the cast is no longer needed since the bone is no longer broken.  We know this for a fact.  The same is true about finding a lie trying to be used against us through demonic oppression.  When we hear the truth, we know it, and the mind is not only renewed, as the Bible calls it, but permanently healed.


            My second point about the renewing of the mind through prayer, and here I will quote myself verbatim:  “He even enjoyed it more when the cast was removed.”  The meaning should go without saying but I’ll say it anyhow.  If you can ride a bicycle with a broken arm in a cast, wouldn’t riding that same bicycle feel much better without the cast?  It is the same principle as learning to pray for the renewal of the mind.  We pray, using presenting emotions, to lead us to the memory event whereby hides a lie telling us the opposite of how we feel: “For we are not ignorant, unawares, of his devices,” (See 2 Corinthians. 2:11).


            Did you know God speaks to you in your mind just as the Enemy does?  He spoke to Eve using the same technique.  I won’t go off on to another theological tangent but I do not believe Adam and Eve spoke, vocalized, word communications until they were guilty of committing sin.  I’ve written extensively on why I believe this so if you want to know more, you’ll find it on my website.  If you think I am suggesting that the Enemy spoke to Eve using thoughts, that is, words of thought, you’d be write but I suppose it makes little difference now .  I am telling you, on the other hand, the Enemy uses thoughts and feelings to overlay our thoughts and feelings to attempt to control or manipulate us.  He wants us tied up and twisting in the wind to the point God is no where to be found.  He wants us to believe we cannot be healed unless we will remain performance based Christians, attempting to live to the highest level you can achieve for the Lord.  Such as, personal works of just how much you pray, how dedicated to tithing you are, how many you win to Christ, how many church services you attend, or even how much of the Bible you read on a daily bases, etc.  He will use techniques of manipulation and control to confuse and to confound your ability to tell the difference between his voice and that of the Chief Shepherd’s: (See John 10:4).  He will preoccupy your Christian life with things to keep you busy so you won’t be able to hear the voice of the Lord, His thoughts, in your mind.





            One day I was just sitting briefly; taking a break.  I wasn’t thinking of anything and my mind was quiet.  Suddenly, a loud sounding voice, in my thought patterns, said, “I am an alcoholic.”  I busted out laughing right on the spot.  You see, some organizations and ministries teach 12 steps to victory but you  are never allowed to reach victory.  I occasionally listen to a local talk show host who quit alcohol and drugs over 22 years ago through counseling.  Whenever he speaks of his past life as a drunk and a doper, he says, “I am in recovery,” or, “I’m in recovery from alcohol and drug abuse.”  It makes me think he is saying, he will live the rest of his life in bondage.  Thank God he is sober but the method itself has become the performance he uses, and needs, to maintain truth.  Healed by the renewing of the mind, according to Biblical principles, is permanent and there is no further work which needs to be done.  In short, we don’t have to maintain by our performance any longer.


            My point I made about this man was based upon what I heard once, a few years ago, spoken into my flow of thought one day:  “I’m an alcoholic.”  If you recall, I said that I laughed out loud.  Why?  I hate alcohol as a kid.  I couldn’t stand the taste.  Thus, I never have been drunk in my life.  I did start using drugs such as LSD, Marijuana, and speed for a few months but gave them up in obedience to the Lord.  If you are interested, my autobiography is on my website and is called “Liquid Purple.”  Thus, the lying spirit speaking into my thoughts wasn’t even close.  My specific point is, the demon spoke in the first person, “I am an alcoholic.”  One valuable tool used by the Enemy is exactly that; speaking in the first person.  This makes you think that you actually spoke those words so they must be true and before long, you start believing a lie.  Can you see how easily deceived we can become when we do not know the difference in God’s voice and that of the Enemy?





            I am guilty of telling this time again and again but it reveals so much truth concerning the biblical principle of the renewing of the mind, thus, it is difficult not to include this true story here.


            I couldn’t have been more the 9 or 10 years of age when this occurred.  My uncle, dad’s oldest brother, had an old World War II pair of binoculars.  Uncle Fred lived in a small house trailer in our backyard.  Whatever belong to my dad, belonged to Uncle Fred, and whatever belonged to Uncle Fred, belonged to my dad.  A perfect picture of a covenant if I ever saw one but I digress.  Seeing Uncle Fred’s binoculars in our house, I asked for permission to use them one night.  Taking them to the front yard, and switching off the porch light, I stepped into the front yard.  I lay on my back, using my elbows as supports on either side of my body, and held the field glasses over my eyes.  Listening to the crickets all around me and with the scent of the freshly cut grass in my nostrils, the stars leaped into magnified view and I was thankful we lived on a side street without any city street lights that could have interfered with my clear view into the heavens.  They were beautiful, the stars, that is, but something had to be wrong.  I held the glasses away from my face and to the side and view the stars with my normal vision, which was corrected by glasses I began wearing when I was 4 years old.  Without the binoculars, the stars looked as always; bright, twinkling diamonds stars on the black curtain of space.  Returning the binoculars to my eyes, it was there again.  I repeated the process just to be sure.  What I saw with the binoculars were white, red, blue, and green twinkling stars.  I never realized stars had color before this moment.  It was an exhilarating spiritual experience to see the stars God had made and in color.  In later years, I learned the colors of the stars indicated their temperature.  I have yet to learn the meaning of the green stars I saw that night.  I checked several times, using the binoculars, and there were definite green twinkling stars I viewed under magnification, so I know what I saw was indeed there.


            Just playing around with the binoculars the first time, I reversed them once to see what things would be like instead of magnified.  What had been large bright twinkling stars were now tiny specks; as salt sprinkled across a black velvety table cloth.  Then, upon returning the binoculars to the normal position for which they were intended, everything instantly turned back into the beautiful spectacle I had been viewing through the process of magnification upon my first attempt at star gazing.


I was thinking about the subject of answered prayer one day when this pleasant childhood memory surfaced in my mind.  I had a funny feeling about it, that is, I wondered if God wanted to tell me something so I simply asked Him.  The awareness came to me instantly and joined with my thoughts.  The Lord explained that we, as His children, often get things backwards.  That is, instead of magnifying Him, we minimize them.  We take the problems we face and magnify and amplified them by making them larger and larger.  We do this by mental concentration, even on a subconscious level, or verbalization, that is, we build it up over and over until it is gigantic; much bigger than God.  Eventually, the Lord said to me, the problems are so large, and He is so small, we don’t believe He can, or will, do anything about these monstrous problems that face us.  The answer?  Turn the magnifier around and look through the lens which God’s see. Magnify Him and the problem get smaller and smaller and smaller until it gets to the point that God is so big and so huge and so mighty, He can do anything.  “And nothing shall be impossible unto you.”  (See Matthew 17:20).


I was pondering the size of God one day, finding the task impossible come what may.

Was He larger than the biggest star in space, or immeasurable beyond the universal face?

How big was He my mind fought to compare, as fresh and broad as eternal air?

A mountain jetting peak so high, further than a comet flies?

Could He be a musical note sustained, or collectively over time a bottle full of rain?

How can I know this God so big, or is He a perpetual line of zag or zig?

Can we know this God so large, for the entrance to the universe He guard.

The shore of lake that can’t be seen, ocean beyond the width of a bird’s strong wing?

Is God the moon at night, or in the sky a kite?

Is He clouds the blanket the sky, or theology asking; why?

Parallel lines that never meet, desert sands generating fire and heat?

Marked from up and down and back and forth, beginning from eternal source.

From east to west and north to south, the size of God is the size of your mouth.


By Phil Scovell - April 2011.



Remember:  ““He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by [their] names.”(Ps 147:4).


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He named and numbers all of the stars.  So, now, what’s your problem again?



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