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  • I Was Perfect Until I Met Jesus

  • Attention All Helpers! Please Read: Dissociative Identity Disorder
  • He Has Named All The Stars. So What Was Your Problem Again?

    Building The TEMPLE OF GOD - learning How To Pray Naturally - See Below

    Victory Is Not Something You Have; It Is Who You Are.


    Safe Place Fellowship International

    In Denver, Colorado USA

    god Is Not Your Job

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    The Truth About You Is What God Says You Are.

    Looking For Christian Intercessory Prayer Ministry By Phone?

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    I Will Pay For Long Distance To: All 50 states & Canada

    NO * This Is Not A Deliverance Ministry In The Traditional Sense * NO

    To Date--

    Over 9,400 Hours Of Prayer Ministry | 41 States | 9 Countries

    Over 10 Years Of Full Time Prayer Ministry

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    The curse that works is the one we believe.

    No, This Is Not A Nonprofit Organization

    *NO* Your support Is Not Tax Deductible

    Satan Has A GOD Complex

    How Big Is God? The Size Of Your Mouth.

    Prayer Is Exchanging Your Thoughts For God's.

    Building The TEMPLE of God

    Learning How To Pray Naturally

    Without Ever Moving Your Lips

    For The.


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  • You Don't Have To Be Perfect Because He Is

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  • If It Is Complex, It Isn't God.

    What You Can't Do, Jesus has already Done

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