WORD Of Prayer – Basic Teaching







1.  W = What am I feeling right now:  (negative emotion; identify what you think you are feeling).

(Make a list of presenting emotions if necessary to review as you search for memories).


2.  O = Origin and source:  (memory where this same feeling presides).

(Search through memories until what you feel now, (negative emotions), feels similar in the memory.  Ask the Lord to guide you to the exact memory.  Yes, you can trust Him to do it even if you don't feel like He will honor His own Word: (See Psalm. 138:2).


3.  R = Realize the lie:  (Identifying the lie which has produced the negative emotion).

Feel/search through whatever memories come to mind.  When one feels right, even just a little, focus on that memory.  Ask the Lord to help you identify a lie buried within that memory that feels like the presenting negative emotion with which you started.  If nothing feels the same, go to another memory; again,   asking the Lord to direct you to that place that matches how you feel emotionally.


4.  D = Discover the truth:  (Listen to your thoughts and with your heart/emotions for the truth).

    It may appear as words or just an awareness but it will come and it will be the voice of the Lord speaking to you personally even if you think you are imagining it.  In time, you will eventually recognize instantly , without prior thought or contemplation, the voice of the Chief Shepard, (See John 10:4).  The fiery darts of the Enemy, that is, his voice/thoughts will be instantly quenched, every single one, and you will be doing the quenching because you know the voice of the Lord exclusively, (See eph. 6:10-18,

and especially verse 16).


Note 1.  If you have trouble anywhere along the way, simply make note of it and we'll talk about it.  Believe me, when I say, this eventually becomes automatic.  Your mind, with greater than speed of light capability, will flash through the above procedure without conscious thought and the healing will start becoming more real to you than you can possibly imagine as a Christian.


Note 2.  No, very little does sin play a role in this healing process so don't spend so much time trying to identify sin as the cause.  Rarely does sin surface during such inner healing.  If it does, it is simply unconfessed sin.  Use 1 John 1:9 to rid yourself of what appears to be sin.  Normally, on the other hand, we've already done this a thousand times; we just don't believe God has forgiven us because we still feel the guilt, fear, sadness, anger, weakness, helplessness, unbelief, unforgiveness; etc.  THAT IS A LIE!  He heard you the first time, and every other time, thereafter.  You see, what you believe is where you stand.  If you are standing, you are in the right place.  Stop moving and wait/listen for His voice.


Note 3.  Just listen to your thoughts.  You will hear him, become aware if you please, in your thoughts.  Believe it or not, this is the same way the Enemy works.  He lies, on the other hand; Jesus never does, for it is impossible for God to lie, (See Titus 1:2).


Note 4.  Try and see how all four of these points dovetail, that is, the flow from one to the next, and this makes it possible, when practiced, for an automatic response when something comes to the surface of your thoughts which doesn’t belong there.  In short, you will cover all 4 of these steps so rapidly, the process will seem as one, (I.E. natural as walking or breathing).


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