Unseen Helpers - Multiple Personalities



By Phil Scovell







                This is a letter especially to those unseen helpers many people have who assist them in every-day life.  I am aware that most of you prefer to remain anonymous but I just want you to know that I am aware you are there and I want to thank you for helping your friend out all these many years.  Some of you have names and some do not.  I also understand that all of you have very special jobs you have been performing for your friend for many years.  Some of you have been working since their birth while others of you came along later as was needed by your friend.  I want you to know how proud I am of you and thank you for all you do each and every day for your friend.  Thank you for being their for them.  You have done nothing wrong and although many of you are frightened, you need not be because you have been helping out all these years and that is a good thing.  You are not sick nor crazy and your friend is not sick or crazy.  Yes, I fully understand how some people may react if they knew about you but try not to let that bother you.  Just know some of us are very proud of what you do and are thankful, too.  All of you, I know, are very tired.  After all, you have been working for your friend for many years so there is nothing wrong with being tired.  I understand why you don't want to trust anyone but again, try not to worry about this.  I know you are there, for one thing, but a good friend of mine knows you best of all.  His name is Jesus.  Have you ever heard of Him?  I'm sure some of you have but for those of you that haven't, He is the Big Helper of all.  He can do anything.  He also loves you very much and He even wants to talk to you and explain to you why you are trouble about some things and what He can do about it.  Would you like Him to talk to you now?  He can.  You listen; you have to listen to hear him.  Ok?  Jesus, will you talk to the helpers right now and tell them who you are and tell them something special about who they are and how much you love them and how you watch over them.  Are you listening?  Stop reading right now and just listen for a few seconds and you will hear His voice.


                There.  Did you hear Him?  If not, don't worry about it.  Just know that Jesus wants to talk with you when you are ready.  Ok?  Good.


                If I can help, have your friend call me so we all can get to know Jesus better.  He can help heal the worst of wounded feelings and that's the truth.  Jesus loves you all very much and He is always there for you.  Yes, it is true.  I can prove it to you.


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