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            I fully comprehend the need for relief when facing fear, anxiety, and panic.  I have no trouble vividly remembering, when I suffered from PTSD, the literally thousands of times I cried out to God to help me and there seemed to be no answers from Heaven.  I also well recall intensely the feeling of hopelessness I faced, and faced alone, day after day and night after night.  I knew of no one who understood and the only reference I was given was to those who were called professional.  No never mind that the “professional” wasn’t Biblical, probably wasn’t Christian, didn’t believe in God, and their solutions only fell into the categories of medications first, and second, mental games and emotional tricks you play in order to defend against your mental and emotional instability.  If, on the other hand, they were Born Again Christians, their training was far more psychological and their counseling remedies were so theologically tedious, freedom seemed impossible to achieve.  Since I am keenly aware of such things from a personal perspective, I understand why people call me to ask for prayer.


We all have somehow calculated, normally based from the preaching and teaching we have heard, the God can wave his magic wand over us, and we are instantly cured.  For the record, and to be perfectly honest about it, this He can do, and does, at times.  I personally have not yet discovered the secret of causing this to happen but there is no doubt in my mind He wants to do exactly that; perform a miracle.  I’ll go even one step further and confess I believe He wishes to do this both physically, when bodily affirmed, and mentally and emotionally afflicted.  We have such Bible teachers and preachers today who claim they believe exactly what I just stated, yet when push comes to shove, if they pray for you, or “over you,” and nothing happens?  Well, then, bless God, “you” are the problem.  I have yet to find a single church leader, so called, who will take the blame, as it were, or perhaps it is best said, will take the responsibility of their own prayers for you being answered.  May I say this?  You have just met one.  Yes, I have prayed with a person, and over a person, and seen a miracle occur.  In fact, this is my desire as one called to pray for others.  I do take it personally when such does not happen, as a matter of fact, and it disturbs me I cannot cause the impossible to happen at will.  Not yet, anyhow, but the day is coming because many years ago, and I still believe it now, when the Lord spoke to me and said,“ Phil, there will come the day when every prayer you utter, I will answer.”  He wasn’t joking around nor am I.  I do admit, however, I am not there yet but am looking forward to that day when His Word He spoke is fulfilled in me.


            With all this in mind, you have likely read this article, and other testimonies on my website, and have not decided to pick up your phone to call me.  You likely have in mind, because this is the most common phone call I receive, asking me to pray for you, your family, your mate, your relative, or even yourself, and your desire is to be instantly healed.  I cannot guarantee such will happen unless it is based upon one condition.  If you call me with such a request, you commit yourself to continuing prayer sessions until your desire of wholeness is fulfilled.  Then I guarantee it will happen.  Why?  Because Jesus is looking for the serious.  Don’t call me, therefore, with the idea of receiving a single prayer and, “Bingo!” you are whole and your mind is clear and you are no longer afraid or broken and fractured in spirit.  If you call, be dedicated to experiencing total freedom that only comes walking with God.  Walking is natural and normal and takes no conscious mind, mental exercise, or emotional strain, to perform.  If you are physically ill or infirmed, then you can’t walk.  Not yet, perhaps, but through prayer, all things are possible.


            I can confidently and easily say, I can teach you how to pray.  Then, under any and all circumstances, you can continue to pray and walk with God on your own and you won’t need your so called pastor who only knows how to pray with you during an altar call, the special speaker who has been invited to your church for several nights of meetings and prayer lines, an angel from Heaven to come to touch you, and you especially won’t need me.  You will become identified with Christ to such a degree, all your prayers will be personal, wordless, and without afore thought; just like natural walking and breathing.  Is that what you want?  Then call me.


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