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Over the years of this prayer ministry focused on innerhealing, I have prayed with people overseas many times. Recently, due to the overseas calls Ive been getting, I felt it might be a good idea to set up a Skype account. I have done that now. I am sorry to say that I am unable to pay for long distance overseas international calls, but with Skype, if you install it on your computer, we can talk almost as well as if we were talking on the telephone worldwide from any place on the planet. It has to be a computer-to-computer, or in other words, a Skype-to-Skype, connection to be free so keep that in mind. So, if you have read enough from my website to have at least a basic idea of what this ministry is all about, and you either want to know more or have questions about this type of prayer, set up a Skype account by going to and follow the steps. If I can install it on my computer, anyone can. Once you are finished, email me your skype name and well set up an appointment so we can first talk, get your questions answered, and maybe even pray a little together so you can see what it is like. Your life is about to change; I promise.


Complete In Him,



Phil Scovell.

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