By Phil Scovell



Safe Place Fellowship







Dear Friends,


            I have decided to take a sabbatical of an unknown duration.  My decision is based upon some physical concerns relating to my overall health, my age, finances, interaction with my family and grandchildren, and, of course, most importantly, spiritual relativity to the ministry, as well as focusing on local church ministry instead of national and international exposure.  This does not mean I won’t start up prayer sessions again some time in the future, but for now, the website, and all it’s testimonies and articles, will have to suffice.


You will find it helpful, if you wish to learn on your own how to pray using the form of prayer I have been using for the past nine years, to refer to the audio link on the website relating to prayer called, “The TEMPLE of God,” and The link called, “Basic Training On The WORD Of Prayer - Pray Without Ceasing.”  These two sections, part audio and the other link in print form, will easily teach the techniques I have found so life changing in my own life.  I’ll answer emails if you have any questions but I won’t be taking any phone calls.  If I do begin using the phone again, I likely will only be doing so in a teaching format which may include group sessions on conference calls.


Jesus said, “My house shall be called the house of prayer.”  It has deeply concerned me, since the Lord called me to be an intercessor in May of 1985, that the church, and more specifically, those of us called the Body of Christ which is the church, that prayer seems to take such little emphasis in our meetings and worship services.  I would like to help change that through more of a teaching ministry at this stage of my life in Christ.


            You will likely discover new audio teaching files in the audio library on my main page as time passes because I have felt in my spirit that the Lord was directing me to more of a teaching ministry at this time rather than the conducting of one-on-one prayer sessions I have been doing for these past nine years.  I will also be doing more writing but my hands are not as strong as they once were, and since my spinal surgery in January of 2009, my hands have never quite returned to normal.  This is one reason why I might be doing more recordings for the website audio library.  However, as some of you already know, I have been having trouble with my voice so the later, up to date, recordings depends on the condition of my voice and likewise, if, or when, I return to making appointments to pray with others on the telephone.


            Please keep me in your prayers about this and I am not going away; just refocusing on where I think the Lord might be leading me.  Updates will appear on my website so check back occasionally to find out the latest.


Complete In Him,



Phil Scovell.