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          My   Christian   e-book  on   marital   sexuality  is   available
     electronically over  the internet.   It is  called The  Bed Undefiled.
     The title, unusual  as it may be, is  taken from a verse  in the Bible
     which makes  reference to sexuality in  marriage.  Hence,  the book is
     written  from   a  Biblical   standpoint  with   lots  of   Scriptural
     documentation.   In other words, it is a  Christian book, written by a
     Christian, for Christians.  If you are  not a Christian, you may still
     find it worth your reading.  If you aren't interested in the Christian
     Biblical view of marital sexuality, don't bother reading it.

          The  church, overall,  is just  now,  in recent  times, begun  to
     address the reality  of sexuality and  my book  dives head first  into
     this topic.   Christian  marriages have  suffered sexually because  we
     simply have been  unable to address the subject of sex in specific and
     graphic ways.   The Bed Undefiled does exactly that and leaves nothing
     to the  imagination.  If your marriage is  in trouble or if you simply
     are unable to experience sexual intimacy, my book should help.  I say,
     should, because it  cannot take the place  of a good counselor  but it
     will help you  get started on the  road to solving sexual  problems in
     your relationship.

          In the first two chapters of my book I spend a great deal of time
     Scripturally   documenting  exactly  what  God  thinks  about  sex  in
     marriage.  Most Christians are  actually shocked to discover how much,
     and how graphically, God talks about sex in His Word.

          My book is not  for children, the young, or those easily offended
     because  it  contains  explicit  descriptions  of sex.    When  you've
     finished reading it,  you won't be able  to say, "If someone  had only
     told me these things before."

          Please  abide  by  the  copyright laws  and  protect  the  book's
     integrity and my authorship.

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